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Residential Elevators

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Tips on Selecting Residential Elevators Residential elevators add convenience and accessibility in homes. Nowadays, many people include a home elevator in their building plans, having become aware that it is indeed a long term solution. Installing an elevator will ensure that your home doesn’t change into a hostile place as you age. Moreover, you get the time to get accustomed to using the elevator. Whether it is to carry people or heavy loads, home elevators are practical options. As you will be making a solid investment when you buy an elevator, it is important to locate a trustworthy dealer that offers branded residential elevators. Consider the Following Tips When Choosing a Residential Elevator Company •

It is always advisable to buy branded products such as those offered by popular manufacturers ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria and Federal Elevator. This is to ensure flawless functionality and durability.

Home elevators have different load capacities. Choose one that caters to your requirements.

• They are also available in varying dimensions to suit the space constraints in residential settings. You have to buy one that is most appropriate for your home. •

One of the most important things to consider is whether your residential elevator is provided with advanced safety features. The features you should

Residential Elevators

Call: (212)775-0080

look for are lockable control panel, non-skid platform, door interlocks, slack chain brake system, emergency stop and alarm buttons, telephone system and open door sensor among others. •

Consider the number of travel stops the elevator has. Now you can buy models that have more than five stops. The one you buy should provide clear and safe access to all floors of your home.

Seriously think of the amount of money you can invest. High-priced models as well as budget-friendly ones are available in the market.

Ensure that the product you buy has been incorporated with advanced technology and configurations.

• Your home elevator should also come with proper warranty. Purchase from a Reputable Dealer A dealer that understands your specific requirements will help you select residential elevators that feature safety, durability and comfort. You can choose from standard and customized configurations. Your dealer will ensure that the elevator you buy blends perfectly with your home décor, adding value and accessibility to your home. When depending on a recognized elevator distributor in the industry you don’t need to concern yourself with installation and maintenance of your mobility equipment. Everything is taken care of by your residential elevator company that provides professional installation, on-time inspection, as well as maintenance and repair services for residential elevators.

Residential Elevators

Call: (212)775-0080

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Tips on Selecting Residential Elevators  

Residential elevators should be chosen with care as these involve solid investment. Among many things to consider are the brand, load capaci...