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Glendale Storage Units: Helping the “Murphy Effect” What is today known as Glendale Arizona was once purely a dessert. In the 1800s, the attributed founder of Glendale, businessman and entrepreneur William John Murphy, made the city habitable as he was commissioned to build a canal and bring water to the area. His business savvy also engendered him to engineer a plan to make a profit on the area, wherein he built a highway connecting Phoenix and Glendale for convenient travel between the two cities. Glendale shortly became its own economic center as families and businesses moved into the area, making Murphy and his legacy very rich by the time of his passing. Our ​storage unit facility in Glendale​ exists because of good people like you who have moved to area, inadvertently due to Murphy’s original efforts. You bring with you a pioneering spirit and business ventures that rival the city’s founder, but this comes with its own challenges. Being a business owner can be difficult when you have paperwork to file, an office to organize, and equipment that needs to be stored. See why considering a storage unit can be helpful in dealing with the “Murphy Effect”, alleviating some of the pressures of your business.

Paper Filing A common scene in many offices is to keep boxes and boxes of paperwork stored in the business’s attic or basement. Despite living in the digital age, government compliance forms, tax information for employees, and professional development reports are still kept in paper form, all of which are necessary in case of later complications. Even when a business has completely switched over to electronic filing, past records and paperwork have most likely NOT been digitized, as the investment to do so would be too great. Though this can be a headache for business owners, it doesn’t have to be. Our storage units have helped hundred of business owners alleviate this very problem (had we been around during Murphy’s time we might have been able to help him too). By storing files in your own storage space for an economical cost, you will always have access to your records and documents, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them in your work space. We recommend that any Glendale business owner keeps his or her files organized in clearly labeled boxes or considers purchasing filing cabinets to store their paper. This helps elevate your records or keep them securely sealed for easy access in the future. Glendale is known to rain, despite being in the middle of dessert.

Office Supplies Many times a business finds itself with too many desks and not enough employees. There are sometimes too many chairs, or the business has too many supplies than they know what to do with. We encourage business owners in these situations to consider using a storage unit for

much the same reasons as paper filing. The extra space can be used for more productivity you don’t need to worry as much about where to keep extra furniture. Storage units can also help other types of businesses by storing power tools and other pieces of heavy equipment not used during off-seasons.

Storage Abounds in Glendale William Murphy would be proud of your achievements and happy to know he made a difference in you businesses pursuits. Glendale is a thriving community, and we are dedicated to making sure you have access to the storage you need. You don’t have to be rich like Murphy’s family, either, to benefit from a storage unit. We have different sizes and prices to accommodate your budget, so whether you need to store some records or have bigger office needs, remember to call us at 623-377-9404.

Glendale storage units helping the “murphy effect”  

About Glendale storage units for business professionals.

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