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Tandon School of Engineering ​all righty now the forecast and we've been talking tornado tonight oh I go it's head over to Ed for the latest on that tornado warning in fact I'm gonna get to the latest but you'll be able to get a sense here you can see the counties back to the north and west Schuylkill County until 6:30 tornado warning you want to seek shelter especially now towards Pottsville we're seeing that that cell making its way and again it had the strong rotation with that thunderstorm as the potential certainly to spawn a tornado doesn't mean that one has been spotted as of yet but again when you have rotation in a thunderstorm like that you want to seek shelter immediately because it has the potential to drop a tornado as far as the temperatures right now throughout the region he's got cooler weather here in the north in the east other than that taking a look warm front this is all being caused as a warm front moves up through the area tomorrow a cold front sweeps through so should shower a couple of strong thunderstorms this line moves through it doesn't look like there's anything behind it that's forming in fact let me take a step back and you'll be able to see again as this warm fronts lifting up through it looks like things try to clear up behind it but again you could see this line that's kind of just forming take a look I'm gonna step out of the screen here because I want to actually zoom in right there on that on that cell that's in the Potts Ville area and you can see it's it's mainly right now in the western portions of Schuylkill County but as we can kind of zoom in you'll get a real good sense of what's going on here but if you're in frac Ville Pottsville area again that's all going to continue to advance off through the area so please be aware if you're in those areas seek shelter immediately again especially in the eastern half of the Schuylkill County area here's what we've got as far as our extended forecast 62 showers strong gusty thunderstorm and then behind it mostly cloudy there still could be another shower or thunderstorm around 84 degrees so this is the result of this warm front lifting up and through the area the warm front again will come on up and as a result that's why we're seeing some instability right now but we'll feel the effects of the warm front tomorrow clouds and Sun but then as a cold front comes through that could spark a couple showers or thunderstorms again there could be a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon a couple of showers or thunderstorms tomorrow evening and it looks like the front stalls off not too far far to the south but we should be ok Wednesday it does look like it's gonna be a calm or day with clouds and Sun Thursday looks pretty good but there could be a shower later Thursday night once again that front becomes active and probably advances towards the area we can be talking about more thunderstorms on Friday Saturday and Sunday partly sunny each day there is the mention of a thunderstorm but temperatures will remain warmer than normal for this time of year through the weekend so tomorrow get ready mid 80s alright so don't get any updates on the active weather channel as far as this weather now all right well it may have been raining this morning but the bad the last word there angry hey gonna see when we're back yeah let's get to I've got some serious and active weather I want to show you here real quickly let's show you the Doppler radar and get some sense here as you can clearly see what has now become almost a solid line is advancing we have a tornado warning that should be expiring here momentarily it has not been extended I suspect it will be for probably another 15 20 minutes if you're in Schuylkill County it does look like based on the Doppler radar that it has weakened a bit but again this means that the strong rotation with that cell looking at the Doppler radar you can see some of the colors have diminished a tiny bit we don't want to let our guard down because that may weaken there may pulse back up another part of that line will strengthen as one area weakened so just seek shelter all along that line it's get it looks like it's going to advance right through our viewing area and hold together the way things are looking right now it is advancing into a more stable air mass but right now it doesn't look like it's holding together so shower thunderstorm looks like for just about everybody as that advances through our area I'll be giving you updates on the Accu Weather Channel here through the evening hours so stay tuned that's what we got to do is watch you're ready to rumble it likes few minutes out all right I will see you again but it means that with the rotation of this thunderstorm it has the potential to spawn a tornado at any time and I also obviously can note there's a tremendous amount of lightning strikes associated with it as well so lots of cloud to ground lightning that obviously in and of itself could be dangerous but just taking a look at this Doppler radar again I think it's certainly warrants of the tornado warning that's in effect until 8 o'clock once again for Northern Lehigh central Northampton County southeastern Carbon County in south-central Monroe County again rotation it's moving along essentially 30 miles per hour so it's moving at a pretty good pace if we kind of take zoom out let me stop this here and I'm gonna take a zoom out here so you can get a picture I kind of a look at the big picture here we're going to put that into motion once again and you can see that you know outside of Schuylkill County where that additional

