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A List of 7 Great Ways to Last Longer in Bed with a Woman So, you want to know how to go the distance in bed, huh? You want to learn ways to last longer bed, so that your girlfriend or wife will be utterly and completely satisfied. Now, a woman’s not going to come right out and tell you that she’s unsatisfied, but if you can only last for two or three minutes, the chances aren’t good. Well, I have some good news for ya: it’s possible to become a better lover, just as long as you follow these tips: 1. Try to get her to orgasm first, as doing so will calm your anxiety. Sometimes problems in bed are due to psychological anxiety. If you take care of her pleasure first, you’ll be able to concentrate more. Spend extra time on foreplay and take things nice and slow. During intercourse, don’t go in like a madman – take your time, and take a break if you get too excited. 2. Make sure you get more protein and Vitamin E in your diet. Foods such as fish, olive oil, and nuts will enhance your sexual health. You can eat these foods and take herbal supplements. Foods to avoid include beef and dairy products. Research shows that these will make you feel sluggish and run down. While you do want to feel relaxed during sex, you don’t want to feel tired. 3. Identify the point at which ejaculation is inevitable, and stop just before reaching that point. The male sexual process has four phases: the excitement phase, plateau, orgasm, and ejaculation. Right at the orgasm phase, stop, suck your stomach muscles in, and exhale. Take a minute to calm down before going at it again. 4. Let her on top, and ask her if she could take things slowly for the first couple of minutes. You need to avoid doggystyle and the missionary position if you want to last longer in bed, as these positions will really tire you out. 5. If you come too quickly, don’t give up! Wait a bit and go for a second round. In between rounds, you can spend time kissing, cuddling, and going down on her. When you start to calm down, have her to stimulate you to get you in the mood again. It’s easier to last longer during subsequent round(s). 6. Try the squeezing method. When you start to overheat, stop and squeeze the area below the head. Put some pressure on the urethra on the underside of the shaft. This might be uncomfortable and maybe even painful at first, but it’s one of the easiest ways to last longer bed. It represses the fourth (ejaculation) phase in the sex process.

7. Get into better shape. Exercising and being in good physical condition will increase your sexual health. Eating healthy foods and working out are two of the best ways to last longer bed. Your endurance will be increased and you’ll be able to last three times longer than usual! Following these 7 tips will help you go the distance during sex. If this list of ways to last longer bed isn’t enough for you, you can learn hundreds of more secrets by reading The Complete Erotic Guide, which includes 500 lovemaking tips and secrets! Just visit to learn more.

A List of 7 Great Ways to Last Longer in Bed with a Woman