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Corona Storage Units: Go Take a Hike! Anyone living in or moving to Corona, California knows the majesty of the mountains that surround the great valley wherein the city sits. The Santa Ana Mountain Range, which spans for 64 miles, offers Corona residents plenty of recreational activities throughout the year, which is why so many citizens have outdoor gear they and their families use stored away in their garages and attics. We understand the enthusiasm that the mountains inspire in our city’s residents, which is why we offer them c​ onvenient storage in Corona​ where they can keep their outdoor recreational equipment when it is not in use. We help give your home space that’s big as all outdoors so you can kick back and relax after a long day up in the ranges. Consider getting a unit today for storing the following outdoor items we suggest.

Rock Climbing Gear Corona residents enjoy rock climbing in and around the city. Whether they enjoy some time with the family at any of the area’s climbing walls or spend some time out on the mountains’ rocky faces, rock climbing is a big part of the city’s culture. With so much interest in the sport, it is no wonder that individuals in the area acquire more and more rock climbing gear. Ropes, harnesses, chalk bags, carabiners, and shoes can really start to take up space, which is why we recommend keeping them in a unit. Most people don’t need their rock climbing equipment every day, which makes a storage unit convenient. Your possessions are accessible whenever you need them without giving you a mountain of hassles to climb.

Hiking and Backpacking Equipment Much like rock climbing, Corona residents always “pack-up” for a day of hiking or backpacking out in the mountains. Hiking and backpacking always comes with its own gear, too, as an experienced mountaineer of the Santa Ana range knows not to be found without the right shoes, food, water, and emergency equipment. Keeping your hiking gear in a storage unit for when you use it on those special weekend trips reduces the hassle of needing to find a place for them in your house.

Camping Materials Camping also takes a great deal of equipment that you can keep in your storage unit. Consider keeping your stoves (though you can’t store the gas), tents, sleeping bags, tarps, and air mattresses in a unit. The protection from elemental exposure also maintains the integrity of your camping items, which can also be augmented by using one of our climate-controlled units. Consider getting your feet in both camps, as keeping camping materials in your home may not offer this same protection,

US Storage Units in Corona You will enjoy the prospect of our units as an outdoor enthusiast, but even if you have a few odds and ends or furniture you would like to store to keep your home organized and clean, we have units for everyone’s needs. Whatever your needs are, we will be sure to work with you and your budget. When you rent a unit from us, you are sure to be a happy camper.


Outdoor storage for the Corona area

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