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How can Phoenix DUI lawyer help a person who is charged with the offense of DUI DUI or driving under influence is an offense punishable under a court of law and having a Phoenix DUI lawyer is absolutely essential to help you clear your name completely or to lighten the sentence if unfortunately you have been charged with this crime. A layman is not familiar with the legal system and is at a loss as to how to go about the whole thing and how to wriggle out without having a negative remark on his/her driving license. This is the reason why we need to approach DUI lawyers with experience to bail us out. What are the situations where a person can be charged under a DUI offense? Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs if found behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when the engine is running can be charged with DUI. It need not necessarily be a motorcar it can be any other vehicle like a scooter, motorcycle, boat or any such other vehicles. Police officers are on the alert to stop if anyone is found driving erratically or weaving through the traffic at great speed. The police can identify a person who is drunk very easily but to have it recorded they ask the driver to take a sobriety test the person stopped for DUI is asked to blow out into a breathalyzer that can detect the level of alcohol present and if it is above the permissible levels the person is booked in a case for DUI. Is DUI a serious crime and what are the implications if one is booked for DUI? Yes, indeed DUI is categorized as a criminal offense and the punishment can be mild to very stringent depending on the severity of the offense. If it is a first time offense the defendant can plead for pardon and if lucky might get away with a simple fine. But for the same offense if it has been committed more than twice the person charged will have to forgo his license it could be suspended too. And if driving under influence one gets involved in an accident of a serious nature then it is going to be truly a rough ride! The convicted would have to pay heavy penalties and could land up in jail too. DUI lawyers and why one needs their services. Anyone facing charges for DUI should get a DUI lawyer to fight the case and get them freed and if there is too much of evidence against the client the lawyer will get the punishment lowered by representing the case in proper and better light. Why does one need DUI lawyers? DUI lawyers Phoenix are the ones who can put things in the right perspective for the client. There are some who are under the impression that this is their first crime hence they can get off easily and do not need to spend a lot of money hiring professional help.

But this is a wrong notion you can never gauge the mind of the judge he might view it differently and might surely levy punishment. The DUI lawyers are the ones who can make it possible for their client to get acquitted completely from the case or get away with a light penalty.

How can Phoenix DUI lawyer help a person who is charged with the offense of DUI