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Common Application Releases New Essay Prompts The Common Application has recently released the latest edition of information regarding these prompts. The Common Application or common app releases information annually that provides potential and prospective students with a certain guidelines, rules and regulations for the essay they will upload in their college application process. There are certain similarities of this year’s common app prompt guideline and that of the previous years, with the official announcement on their website stating the following information,” The type of feedback we have received this year is based on calculated reviews, ratings and performances of the students last year along with the trends highlighted by the various education committees.” The prompts serve multiple purposes to students, teachers, and tutors alike, as it formulates the way in which the students will structure and write it, teachers and tutors also aid and help students understand and learn to structure their respective essay for college. best website for essay writing: The following are the essay prompts released by the Common Application; 

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A few students have a contextual picture that is reflective of the way they are and thus have a belief that it is necessary for their application. If that is the case and you believe that it would feel incomplete then feel free to share your story. Narrate a situation or condition where you have failed and then define the affect it had on you and the lessons you have learnt. Replicate a situation where you were poised to challenge some sort of belief or idea, the things that made you act and whether you would justify your decision had you have to do it again. Define a location or a place that you believe will give you perfect bliss; tell us about the experiences over there and its meaningfulness? Deliberate any sort of achievement that has labeled your change from childhood to adolescence with respect to your culture, community or family.

Time will tell how this year’s prompts have squared, however a few trends have been noticed; there have been changes made in the prompts this year, which shows that the feedback given last year was not as positive as expected to be. The word limit though remains to be the same, so not much of a change has been made there. Tell us what you think about the essay prompts released by the Common Application this year, in the comments below.

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Choose the best writing website for your college essays and university assignments  

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