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Jason Parker December 10th, 2012 COMM 630.002 - Video & Film Production I Professor Larry Engel

PSA Production Report !

“Freedom to Decide� is a slogan that I constructed to describe the current

supporting efforts to legalize Certified Professional Midwives in Maryland. Being that my wife is a Naturopathic Doctor and CPM, the topic is close to home. I decided to produce a package of PSAs that could possibly assist in the push to make more people aware of the normalcy of home birth and the professionals that are expert in assisting with it. !

Pre-production began with an one pager to formulate the log line, story synopsis,

and visualization. After researching and compiling information, I came across an organization called Maryland Families for Safe Birth. On their website they were promoting the legalization of CPMs in Maryland by educating and guiding visitors to a petition that they could sign. I used them for a model and began to construct a look book and script on what I wanted my PSAs to convey, look, and flow. !

I wanted the message to be that, home birth is a normal and natural process and

that families in Maryland are having health happy babies at home. To achieve this I sent group emails to families associated with Maryland Families for Safe Birth as well as other supporting organizations and I received an overwhelmingly positive response. I requested to come into their homes and capture the faces of families that have had a successful home birth. Due to class schedules and that these families actually have a life, I was only able to coordinate with four families. Once we were able to meet, I began by reminding them of my concept and vision for the PSAs. Then I setup my

lighting, audio, and camera equipment. With each family, I starting off with a portrait style of framing with all family members sitting and looking at the camera. Then I wanted them to playfully interact with each other and really engage their son or daughter. !

The footage that I captured from each family was then edited to construct an

image of joy and happiness around their family, which for me portrayed a message of positivity surrounding home birth. !

Everything previously stated was for the 60 and 10 second PSA. For the 30

second spot, I was able to parallel footage from a home birth with clips of a hospital environment. Due to unforeseen events, I was able to capture random footage on my iphone while my mother in law was being seen and attended to (she is ok now). The home birth footage was supplied to me by a family that couldn始t participate in a home visit from me, but still wanted to contribute. I wanted to have these two scenes parallel each other not to demonize the hospital environment but to show mothers and families that there are other options.

PSA Production Report  

PSA Production Report

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