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JUNE 2011




North Central District

“Through utilizing individual strengths and a passion for excellence, we will collaborate to inspire an engaged community in becoming a district of ideas…” -2011 North Central District Council

New Directions


elcome to the inaugural issue of the new North Central District publication! We, the council, have been working diligently since the fall of the gavel in Merrillville on many projects, not the least of which was creating a new publication to send out to the district. In upcoming issues of this very newsletter expect to see some articles from brothers (and sisters!) from across the district, our district governors, and even some members of Kappa Kappa Psi on the national level! We‟ve got many exciting things in the works to put out each month for you all. As I mentioned during the many caucuses I attended at convention, though, I was hoping to run on goals based on collaboration and contributions of members, new and seasoned, from across the NCD. You will find at the end of this article a link to a page where you can fill out a short survey expressing what you liked about it and what you think could

Jason Mlady Gamma Pi 2011-2012 VP of Programs

use some improvements. Maybe you even have an idea for a specific article! This is a publication made just for you. As Joe discusses later in this issue, we will be moving forward under the overarching theme of “Engage, Collaborate, Inspire.” A publication to connect us all together, such as this one, is just the first of many steps to form a district of ideas, using inspired collaboration in order to continue moving down its path. This is, truly, a path of new directions.


FUNction Registration is due June 18th Summer FUNction is June 24-25th National Convention is July 19-24th

Engage, Collaborate, Inspire


hat happens when you throw 5 guys into a room for several hours with a dry erase board, stained glass windows, and a whole bunch of ideas? A three word theme that will inspire and guide the a district for the next year, that‟s what! The end goal is for brothers of this district to walk way with something, for our chapters to be stronger, and for our bands to be stronger. Furthermore, it needs to be a lasting change. If you give a man a fish, you feed him for the

Rod Whiteman NCD Governor

day. If you teach a man to fish, wins. We can do nothing to proyou feed him for life. We want to vide for the membership if no one teach brothers how to fish, how to is listening. do more than simply fix one Beyond listening, members problem or simply be a brother need to participate, give their by title only. We want to INown ideas, share their own expeSPIRE them to riences. The seek out more, “The theme, „Engage, collective expebecome stronger and ideas Collaborate, Inspire‟ rience leaders, stronger of four council problem solvers is designed to inspire members is the North Central nothing comand take an acDistrict to become pared to that of tive part in the future of the hundreds of othstronger…” their bands, the er brothers. Evefraternity, and their own life. ry brother has something to give, To do this, we all need to be something unique to share and an active community. We need to something that will help the fraENGAGE the members to get ternity, the district, other chapeveryone listening for if a council ters, and individuals grow to bespeaks in a forest, and no one is come better people and to better around to listen… then no one serve our bands. This is a brother-

Joe Norton Mu Delta 2011-2012 NCD President hood, a team collective, not a solo effort and we should strive to COLLABORATE with one another to grow stronger and create a district of ideas. Like a spiders web, we are strongest when everything is intertwined. The theme, “Engage, Collaborate, Inspire” is designed to inspire the North Central District to become stronger in everything we aspire to be by becoming an engaged and collaborative community and creating a district of ideas. Throughout this upcoming year, you will see many ideas come in to practice which fit into this theme as it aligns with every officer‟s goals and was very enthusiastically accepted by all four council members. If you are interested in more information on this or how to create something of this sort for your own executive board, committee, or even chapter, please feel free to contact me! Here‟s to another great year for the NCD!

