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Elevators and lifts

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Elevator or Stair Lift – Which One is Right for My Home? Both




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Elevators are typically built into a shaft set up in the building and operate within the enclosed space using cabins. However, stair chair lifts are usually not enclosed and are set up along a rail attached to a staircase. The user moves up and down the staircase seated on their chair. Elevator or stair lift – which one is right for my home? This is question that many people ask when they consider improving accessibility within their home. The choice would typically depend on the structure of the building, budget, and user needs. Advantages of Home Elevators Residential elevators add comfort, convenience, aesthetic appeal, and value to your home, though more expensive than stair lifts. Elevator models differ in load capacity, cabin size and cabin configuration. Install an elevator if: • Your home is spacious and you can afford to stretch your budget •

You have a family member who uses a wheelchair and want the least challenging type of mobility device

Elevators and lifts

Call: (212)775-0080

• Are concerned about the aesthetics of your home and want a completely unobtrusive accessibility device • Need to transport heavy goods such as grocery, laundry, furniture, and so on between floors •

Want a durable and permanent accessibility device that can add to the market value of your home

When Chair Lifts are a Suitable Option Less expensive then elevators, a stair lift helps people with mobility issues overcome the challenges posed by a staircase. It is a practical and convenient option if: • You have budget limitations • Your home has space constraints that do not permit the installation of an elevator • Want an accessibility device that can be set up without much structural modification on a straight run of stairs If you have a curved or spiral staircase with several turns and landings, the cost of setting up a stair chair lift would go up significantly, as the staircase has to be configured to accommodate the system. Another disadvantage that stairlifts have is with regard to wheelchair users. The user must be capable of getting onto and off the swivel chair. To ensure independent use, an additional wheelchair should be kept at the top or bottom of the stairs. If these limitations are acceptable, the chair lift is the ideal option.

Elevators and lifts

Call: (212)775-0080

Professional Guidance to Make the Right Decision The best way to avoid confusion when it comes to choosing between an elevator and stair lift for your home is to seek professional guidance. Locate an established dealer supplying top quality home elevators and stairlifts. A reliable elevator company would offer on-site inspection free of cost. Experts look over your home, suggest the ideal solution and help you choose the right model from their vast inventory. Most dealers offer prompt and efficient installation with the least structural modification as well as maintenance, repair and testing solutions.

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Elevator or Stair Lift – Which One is Right for My Home?