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Website Promotion with Blurbpoint’s Directory Submission Deciding to create a website or a blog is easy. But trying to make it popular is a tad difficult. In fact, there are so many ways to do so but they are very time consuming and hence are avoided by many of us. Most of us prefer to utilize the services of an SEO company like Blurbpoint to provide directory submission service to the clients. The concept is very simple and easy to understand. These directories are like the yellow pages which contain all the information. Unlike yellow pages, these directories contain only the links to the websites where your articles have been posted. The more articles you write the more links you create and the more traffic is generated towards your website. Submission of articles can be immensely time consuming and hence, this is a service which is rendered to by most of the SEO companies. In fact, submission of the articles to the right categories as well as sub-categories is also equally important. We, at Blurbpoint, have an inhouse expert team to handle this service for you. We take great care to ensure that each article of yours is carefully posted into the directories to avoid any problems later on. Submissions can be either • Manual • Semi automated • Automated We undertake only manual submissions as this provides the clients maximum benefits and that too without the fear of getting the articles rejected or banning of your website. The solitary purpose or usage of directory submission is to obtain back links for your website. This is very crucial as higher number of back links could mean more traffic and hence a better page ranking of your website. Search engines often track the entire number of back links to your website before deciding on the page rank of your website. Before making any directory submission, our professionals at Blurbpoint, go through entire rules, regulations and guidelines laid out to receive desired result. Not paying heed to them can lead to disastrous results. We take full care that your articles or submissions are not rejected as this could affect your website business in a very serious way. Moreover, we also take care about the category in which the article is to be submitted. Wrong category submission could mean wrong type of readers. They may not be interested in reading your article as it is irrelevant to them. In short, you can absolutely choose our directory submission service to explore your company or website in the online world.

Website Promotion with Blurbpoint’s Directory Submission