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Missouri City: Storage Units and the Old West When we think of the old Western Texas, we are sure to picture dirty saloons, dusty streets, band of disreputable, and beautiful damsels tied to the railroad tracks. What many people don’t know is that Missouri City, Texas was actually founded on route of the old Union Pacific Railroad, and what was once an old western city has grown into an industrialized center of living for nearly 70 thousand people. Though traditional saloons no longer exist, and tying up women to train tracks is highly illegal, the remnant memories of the Old West are still felt in the town. Though people may not sell a sarsaparilla anymore or house barrels of gunpowder under their bar counters, the culture of the West still lives on in Missouri City. Some of the items they used in the olden days may have been commonplace then, but when it comes to storing old Western items in your ​Missouri City storage unit​, you may be shocked as rattlesnake bite at what isn’t allowed. We have compiled a list of old western contraband that, although indicative of the Missouri City’s history, you can’t store in your unit. When it comes to keeping our facility safe from potentially harmful items, we always say, “This place ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

1. Explosives Who knows why they needed so much dynamite back in the day, but any explosives today are not allowed in your storage unit. This includes gunpowder, ammunition, or firearms. We’re sure Rooster Cogburn and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf would “get their backs up” to hear this, but it is for everyone’s safety.

2. Food Your 20 lbs bags of old country store wheat and salt are going to have to pass. No food is allowed on the premises due to health and safety reasons. Looks like you will have to eat those beans and biscuits for dinner out on the range, tonight.

3. Animals Your trustee steed needs to be at your side, not in a storage shed. Any animals from your cattle to your chickens don’t have a place in our units, whether dead or alive. If it happens to be a bear pelt you reckon to store, however, you can “let drive”. Taxidermy pets and other cured animal hides are just fine.

4. Moonshine (and Other Illegal Items) You can store sealed alcohol containers in your unit, but no drop of that “oh-be-joyful” is allowed on the premises. All other illegal substances like drugs or stolen train contraband is also prohibited. Anyone found to have smuggled illegal materials or who breaks any of the previous rules are subject to the law and must deal with the sheriff around these parts.

US Storage Ain’t No “Coffee Boiler” A lot of people are concerned they will “get it in the neck” if they rent a storage unit, but this simply isn’t the case. As long as you follow these storage guidelines, we promise your storage experience with us will be a real “humdinger.” We make sure our prices are fair and competitive for everyone, and will work with you and your budget to get you a storage unit that suits your needs. If you live in Missouri City, call us today at (832) 224-2765 and we will get you in a unit faster than you can say, “Hi-ho, Silver!”


Missouri City Storage Units can help you become better organized.

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