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Temp with potential conversion after 30-45 days 25 hours/week while temp/40 hours/week when converted (M-F) Salary mid to high 30K rang JOB REQUIREMENTS: •Bachelor’s degree preferred •Hospitality (hotel) industry experience a plus •Familiarity with content management systems •Experience using illustration or CAD technology a plus •1 - 5 years work experience in operations or data management Must be a start-up mentality, like wearing many different hats, willing to jump in where needed and enjoy change of direction. DUTIES: Help Feedback Room 77 on Facebook Room 77 on Twitter .Sign In In this role, you’ll work with the business development team and hotel partners to triage and implement incoming hotel data/content on the website. Part of your role may also be to work with vendors to address any issues with triage or production process, or to identify any issues with the CMS (content management system) and report them to engineering for resolution. Conducting QA (quality assurance) on triaged or produced properties is also a component of this role. The ideal Production/Implementation Associate is the ultimate team player, willing to pitch in wherever needed. Extreme attention to detail, sharp analytical skills with strong organizational skills are absolutely critical to being successful in this role. You should exhibit a willingness to take direction, but also own your decisions and take responsibility for the outcomes. GROWTH: As company grows and one’s abilities are proven and in need there would be growth.

COMPANY HISTORY: 5 people and getting ready to go full speed. Room77 is a venture-backed, stealth travel start-up based in Silicon Valley. The team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in online travel, technology, and investment, working to bring a unique twist to hotel search.