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Up-front Financing Guide Don’t Let Cash Flow Impact Deal Flow.


Up-Front Financing: The Deal Closer Transform upfront investments into easy monthly payments. King Commercial Finance can customize a solution to fit any client’s needs, and help you overcome price objections. • Shorter Sales Cycles • Improved Closing Ratios • Competitive Edge • Larger Sales • Improve Cash Flow Call or email Jason Muehlheausler, your King Commercial Finance Representative for more details and to discuss a particular project or comprehensive program. Jason Muehlheausler, King Commercial Finance Representative 800.995.6604 |

Program Rollout Our marketing department will coordinate the launch of the program. All marketing materials and communications delivered to sales reps should be sent by the vendor. King Commercial Finance will then follow up with sales reps via phone or email for introduction to ensure a successful program launch.

Point Person The vendor will be assigned an Inside Sales Coordinator as a single point of contact to coordinate all communications between the sales rep and the customer. This point person will follow each transaction from inception through funding.

Quick Quote The vendor will have access to a quote within minutes of request. Simply call your Inside Sales Coordinator and provide them with the customer’s name, the equipment being quoted and the cost of the equipment. A formal proposal is sent out via email immediately.

Attractive Rates We guarantee competitive rates and flexible terms.

Easy Financing, Superior Service • Applications only up to $150K • Simple 2-page contracts • Quotes in minutes • Pre-funding available • Funded in 24 hours of delivery


• A-D credits approved

King Commercial Finance can pre-approve your customer at the beginning of the sales process. We will ‘over approve’ all credit requests that qualify, allowing sales reps to upsell.

• Quick approval

Ease of Use

We Close The Sale On Their Terms

Our credit requirements are short and simple to understand. Applications are generally one page, and contracts are no longer than two pages.

• Flexible Terms

Fast Credit Decisions Credit decisions are made within 4-hours of receiving all credit information.

• Streamlined processes, simple terms

- 12-72 months • Deferred Payment Options - 30-90 days • Step-Up Programs Available

1-6 Year Terms Terms can be tailored to meet your customer’s monthly payment needs.

- Payments increase as revenue grows • Seasonal Financing Solutions - ‘Skip’ payments during slow months

Express Funding Contracts are paid within 24-hours of verified delivery and acceptance.

Partner Dashboard Aspire, our internal software enables the vendor to have real time visibility of every application and quote submitted by their sales reps. All proposals and communications are logged, and are available for review and sales forecasting. Data can be sorted in Excel reports on any client data (i.e., demographics, equipment cost, approval ratio, etc.). The vendor will have the option to receive automated emails with every status update.

• Rate Conscience Buyers - Manufacturers can ‘buy down’ interest rates

Have Questions? We Have Answers. Is there a minimum dollar amount that can be financed? Yes, all transactions must be $5,000 or greater to qualify.

How can I obtain current program/rate information? Call your Inside Sales Coordinator for all current rates and program availability.

What amount can be financed with a ‘simple’ application? Up to $150,000. Transactions over $150,000 will require financials which will be obtained by your Inside Sales Coordinator.

What if the customer has weak credit? King Commercial Finance can accommodate most levels of credit. We have tiered rates for A, B, C & D credits.

Why do you tier the credit quality and rates? This allows us to offer the lowest rates in the industry. Customers who qualify deserve and expect the best rates. Those with lower credit are higher risk, and increase account maintenance and cost.

What if the sales rep wants to ‘buy down’ a rate for a particular customer? This happens all the time. The vendor will have the opportunity to subsidize rates to get customers whatever rate they desire.

What if the customer is a ‘start up’? These will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We will ask for additional supporting financial information and review each proposal to determine credit worthiness.

How It Works: The Sales Cycle 1. The vendor obtains a quote by contacting their Inside Sales Coordinator for a proposal. A formal proposal form will be sent via email to the end user, or sales rep as directed. This record will be permanently logged in the vendor dashboard and available for review and forecasting by corporate.

2. The completed application is submitted via fax or email. This information can be obtained either by the vendor or King Commercial Finance.

3. The vendor will be notified when a credit decision has been made via email. When credit is approved, King Commercial Finance will require an equipment list to build a contract.

4. King Commercial Finance will contact the customer to review terms. Once terms are agreed upon, contracts will be created and sent out via email or overnight to the customer. Pre-paid FedEx return information is included to expedite the transaction.

5. King Commercial Finance will follow up with the Do you require a down payment? No. We generally collect first monthly payment with signed contracts.

Do you lease/finance used equipment? Yes. As long as the equipment supports contract value.

Is insurance a requirement on all transactions, and will it hold up funding? Insurance is required on all transactions. Because we are self-insured, equipment is covered on day one by King Commercial Finance and will not delay funding.

customer to ensure receipt of the contract and to answer any questions.

6. When an executed contract is returned it will be reviewed by the King Commercial Finance documentation department. At that time, we will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor.

7. Once King Commercial Finance is notified of delivery, we will call the customer to authorize the release of funds. At this time, a check is prepared and sent overnight via FedEx to the vendor for delivery within 1 business day. Jason Muehlheausler, King Commercial Finance Representative 800.995.6604 |

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