cell has blossomed there's not a lot of other activity that is blossoming back to the west once this line moves through which would not be unusual doesn't mean that something else couldn't pop up and you can see it's advancing here image by image and it's gonna then we're gonna loop and you'll be able to see how it's advancing and affecting such a wide area it essentially has become a pretty solid line extending from just a now East of wilkes-barre down now it's advancing through and past Hazleton and then back down through standby here obviously this being real-time information we're getting more information here I want to pass it along to you in real time just so that you have it again tornado warning in effect till 8 o'clock affecting south-central Monroe extreme southeast Carbon County Central Northampton County north central Lehigh County just within the last couple of minutes police reported circulation with this storm above the ground very important to note that police now officially reporting circulation with the storm above the ground so obviously there is rotation they're going to be in and around the walnut port area here looks like again moving east 35 miles per hour looks like it'll be near the beers Ville area at Catasauqua by 750 baths and Chapman by 755 Nazareth East lawn Gardens stalker town Tatem e by 8 o'clock once again I want to pass this information along you can see there's another little cell developing south of Allentown but again the biggest concern right now is what's moving from Northern Lehigh County it does look like it's tending to drop a little bit further not just moving northeast from southwest and northeast it also looks like it might be trying to drop a little bit and moving more west to east and again let me give you the very latest information tornado warning is in effect now for south-central Monroe County extreme southeast Carbon County central Northampton County north central Lehigh County at 7:40 which is about eight minutes ago police reporting circulation with this storm meaning rotation that means it absolutely positively has the potential to spawn or drop a tornado so you want to seek shelter immediately if you're in in those areas I'm meteorologist Eddie Hanna from W fmz we are just broken to programming here because there was an earlier at 6:30 there was a tornado warning that had expired in Schuylkill County the storms had weakened dramatically but they've pulsed back up and I think for good reason that tornado warning has now been issued and is in effect now for at least another 10-15 minutes I suspect it will be extended as this has really pulsed back up dramatically again tornado warning in effect let me stop it once again and we'll zoom in to kind of get a sense here really of what we're looking at you can see that's where the kind of a heart of this this cell happens to be right there and we can zoom in so obviously you can see your if you're in the Slatington area right now and down towards next vote you want to be in a shelter immediately and I want to repeat this information and then of course if you're in Northampton Bath Chapman up towards Palmerton again you want to be seeking shelter as we speak the safest place start to be during a tornado again is in the basement you want to get underneath a workbench take you know or some type of piece of very sturdy furniture if you don't have a basement available you want to seek shelter on the lowest floor of the building in the interior hallway or a room such as a closet use blankets pillows to cover your body you want to always stay away from the windows I know it's it's really hard to not be curious and want to look out the windows but of course if there be debris flying of course they you know that could certainly shatter your windows and and and cause you harm if you are in a mobile home or vehicle again you want to get to some type of substantial shelter again if you're in these areas if you have got no shelter available you want a live flat in the nearest ditch or lowest spot that you can possibly find cover your head with your hands again tornado warning in effect obviously you can see now it's advancing now I'm gonna put this into motion here so that you'll get a sense here of what direction it's going it looks like it's moving right through the center of that red box so obviously if you're in Northampton Bath Chapman if it continues to hold together and strength Nazareth Belfast Tatem II possibly as well take a look you can see that's at 7:13 and we're advancing here just by every about 5 10 minutes you see another image coming in and then once we get to the last image it will actually kind of go right through here the fact that police have a reported rotation and the fact that that's been verified now that is a really good indicator that there could very easily be a tornado could easily be spawned but from this and there you can see a sub 748 just moments ago that's the last image right there now so you'll see this start to advance and you can see it kind of moving right on through into the area so you can see there is west to east movement there you can see that last image there so it's now that cell kind of sliding right between Slatington and Schnecksville and it looks like it's going to continue to advance so I would say those of you in Chapman and in bath again Northampton just on the southern fringe there be seeking shelter immediately again this is not a tornado watch this is not a severe thunderstorm warning this is a tornado warning which again means if you're in south-central Monroe extreme southeast Carbon Northampton County in north central north central Lehigh County you want to seeking shelter because police now indicating and verifying I'm going to stop it once again so we can see there you can see again the center of that circulation kind of just going right between Slatington and Schnecksville it looks like it's going to continue to advance let me at the telestrator it does look like it's going to continue to advance off here and and and through I don't and it's not the button that I want to hit let me go back here

again forgive me for being here in real-time and keeping it keeping you posted let me I'm going to be advancing here through I want to click on to get in so that we can actually show you I'm going to click on the actual spot itself there we go alright so what we're gonna do is advanced here and again advise you that those of you that happen to be in sea it's it's actually exiting Lehigh County and moving into Northampton County now as we speak want to put this into motion and animate it once again so I think those of you in Lehigh Canton northern parts of Lehigh County you want to still stay until you you know you hear the Thunder has diminished and any heavy downpours any possible winds before you come out of any shelter that you might be in it's certainly okay to turn your TV up loud enough that you can continue to hear but I don't want to encourage you if you're in these areas to stay in front of your TV in your living room if you're in these areas especially now in Northampton County and there you can see it advancing through 7:38 all those lightning strikes again the tornado warning being verified that there's been rotation by local police departments that they've seen actually some rotation so we're seeing it now advancing now into Northampton County so obviously now the threat in Northern Lehigh County I wouldn't say has diminished it's diminishing but I'd say I'd wait another five to ten minutes before emerging from any shelter also have to keep in mind now we're watching back here in Schuylkill County you can never let your guard down it seems like this kind of tails back a little bit here I want to make sure that doesn't pulse up one kind of concern whenever you've got severe weather is oftentimes you're so focused on the one area that you sort of let your guard down on other areas of course you guys now Carbon County you got some activity now moving up into Monroe County there's got plenty of activity there of your own when it stopped and so this is the area once again of greatest concern now that we're there you can see it so obviously through Slatington Schnecksville it's and we see this little tailback between Paul Merton and Slatington again don't let your guard down there but this seems like this is actually intensifying so obviously if you're going to be in and around this area between Northampton bath Chapman please seek shelter immediately Northampton you're also included in that Catasauqua to the south but I would still encourage you to seek shelter if you're in and around that area we're gonna take a little break right now we will be back at the top of the hour and in about four minutes but we want to take a little bit of a break and we will be back at 8 o'clock I want to get more images for you get some more information gather that for you and again we'll see you back here in just a couple of minutes stay with us and again if you're in the area of Chapman bath Northampton seek shelter immediately that would obviously include that Nazareth than that as well stay with us again W fmz I'm Edie Hannah and we are continuing to bring you the very latest tornado warning again for Northampton counties again especially that as you saw it let me go back out here so you can get the big picture here but obviously can see here it's the cell is exiting Lehigh County moving through Northampton County also got another cell up in Monroe County and obviously Carbon County is included in that as well I do think that this very likely will be extended past 8 o'clock but stay with us again we'll giving you another update here in just a couple of minutes we'll be right back School of Professional Studies.

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