From Your Governor

After years of false steps and misguided good intentions, I‟m pleased to see this publication come to fruition. This district council is committed to making it as easy as possible for you to be informed and for you to converse with your fellow Brothers in the NCD. However, a new medium does not necessarily yield communication. As members of the larger fraternal community, each of you has a duty to engage in the communication loop instead of passively letting information wash over you. We learn, grow, and make meaning of the world around us when we share and question ideas with others. To get the most out of your Kappa Kappa Psi experience, be sure to make use of these media available to you so you can become something other than a bystander in our fraternal community. That much said, you have some great opportunities to engage Brothers here in the NCD and from around the nation. Attend Summer FUNction. Attend National Convention. These two events bring a diverse set of Brothers together, and you‟ll have a chance to make some new friends and get new ideas about the fraternal experience. During this summer, the district council will be establishing the NCD‟s agenda for the coming year. Many of these decisions will be made immediately before or after National Convention. If you feel strongly about a particular topic in Kappa Kappa Psi and want that topic explored in district programming, I encourage you talk to your district officers about it. As elected representatives the officers want to respond to the district‟s needs, but the opportunity for maximize responsiveness decreases quickly once the next semester begins. So speak up and engage your elected officers and governors and be an active member in action, not just in title. I‟m looking forward to an outstanding year in the district. Excellent possibilities lie within this district, and this district council is hoping you each step up to inspire your fellow Brothers to aspire and to achieve more. AEA, Rod Whiteman

Where We Stand This section is a cooperative article with contributions from each officer in order to update each of you, the readers, on any changes that have come since we last spoke to each of you about our plans for each of our offices at District Convention.

When a candidate runs for office, they often do so with a naive and idealistic view of the task ahead. They set goals which they feel will make the fraternity a better place. These can be great ideas with true inspiration at heart, but reality can make these goals hard to achieve. I have even heard a brother say, "It doesn't matter what they run on, they won't do it anyway". However, for this year, I can proudly say that brother was wrong! The platform and ideas I ran for office on are already taking form in many ways. True, some variance may take place in certain areas, but this is often for the better. Merging my goals with those of my fellow officers and with the reality of the environment has brought some of these goals into fruition in different ways than I expected. They have adapted and evolved, not gone away. Several main points I focused on were a unified and accessible council, collaborative effort, and fostering chapter to chapter communication. After hunkering down in a room for several hours, the council hashed out our theme, “Engage, Collaborate, Inspire”, which provides a strong backbone for our council. Each of us took part in its creation and we all stand behind it, presenting a unified council. This also incorporates all of my personal goals in some form, as with each other officer. Each council member also has been designated chapters. We have been in contact to help establish a link between the general membership and the council to provide for two-way communication. Let us know your issues and your points of pride so that we may create more relevant workshops and programs to better serve your needs. To find out more about these contacts, get a hold of your chapter President or Relations Officer/CorSec, or contact any member of the council directly. Finally, the council has also been facilitating conversations between chapters for maximizing efficiency for National Convention, including car pooling and co-rooming. Many brothers will now be both saving money and spending more time with brothers from other chapters as they travel. Brotherhood at its finest! There is still much, much more to come, but all in due time.

It is my intention to clue you all in to how things have been going in the office of the Vice -President of Membership. In preparation for district convention, I announced a set of goals that I would work to implement if I you would elect me to office. Among them were opening effective communications toward the end of developing more effective MEPs and CMEPs, design and execute an outstanding MER, and engaging the district to more effectively collaborate to inspire each other through user-generated testimonies. In my experience so far, my goals have stayed within the same heart, but my perspective has changed to reflect with greater accuracy my position in office. The council divvied up all of the chapters in the North Central District into „distribution groups,‟ so that we may more intimately become involved in engaging specific chapters. In this way, we have already enhanced our communication capabilities. In terms of developing MEPs and CMEPs, I‟ve already had conversations with four chapter VPMs across the district about how they want to inspire revolutionary ideas within their chapter through their MEP. Based on these discussions, in the near future, I will be starting discussions on the North Central District Facebook Page. Keep your eyes out for announcements regarding this development! Lastly, in the near future, the date for the MER will be announced, and the programming will begin. Lastly, in this first publication, I want to encourage everybody in every chapter across the district to add each district officer as a friend on Facebook, follow our individual Twitter accounts, check the district web page often, and respond to our emails in a timely manner. Your feedback is absolutely crucial to the success of our district goals. The district cried out for more effective communication methods, and we must make a collective effort for this to happen. Do not ever feel an instant of hesitation if you or your chapter could ever benefit from some conversation, advice, a new perspective, or just a new friend to contact anybody on the district council.

