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Post Production Transcription Services

Post Production Transcription, includes variety of types as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists, film & TV continuity lists, closed captioning, meta data lists, and Broll logging.

B-Roll Logging Transcription Services B-roll, sometimes referred to as beauty roll, is usually intercut with the main interview. This can be included in the post production transcription work, either added as a descriptive of this B-roll footage to the transcript or we can transcribe the B-roll, capturing any natural sounds or conversation outside of the main interview, with or without time coding.

As-Broadcast Scripts Transcription Services •

An as-broadcast script is for a program that has already been transmitted or broadcast either for film, television, or radio. It’s a script created to match the edited version of the program, sometimes required for legal, translation, or dubbing purposes.

A large part of the post production transcription process is the creation and delivery of as-broadcast scripts. These scripts can be used to create subtitles, closed captions and translations or part of finalizing international distribution. Some of the details included are:

• • • • • • •

Action Lines Basic Camera Angles and Shots Scene Headings/Slug Lines Act Breaks Verbatim Dialogue On Screen Text To the second Time Code

Two formats of As-Broadcast Scripts •

As-Broadcast Script Style


As-Broadcast Detailed Style

As-Broadcast Script Style Typically for scripted television, it is used in the final deliverables to a network or studio. It is also commonly used in creating a CCSL (Combined Continuity Spotting List).

As-Broadcast Detailed Style Frequently used for non-scripted shows, this uses a three column format. Indicators include screen text, time code, scene description, and dialogue that are typically used for documentaries and reality television.

Dialogue Lists Transcription Services Dialogue lists provide you with an accurate representation of spoken words plus credits, music cues, and more. Unlike as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists are sometimes created before the script is finalized, as story editors, writers, and directors may wish to check the flow of dialogue between characters.

One-on-One Interviews Transcription Services Here at Daily Transcription, interview transcription services have been our focus for over 10 years. Our post production transcription services bring you the best that we have to offer. We have fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We are keenly aware of the importance of accurate interviews and understand that you do not necessarily have the time to listen to long recordings or videos. You want to skim through the coverage and find the sounds bites that you need. We are confident that we can work within your budget and turnaround time.

Group Interviews Transcription Services Group interview transcription can be an art form. Speakers sometimes speak over each other making it difficult for a non-professional to understand everyone. Daily Transcription has a team of transcribers skilled in being able to decipher the important content from everything else.

Reality TV Show Transcription Services Reality television is more popular now than ever. We can provide you with a post-production transcription of a verbatim record of all spoken dialogue created from the raw, unedited footage. While this type of transcription does sometimes include one-on-one interviews, it’s typically defined by its unstructured footage and usually requires any spoken dialogue to be transcribed.

Documentary Transcription Services This type of film has increased in popularity and is continuing to evolve. Documentary transcripts can be comprised of several types of transcriptions, including one-on-one interview, b-roll, reality footage, and group interviews.

Encoding Transcription Services Encoding is the process of converting a file from one format to another. Encoding can be useful for web and closed captioning applications. Letting us handle your encoding means that Daily Transcription can be your one-stop shop from the creation of your transcripts, closed captions, or subtitles to encoding.

Linear Time Code (LTC) Files Transcription Services Linear time code is an encoding of time code recorded either on the tape’s address track or audio track. The post production industry now has a tool that produces digital files with embedded time codes, including WAV, BWF & MP3 files. At Daily transcription, we can embed linear time codes (LTC) into the track or channel that you need.

Subtitling Transcription Services Subtitling can be done for particular scenes or an entire program and may be done to translate the original language or because the dialogue is mostly unintelligible. Subtitles may be required for a film festival or theatrical exhibition. When completed as a translation, subtitling will allow you to share your vision with others.

Daily Transcription is known for our experience, reliability and quality in post production transcription. When you send us a program to be subtitled know that every version, no matter what language, will look just right and conform to industry standards. We deliver your subtitles in a format, including text and timing data, that your authoring system can easily import and use.

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Post Production Transcription Services Los Angeles USA  

Daily Transcription offer various types of Post-production transcription whether its TV, film, closed captioning, interviews, reality TV sho...

Post Production Transcription Services Los Angeles USA  

Daily Transcription offer various types of Post-production transcription whether its TV, film, closed captioning, interviews, reality TV sho...