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Although the iPad 2 is the undisputed leader in the tablet segment, there are plenty of other devices that deserve more than a second look. For instance, there is Motorola's Xoom and RIM's BlackBerry Playbook. However, the most viable alternative seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is the next evolution after the success of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab which featured the first tablet implementation of the Android operating system. This time around, though, it will use the newest Honeycomb version of Android - a specially designed OS with a tablet-friendly user interface. Samsung Galaxy Tablet Specs This latest model presents a big leap forward in terms of features. The central processing unit is NVIDIA's highly regarded 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2. The screen real estate is larger at 10.1", with a generous resolution of 1280 x 800, ensuring sharp visuals. It also comes with BlueTooth and GPS modules. The rear camera has a 3MP sensor that can do 720p video recording, while the frontfacing camera has a 2MP sensor, handy for video conferencing and similar applications. The Samsung Tablet 10.1 will be offered in two variants according to Internet connectivity options: WiFi and 3G. It weighs a mere 1.25 pounds compared to the iPad2's 1.33 pounds. As for thickness, it also blows away the competition, coming in at a razor thin 8.66mm. Perhaps the best attribute of this mobile device is its excellent battery life, with a 7000mAh module that can provide up to 9hrs of video and 72hrs of music. Galaxy Tab Release Date The 10.1 will be available starting June 8. The grand launch will be held at Best Buy's New York outlet. For other retailers, availability will commence on June 17. The 3G variant will appear by the end of the summer season. The European launch date is yet to be determined. Galaxy Tablet Price With such a fantastic list of specs, people might think that its price is out of reach for them to buy the Samsung tablet. This is far from the truth, however, as the prices are quite reasonable at $499 for 16GB of storage and $599 for the much roomier 32GB version. Note that the prices quoted are for the Wi-Fi only model. Galaxy Tab Review If a feature comparison is to be made among all the leading tablets, there is no doubt that the Galaxy Tab will come out supreme. Its NVIDIA dual-core CPU is accompanied by graphics

technology with enough muscle for advanced gaming. The graphic interface provides unparalleled user experience thanks to the Honeycomb OS. Every application can be launched and operated without any difficulty. Those who enjoy browsing videos on YouTube and playing online games will be glad to know that it fully supports Flash. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has a bigger and better screen than the iPad 2 - perfect for HD playback. The TouchWiz custom UI and capacitive screen combine for unmatched responsiveness. Anyone looking for a good Android tablet for mobile computing and connectivity should give it a try.

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==== ==== Sell Wholesale Products For High Profits Without Ever Having To Carry Any Inventory...Or Lay Out Your Own Cash! Find out how to succeed and be your own boss. ==== ====

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