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The Benefits Of Solar Water Heaters - Solar Water Heater _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Kao Ropo -

Knowing that solar energy is available to us - particularly with the escalating concerns of current supplies of energy and lack of prolonged availability - is reassuring. Current sources in the way of fossil fuels are thought to be dwindling and alternative sources need to be sought. Solar energy is a continual renewable energy source. It is logical to conclude the sun is not going anywhere nor will using it as a source of energy provide any worries about future supplies dwindling.

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It is also clean and does not provide any less than favorable gaseous materials to be emitted into the earth's atmosphere. Knowing all of the above is why consumers who are concerned about future energy as well as environmental standards regarding safety and health are easily turning towards solar energy as a prime alternative energy source. The following article places emphasis on using a solar water heater in order to save on associated costs of energy and address environmental concerns.

Naturally, solar water heaters make use of solar energy in order to effectively heat water. The system, in the way of design, is made up of collectors as well as a system (fluid-based) that transfers the heat from the collectors to the end-consumer. You can easily use a solar water heater in a residential as well as a commercial location. The water heated can be used in the way of sanitation or in the generation of electrical service. In order for the solar heater to operate you must place a collector on the top of your dwelling or commercial building, or at minimum upon a wall that is within the direct path of the sun. The collector is an insulated box with a top made of glass. Inclusive is a solar absorption area comprised of sheet metal painted black in order to better absorb the sun's rays and copper piping. The absorber can also be made up of metal tubing within a cylinder made of glass.

Cold water is pumped into the area of the collector where it is heated. It then flows back to a tank where it is housed for eventual use. You may be surprised to know solar-style water heaters have been around for quite awhile. They have been in existence since the nineteenth century. Also it may further surprise you that currently approximately one and one-half million commercial enterprises and residents across America are making use of a solar water heater. If you believe at this point installation of a solar water heater will prove beneficial within your household or commercial business then you may wish to search the "net" for construction plans for solar water heaters.

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Solar water heater  
Solar water heater  

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