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8 Natural - Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatments Today I’m going to share with you some of the best natural remedies for yeast infections. More importantly, I’ll also explain why they’re going to help eliminate your yeast infections. Without understanding the science behind eliminating candida, you’ll always experience recurring bouts of this problem. These treatments incorporate natural methods, you can safely perform whenever an infection comes about. Unlike yeast infection medication and prescription topicals, these remedies are non-evasive and can be done regularly without your body building up a tolerance to their effects. There are many things you need to start doing and addressing if you are suffering from a yeast infection. The number of solutions certainly isn’t limited to this list. That said, these treatments will give you a GREAT start to feeling better quickly. Here are 8 natural remedies for yeast infections you can start to implement right away: 1. Wear loose clothing, underpants and undergarments: Oxygen kills yeast. Going “commando” and wearing nothing down there if possible is even better. Avoid any wearing any tight material, especially synthetic fiber based clothes. 2. Try the Yogurt Remedy: Get some unsweetened yogurt and rub it onto a tampon. Insert the tampon and do this continually until the yeast infection is gone. Make sure to do this laying down to prevent dripping. This is possibly the easiest and most powerful of the natural remedies for yeast infections. There is a variation of natural yogurt known as Kefir, I highly recommend using this as the bacteria count in it is much high than normal unsweetened yogurt. Never ever use yogurt with any kind of sweetener in it as this will encourage yeast growth. You need to use PLAIN, unsweetended yogurt. 3. Cut out any and all yeast, alcohol and sugar from your diet: All three will promote the infection further, and make it virtually impossible to completely eliminate as these 3 things provide everything the yeast needs to overgrow inside your body. This isn’t so much a remedy as a precaution but a necessity if you want permanent relief from your yeast infections. 4. Drink 3 glasses of pure Cranberry juice per day: Make sure it is 100% pure, not from concentrate with zero added sugar. I know this goes against the no sugar thing but the acid content in the cranberries will alter the PH balance of your vagina and cause the yeast to die off. 5. Use Garlic: If you can tolerate it, use a raw garlic clove and apply it to the infection, this may burn so dilute it with some olive or coconut oil. Both oils can assist in eliminating the infection, especially the coconut oil which contains caprylic acid which can destroy yeast on contact.

6. Take Vitamin B3: Supplementing 300mg of vitamin B3 also known as Niacin per day can in some instances reduce yeast infection severity by as much as 50%. This is one of the natural remedies I’m sure you haven’t seen before and it works! 7. Supplement Probiotics: This is HUGE. The beneficial bacteria that you receive in yogurt can be taken in pill form and is usually at least 10 times more powerful than just eating yogurt. Take in as much health bacteria per day as you can. Many probiotics range from 10-50 billion, so ideally using the 50 billion twice per day is ideal. This will increase the amount of good bacteria in your body and give your body the ability to destroy the yeast much more quickly. Just fyi, acidophilus is a type of beneficial bacteria so if you find a 50 billion count acidophilus supplement that is exactly what you are looking for. A necessity in your arsenal of natural remedies for yeast infections. 8. Take an Apple Cider Vinegar bath: A great remedy for yeast infections is adding 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a bath. The water should only be high enough to submerge the genital area. This will directly destroy the yeast and in many instances start providing relief to burning and itching. Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes. These are the most popular and in some cases unknown natural remedies for yeast infections, hopefully you give them a try before getting mixed up in drugs and risking making the problem much worse than it needs to be. By the way, I say that drugs can make the problem worse because of the recurring yeast effect associated with prescription medicine. When you use a medication to attack the infection, you’ll wind up killing a majority of the Candida in the body quickly. The small amount that remains is the strongest of the strain. What ultimately happens is the following scenario… You’ll use a medication to clear up a yeast infection and within the first 3 days, you feel better. You stop taking the prescription drug and go about your normal routine again. All the time, this remaining “super strain” of candida is gaining strength and growing inside the body. The ultimate result is a recurring yeast infection that’s even stronger than the last one. I’m all for modern medicine. However, when it comes to treating candida yeast, a natural approach will always yield better long-term results that nuking the problem away with prescriptions. Oftentimes, this medicinal approach is what leads to chronic candida problems. If you suffer from Chronic yeast infections you need to address the cause which is Candida. By treating Candida directly with natural remedies you will not suffer from yeast infections anymore. Did you know that as much as 80% of the population suffer from Candida and Yeast Infections and as much as 90% don’t even know it!

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8 Natural - Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatments