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MATERIALS A. Concrete Materials: 1. Portland Cement: ASTM C150, Type I with air or Type IA. 2. Aggregates: Aggregate, General: ASTM C33, except local aggregates of proven durability may be used when acceptable to the Architect, maximum size of aggregate shall be 1". 3. Water: Clean, free of oils, acids, organic matter. Suitable for human consumption. 4. Air_Entraining Admixture: ASTM C260. 5. Water-Reducing Admixture: ASTM C494, Type A. B. Related Materials: 1. Expansion Joint Filler a. b.

Type A: Bituminous impregnated fiberboard joint filler, ASTM D994. Type B: Nonstaining, closed-cell chemical resistant joint filler, ASTM D1622 and ASTM D375.

2. Membrane_Forming Curing/Sealing Compound: ASTM C309, Type I.

(1) Acceptable Products Include: (a) W. R. Grace & Co. (2) Sonneborn-Contech (3) Toch Bros., Div. Carboline Co. (4) An approved equal product.

Horn Clear Seal. Kure-N-Seal. Acri-Seal "S".

3. Sealants One component urethane, pour grade, self-leveling elastomeric sealant. (1) Acceptable Manufactures: (a) DOW Chemical Co., Midland, MI (b) Mameco International, Cleveland, OH (c) Pecora Chemical Corp., Harleysville, PA (e) Contech, Inc., Sonneborn Building Products Div., (f) Surebond, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL C. Reinforcing Materials: 1. Reinforcing Bars: ASTM A 615, Grade 60, yield grade billet steel. 2. Welded Wire Fabric: ASTM A 185, plain type, uncoated finish. D. Non-Metallic Shrinkage-Resistant Grout: Pre-mixed, non-metallic, non-corrosive, non-staining product containing selected silica sands, portland cement, shrinkage compensating agents, plasticizing and water reducing agents, complying with CRD-C588, Type D. E. Preformed Truncated Dome Cast-in-Place Pavers: Constructed of homogeneous glass and carbon reinforced composite which is colorfast and UV stable and designed to be set into freshly placed concrete, meeting requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Regulations for Detectable Warning on Curb Ramps. Color to match brick. Size to be 24"x width of walk. 1. Manufacturers: a. b. c. d. 2.1.

ADA Solutions, Inc.; (800) 372-0519 Advantage Tactile Systems, Inc.; (800) 679-4022 Engineered Plastics, Inc.; (800) 682-2525 An approved equal.

MIXES A. Ready_Mixed Concrete: ASTM C94. B. Mix Proportions and Designs: Proportion mixes by either laboratory trial bath or field experience methods, complying with ACI 211.1.

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1. Provide concrete certified 3500 psi (minimum) at 28 days for all work. 2. Use air-entraining admixture in all concrete, providing 6% +/- 1% entrained air for concrete exposed to freezing and thawing and from 2% to 4% for other concrete. 3. Use water reducing admixture in all concrete. 4. Allowable slump range: 3-5". 5. Mix designs may be adjusted when material characteristics, job conditions, weather, test results or other circumstances warrant. Do not use revised concrete mixes until submitted to and accepted by the Architect.

Murphysboro Dog Park Plans  

Dog park plans for Southern Illinois first dog park

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