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ThyssenKrupp Access Destiny Hydraulic home elevators are a good choice for your home. Being hydraulic they provide a smooth ride, and unlike normal hydraulic elevators are easy on maintenance too. These elevators are available with remote machine room and submerged motor. This cuts out on the noise, keeping your home quiet. ThyssenKrupp Access Destiny also comes with a great choice of six trim levels and other styles. You can expect all the top class amenities too that are common to the Destiny range of home elevators that also includes the Destiny Winding Drum and Destiny Gearless.

Great Lifting Capacity and Reliable Design The other specifications of TK Access Destiny residential elevators are a lifting capacity of 950 pounds, maximum travel distance of 50’, and overhead clearance of 8’. The Destiny home elevator also features a roped hydraulic drive and accordion gate. The design is proven to be reliable and low on maintenance. Whatever TK Access home elevator you select, you can experience quality and reliability that are the result of years of research. Elevator suppliers go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable experience purchasing and installing your TK Access elevator. Elevator suppliers provide installation of the product and ensure customers don’t experience any kind of trouble.

Phone: (212)775-0080

Evolution of Home Elevators A residential elevator is quite a useful device for large homes. But they can also significantly increase the value and luxury appeal of your home. Ever since homes began to get larger and larger in America from the early 20th century, mobility has become an issue. That was when elevators, in use in multistoried commercial buildings, began to seem attractive. Manufacturers began to create residential elevators. Over the years, technology advanced by leaps and bounds to remove some of the rough edges and make home elevators more and more user-friendly, safe, and attractive. People began going for it and manufacturers began making them more luxurious and stylish for those willing to pay extra. Elevator suppliers were there all along, providing comprehensive service and informing customers of the pros and cons, and power requirements of each elevator, while providing installation assistance as well.

ThyssenKrupp’s Entry into the Residential Elevator Scene ThyssenKrupp Access has been around throughout the journey of mobility solutions from just smart ideas to actually beneficial, practical devices. It began with stair lifts more than 60 years ago, till in 1988 TK Access, then known as American Stair-Glide, launched its first residential elevator. The experience gained through the years translates to great home elevators for customers, products that further the goalposts in safety, aesthetics, performance, user-friendliness and reliability.

Phone: (212)775-0080

ThyssenKrupp Access Destiny Hydraulic home elevators are perfect examples of the company’s passion for excellence.

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ThyssenKrupp Access Destiny Hydraulic Home Elevator  

Home elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access improve mobility in residential buildings. The ThyssenKrupp Access Destiny hydraulic home elevator i...

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