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Chicago Center for Literature and Photography Photographer Feature March 20, 2014 Editor: Rebecca Vipond Brink

Roxane Decremer

Location: Bruxelles I’m 19, I live in Brussels, I was born here but I try to travel as much as possible! I started photography there 5 years ago. Now I study at INRACI (Institut National de Radioélectricité et de Cinématographie). In my photographs I try to show the life of the teenagers nowadays. I shoot my life, my friends, my travel, … I try to capture a specific moment, and make it poetic, “magic,” to give the people want to be there, to live this moment.

You seem to have a particular fondness for capturing objects in midair. Â What appeals to you about that moment of suspension?

I love capturing the moment and the suspension is the best way to really show that the time is freezing and there is a before and after in this photo, in the picture time will stop but after this to continue and there is a kind of history around. This also shows that the photo was taken on the spot, during the “action.�

Your nighttime photos are at least as colorful as many photographers’ daytime photos; how do you create that effect? How do you handle nighttime shooting? I love the night because it’s full of light, the artificial light or the light of the moon, I think the night is the best time for photographing, it’s so beautiful! The atmosphere is totally different than the day. I try to capture maximum of this light in my photography. I wait to find a great light and I try to work with the smaller shutter speed, I can spend hours trying to find the perfect setting for a light. But the most important thing is to find the right source of lighting!

You seem to enjoy creating illusions, like with reflections or projections.  What’s the role of illusion in your photography? This is what is in the photograph, you can create illusion, topple in the world of imagination...Most of the time my pictures are pretty realistic, but occasionaly I like to try to create something to go a little farther away to play on reflections, light, position. This allows me to give free rein to my imagination, to show something you could not see with the eyes such as a thought or something else, for example with the projection we can create a texture to the skin and give a story at the body or give the impression of being in the thought of the model.

CCLaP Photo Feature: Roxanne Decremer  

This week's photographer feature at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography highlights the work of Brussels artist Roxane Decremer...

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