AEA - ECI Joe Norton

AEA, Christopher Grapis

At the 2011 NCD Convention, I had several goals for office. My primary goals were to open roads of communication using various social networking websites, to make the district council more approachable and relatable, and to make sure everyone has extended access to all materials from workshops. These goals translate very well into my duties as Secretary/Treasurer, however, through discussions with the council and my own meditation, I have modified my goals slightly. My primary goals for this upcoming year are to assist Jason Mlady with creating effective communication programing, make the discussions and actions of the district council transparent, and make any information anyone could want about the fraternity, workshops, and other programing accessible and easy to find. This council strongly believes that we the entire district should be aware of what is going on. To make sure everyone is "in the know," there will be fairly regular updates sent out through e-mails, the list serve, Twitter announcements, etc., as well as working making sure that every chapter is visited by a district officer at least once in the year. I wish everyone a wonderful rest of your summer, and remember to keep on strivin'. AEA, Kyle von Neumann

With time comes change, and with change comes a nice little thing we like to call “wondering.” Since convention, the office of Vice President of Programs has become much clearer to me, and I certainly hope to cover each of my goals and how they have changed, how I wish to work with them, and how these changes will affect the North Central District. Of course, I did my best prior to and during convention to keep goals openended and used a great deal of feedback that I got from all of YOU in order to more clearly define the goals once I officially began my officer term. For that, I truly would like to thank each and every one of you for your input! The first goal that was a part of my officer petition was that of “creating outcomes greater than the sum of their parts.” This, so far, has been able to be stuck to in many, many ways. Each of us – your District Officers – have been working together in order to work out details of the upcoming year. For one, we now have this great publication that will be coming out each month. We have also tried to keep in contact with every chapter throughout the district by each “partnering” up with about seven or eight chapters to promote a cleaner, more personal stream of communication. This was just the first of many steps I hope to see taken to enhance communication throughout the district. Speaking of communications, another of the goals I wished to go forward with was remaining “clear as day, even between the lines.” So far, this seems to have been worked with by every officer on your council. You may have noticed that we have been sending out many reminders for events and deadlines to make sure that every chapter can more easily ensure that they get everything in on time for convention registration, hotel booking, Summer FUNction registration, and much more to come. If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I randomly post updates about what I am busy working on. I hope that at least one person finds this informative enough to rest easy knowing that we are constantly working on projects and programs for the NCD. Finally, this publication clearly satisfies the third goal I had coming in to convention, “pushing for publications.” It is a pretty well-known fact that as soon as someone says the “K” word (hint: it rhymes with “the Mensa”), blood pressure immediately triples district-wide. As such, we have gone forward with creating a whole new type of publication. This publication (which you are currently reading!) will continue to vary in content from month to month and will, hopefully, continue to hold everyone‟s interest. If you think this issue is boring, go back up to page 1 and click the link at the end of the first article to fill out a survey. If you think this publication is knock-„em-dead fan-freaking-tastic, then fill out the survey to let us know, too! My goal for the next year is the same major goal that has prevailed since I first chose to run for District Office – to serve you all. I want to help you individually. I want to help you collectively. I want to help you collaboratively. Let‟s work together to make this year great! AEA, Jason Mlady

CONTACT US Rod Whiteman—NCD Governor—

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Joe Norton—NCD President— Christopher Grapis—VP of Membership— Jason Mlady—VP of Programs— Kyle von Neumann—Secretary/Treasurer—

This publication created, edited, and formatted by the North Central District Vice President of Programs. Many thanks go out to each of the district officers and Rod Whiteman, NCD Governor, for this month’s submissions. AEA, Jason