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Residential Elevators with Advanced Safety Options Ensure Safe and Comfortable Access With advanced safety options, residential elevators provide exceptional convenience for mobility challenged and aged individuals in your family. The advanced safety features incorporated ensure that users move from one floor to another in a smooth, safe and comfortable manner. Besides carrying passengers, these can transport heavy items such as groceries, laundry or anything else between various floors in a residential building. Home elevators add convenience and luxury to your lifestyle and at the same time enhance the overall value of your building. Residential elevators come with






customized to meet your specifications. You can personalize the lighting, panels and other elements, so as to suit your interior dĂŠcor requirements. With great advancements in technology, manufacturers can now provide immaculately designed, stylish models of residential elevators. Some of the popular models specifically meant for home use are LEV, Rise, Windsor, Panorama, Minivator, Volant, Signet, Renaissance, Infinity luxury elevator, Telecab and Eclipse. Each model varies in terms of features, price, performance and the technology employed. ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Federal Elevators are some of the well-known elevator suppliers.

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Advanced Safety Options for Perfect Peace of Mind Residential elevators are designed keeping in mind the safety of the user. Accordingly, they have a number of safety options. • Fully automatic operating controls •

Manual lowering device to help the passengers in case of power disruption

• Emergency stop buttons • Backup power facility •

Alarms are installed which can be used in case of an emergency

Emergency lighting: Some home elevators come with an automatic emergency lighting system which will switch on in case of a power failure.

• Handrails on platforms: These are included with the intention to provide more convenience for those with limited mobility to move in or out of home elevators. The handrails are attached to the wall at a reasonable height. • One touch screen controls •

An emergency telephone/communication system is installed that allows the passenger to communicate in case of an emergency.

• Under-platform sensors • Final and ultimate limit switches • Slack rope safety • Cable safety devices

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Residential Elevators Are a Worthwhile Investment Investing in a quality residential elevator is really worthwhile. Primarily, these are a great support to your loved ones at home. You need not worry any more about slips or falls on stairways. They are a quality addition to your building, enhancing its value. These can be easily installed in newly constructed as well as renovated homes. A wide range of residential elevator models with exceptional safety features are available in the market to suit your budget. With so many models available, you can choose residential elevators of your choice, provided with advanced safety options.

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Residential Elevators with Advanced Safety Options  

Residential elevators come with advanced safety options to ensure safe and comfortable access to the different floor levels. Residential ele...

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