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ROB Lo Project Postcard Illustration

Rob Lo is an up and coming Recording Artist out of Washington, DC. After discussing the project with his manager, who already seen my work, she wanted me to combine the ideas of: “Washington D.C., Hip Hop, and Breaking out.”

Top Notch Tattoo Studio Website Splash Page Illustration

The Client was a traditional tattoo artist who loved the iconic “Skull and Wings” idea. After the consultation, I was given complete freedom to develop my own take on it with his only words of “Make sure it’s eye-catching.”

East of the River Inauguration Cover Illustration

The East of the River is a magazine located in the Anacostia area of Washington, DC. I was asked to produce a cover illustration for the inauguration of our 44th president, Barack Obama.

SAHS Ent. - Luke 2:11 Bookmark Illustration & Design

SAHS Entertainment wanted to create some bookmarks to pass out to previous clients as a thank you for using their services. They saw my work and gave me creative control with only the limitation of having the scripture of “Luke 2:11�.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors Online Interview Illustration & Design

In honor of Teddy Riley’s musical success as a songwriter and producer, VH1 chose to conduct an online interview to gain more viewership toward VH1’s upcoming Hip Hop Honors show. I was contacted by Lucy Diamonds (the interviewer) to produce a poster featuring the two involved.

Cristal Carrington Flyer Illustration & Design

Cristal Carrington is an on-the-rise media personality with aspirations set on taking over the world. She came to me in need of my design services and art direction to produce some flyers that would fuel her campaign in promoting her many talents. I came up with this idea of “Who is Cristal Carrington.� | | 202.321.0793



Florence Hair Design & Art Direction

Florence Hair is a luxury hair salon that has advertised in my employer’s publication for months and told my sales representative that they were not receiving phone calls. I was asked to created an advertisement that would not only draw attention, but would entice the reader to want to learn more.

National Capital Kitchens Design & Art Direction

National Capital Kitchens previously created advertisements of smaller size and wanted to upgrade to a full page design. The client wanted a complete overhaul of their earlier ads with the main focus highlighting the different styles and tremendous work they do on the entire kitchen space.

Capitol Tree Care Inc. Design & Art Direction

Capitol Tree Care Inc. specializes in tree removal, but were not receiving calls from their previous ads. I was asked to create a completely new design highlighting the main focus of the company, trees.

The Washington Home & Community Hospices Design & Art Direction

The client spoke about redesigning their current advertisement in a horizontal format. I was supplied with the photos and text. I was able to use some of my design expertise in conjuction with a few request the WHCH suggested to be in the ad.

Bio Balance Therapy Design & Art Direction

Bio Balance Therapy was a new business looking for a print ad identity that could be used for various publications. The client wanted an advertisment that focusedon total health incorporating massage, yoga, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.

88.3 FM WMTS (Tennessee) Design & Art Direction

ADD Radio contacted me to do a poster design for their segment on 88.3FM in Tennessee. I was given free reign to create a design that followed the theme of Anarchy. | | 202.321.0793



Tatted Magazine Design & Art Direction

Tatted Magazine was a startup magazine that a friend of mine and I created a few years back. I was brought on to handle all of the visuals within the brand of the company (logo, brochure, magazine, etc.). This was the magazine I designed and directed to push toward companies for advertising sponsorship.

East of the River Magazine Design & Art Direction

East of the River Community Court was an article focusing on alternative forms of punishment to criminals, which was the cleanup and revatilize of the community and neighborhood parks. I choose to focus the 4 page spread on elements of the community and law, and also to represent the courts philosophy; to keep citizens on a straight and narrow path.

East of the River Magazine Design & Art Direction

I was presented by the managing editor a small description of the story. Simply, Divine Beats is a story about a Gospel Go-Go Band. So I chose to mainly focus on the divine or heavenly message given through gospel Go-Go music.

S2CI - Project Proposal Design

S2CI contacted me to be apart of their software development team to work as an User Interface Designer. When I saw their MS Word proposal I felt the need to step in and create a quick but effective proposal design to help receive the bid.

Gangstory Website Design

Gangstory was a website created to inform the world on the history and idealogies of gangs throughout the world. I was contacted to submit a proposed design with little information of the project. Except that the website dealt with the history of gangs.

Capital Community News Website Design & Development

(far right) - CCN wanted a completely new website design quickly (like a few days) that allowed for easier navigation and a cleaner look and feel from their previous website. (right) - After taking over as Web Master, we decided to take the company in a newer more modern direction. | | 202.321.0793



Various Commissions Design & Art Direction

1. Live Music Clothing - Clothing inspired by the live rock & roll music. 2. Tatted Magazine - A lifestyle brand focusing on spreading the awareness of body art. 3. Monday Night Live - Smooth Jazz and R&B music online with special features every Monday night. 4. Ball for your Life - Non-profit saving lives through the philosophy of basketball. 5. Capitol Hip Hop Soul Fest - Brand illustration expressing the essence of pure Hip Hop.

Various Commissions Design & Art Direction

1. SAHS Entertainment - Entertainment company providing exceptional service. 2. The Aqua Project - Providing aquatic safety, training, and facility management. 3. Generation Green - Farming company that produces nothing but the best organic products. 4. Snuggle Bugs - Unisex infant clothing and accessories. 5. Sunny Orchard - Top-rated orange juice producers.

Jason Nickens - Designer // Illustrator // Fine Artist | | 202.321.0793 Portfolio  

A small collection of work I've done over the years. Portfolio  

A small collection of work I've done over the years.