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Do You Want to Learn How to Delay Orgasm? Read These 5 Techniques! If you have premature ejaculation problems, your relationship is probably suffering. Even if she doesn’t tell you that she’s disappointed, she probably is. The more frustrated you become, the more trouble you have when performing. Feeling anxiety only makes everything worse. There are tons of products out there that promise to help you delay orgasm, but many of them don’t live up to expectations. Is there any hope? There is! There are some useful techniques you can use to last longer in bed. Think about how satisfied and happy she’ll feel when you can keep on going and going! If you’re too shy to talk about premature ejaculation with your doctor, you can try to delay orgasm on your own. Here are 5 ways to do just that: 1. Decreasing your sensory overload. If you’re relaxed and not overly excited, you’ll be able to last longer. Sure, the experience might not be as pleasurable as usual, but you will last longer and provide your partner with a more fulfilling experience. You can decrease your excitement by breathing steadily and going at a slow pace. You can also wear a condom or apply penile desensitizing cream. Even if you’re married, wearing a condom is still a good idea, as it decreases your sensory overload, thus giving your wife a more fulfilling experience. 2. Pace yourself! Start out slowly, and if she wants you to go faster, gradually increase the speed. If you’re having trouble pacing yourself, switch positions until the amount of intensity you feel is lessened. As you try lessening your own desire, use your fingers to increase hers. Thrust slowly into the vagina while rubbing her clitoris at a fast pace with your fingers. 3. Speaking of foreplay, you can make the best of it when you want to delay orgasm. Go back and forth between intercourse and foreplay. Whenever you feel an orgasm coming on, quickly pull out and go for the 69 position. Whenever you feel an orgasm coming on from that, return to intercourse. Or, if she wants you to continue foreplay on her, change position and go back down on her while giving your own body a rest. 4. Learn about your own body and become aware of your own arousal thresholds. Quick masturbation leads to problems in the bedroom. If you get in the habit of coming too quickly during masturbation, you’ll repeat the habit during intercourse with your partner. There are different stages regarding male erection: lengthening, swelling, full,

and rigid. When your penis is rigid, ejaculation is close. Through experimentation, try to stay in the third stage for as long as you can. 5. Practice breathing techniques. Conscious breathing is a vital component in extended lovemaking. Rapid breathing only causes you to feel more excitement. Controlled breathing calms you and helps delay orgasm. When you put focus on your breathing, you won’t think about the sex so much, and will be able to stay calm. You can also exhale air out of your mouth to help release some tension. Once you are able to master these techniques, both you and your lady will be happy and content. You won’t ever have to worry about premature ejaculation again. You’ll be able to delay orgasm anytime you want! For even more secrets on lasting longer during sex, check out You can read hundreds of tips on how to drive your girl wild in bed!

Do You Want to Learn How to Delay Orgasm? Read These 5 Techniques!