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By Jason Miller

Celebrating Carimac

Since its inception in October 1974, The Caribbean Institute of Media and Communications (Carimac) which began as the Institute of Mass Communications has maintained is posture as the leading institution for training media professionals throughout the Caribbean. This Year, Carimac is proud to celebrate 39 years of professionalism, growth and maturity. Carimac was commissioned by the government of Jamaica and the assistance of UNESCO and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung foundation. There were thirty-one students at its commencement in 1974 pursuing a diploma in mass communications, the only programme offered. Carimac now boasts four Bachelor of Arts programmes. In 1977 Carimac offered its first degree programme in four media specialization areas; Radio, Print, Television and Audio Visual. The introduction of the Masters of Arts programme in Communication Studies followed in 1994 and two years later in 1996 changed its name to The Caribbean Institute of media and Communication. Some of the Caribbean’s most celebrated and honoured journalists studied and earned degrees at Carimac. Fae Ellington, one of Jamaica’s most notable orators and media personalities studied at Carimac where she earned a diploma and Bachelors degree in mass communications and ultimately a Masters of Arts in media & communications. Ms. Ellington has been a distinguished lecturer at Carimac since 1985 where she specializes in voice training and broadcast techniques. Applicants from the English speaking and wider Caribbean territories, North America and even Europe show interest in Carimac programme. The unique perspective of the Caribbean makes the programme attractive to aspirants interested in the unique cultural perspective which Carimac has to offer. The experience allows students to also interact with and learn from fellow

Caribbean nationals where ordinary circumstances would not permit. To form bonds with and network the multi-media discipline. Fae Ellington


Historians such as former Pro Vice Chancellor Professor emeritus Sir Roy Augier and Vice Chancellor emeritus Professor the Honourable Rex Nettleford has lectured at Carimac.

The curriculum boasts a diverse multi 窶電isciplined academic syllabus that crosses faculties. Social science area such as politics, economics, culture, gender and development, sociology are some of the areas that and entrテゥe is required to learn and attain credits before graduating. Other department disciplines include Media and language and history.

Professor Sir Roy Augier

Today Carimac is equip with infrastructure and technical equipment in every discipline to enable students to get the hands on training needed on entering the professional world. A television studio decked with sets, lighting, cameras, monitors and an audio booth, a radio studio and an on campus radio station, print newsletters, magazines and online publications, and computers with the latest hardware and digital software for digital media production. The addition of a second Carimac mainstay building called annex 2 has made it possible to accommodate the expanded enrolment over the decades. One of two audio studio's at Carimac.


On approaching its thirty-ninth year, the present director Professor Hopeton Dunn who earned his diploma in media and communications at Carimac and who is chairman of the broadcasting commission of Jamaica, director of communications telecommunications policy and management programme at the Mona school of Business , Professor of communications policy and digital media and secretary general of the International association of Media and communications research has implemented many seminars and forums to engage students with new media solutions and research. Professor Dunns focus for Carimac has set it on a path of continued innovation and engagement with the ever changing landscape of the media and communications industry and profession.

Prof. Hopeton Dunn

Carimac has endured the completion of emerging schools of similar discipline and forged through periods of difficult economic stability of the various islands members and emerging challenges to hold its place as the premiere destination for tertiary education in the studies of media and communications. In October 2014 Carimac will celebrate its milestone fortieth anniversary and continue to demonstrate its elite academic and technical posture in the Caribbean.


The Author. Jason Miller is a student at Caribbean Institute of Media & Communications pursuing a diploma in Media and Communications. The Specialisation is Digital Media Production. Jason’s professional career has been as a musician and a Motion Graphic Specialist and Video editor. His enrolment at Carimac has in his words has “Shed a new light on media and its capabilities, especially in relation to the Caribbean and it’s political economy in the global market place. I endeavour to use the knowledge I now possess to help bring the Caribbean experience to the world”. Jason Miller

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Celebrating Carimac  
Celebrating Carimac  

A nostalgic look at Carimac journey as a premiere Media and Communications tertiary education institution since 1974 towards its fortieth an...