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New Born Baby Toys: Attracting the kids Choosing a crib or stuff toys are not the only choice in the range of new born baby toys. Explore wide range of new born baby toys online for various alternatives. Some of the New Born Baby Toys are stupendous and consist of magnetic wooden puzzle game featuring the bugs and insects. One use the magnetic butterfly net to catch the bug buddies located in the game board. Visual representation of characters is interesting for the children and they learn a lot about their surrounding environment. It also helps in handling the eye coordination and also fine motor development.

One of the best toys is the Lamaze playhouse gym that engages the child with four different transformations namely lay and play, tummy time play, sit and play as well as soft play. In addition Gym mat is equipped with reversible properties and also has discovery activities. Other aspects include the light and sounds travel mobile along with the soft bean bag character that attracts the imagination of the people.

Games are necessary for the kids so that they could perform mental exercises in an easy and hassle free manner. As far as portability is concerned, playmate can be quickly folded to construct an engaging environment coupled with soft side walls to protect the kids. To operate the game, three AAA batteries are required which are sufficient to accomplish the task. One can attach musical flower to the carrier bar and make the game more interesting for kids. Musical toys are also very popular among the new born because it consists of five friendly faces which lit up and say help to them. There are three music modes such as chime, song segment and the full song play.

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New born baby toys  
New born baby toys  

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