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Hialeah is Solving the Cuban Storage Problem Hialeah is a community shared by many people, but one of its distinguishing features is that it provides a home for more than 57 thousand American Cuban families. Cuban culture has inspired much of Hialeah, as its art, architecture, and parts of their history now decorate the city’s streets, businesses, and residences. The American Cuban culture is particularly interesting, as they are largely influenced by African, European, and indigenous Americans which bring a rich and vibrant style to their way of living. Cubans and Cuban Americans are well-known for the diverse aspects of their culture, including their music, their love of the game of baseball, and their amazing food. US Storage Centers caters to the inspiring Cuban American population of Hialeah, as well as anyone living in or moving to the area, by providing t​ he best storage units available​ at the most competitive prices. To organize your home and preserve your family’s traditional and cultural possessions, consider some of the following ideas for items you can put into your own storage.

1. Musical Instruments Cuban Americans are famous for the unique music they have brought with them from their native country. Many families in the area have guitars and drums they use for special occasions, but available space to store them in their homes is limited. Many people in the city of Hialeah have started using a storage unit to keep their instruments safe. The best part is that their houses are clear of clutter and they can access the musical instruments any time they need them.

2. Sports Equipment Not every Cuban American will play baseball like Tony Perez or Jose Canseco, but that doesn’t stop them from loving the game of baseball. Cuban Americans love the sport, and generally have a lot of equipment in their homes so they can play a game or two when the weather is nice. Like any sports equipment, however, it can quickly take up a lot of space in closets or bedrooms. We help alleviate this problem with our units, and you can rent a differently-sized units depending on what you want to store.

3. Cooking Ware We don’t allow food to be stored in our units, but we certainly encourage storing extra cookware you may have! From the pans Cuban Americans use to make boliche and arroz con pollo to the pots and dishes that are used to cook delicious flan, we have helped many families in Hialeah clean up their kitchen cupboards and store any extra cookware they have in their houses.

Storage provides them a clear and organized place in their homes to prepare their wonderful dishes and to continue feeding their families.

4. Clothing For the average Cuban American, extra clothing quickly takes up space in drawers and closets. We recommend storing your spare guayaberas and other traditions clothing in a storage space in order to declutter your dressers and reduce the amount of laundry you have to do for your family. You can always access your clothing for special occasions, so if you decide to store any of your clothes, remember to fold it nicely before placing it in boxes. This will help decrease damage and reduce the potential for trapped moisture or humidity.

Serving All of Hialeah US Storage Centers has been serving the Hialeah community for years, so we know what you need and can help you with any question you have. We also have units you can rent based on your needs, and we will help you make the storage decisions that are best for your family. Call us at (786) 269-0592, and we are sure to leave you saying “¡Está volao!”


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