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Unlock Blackberry Z3 Blackberry Z3, announced this February and yet to hit the market physically, is a 5” all-touch phone especially designed for Indonesian people. This is a stylish Smartphone with great features like a customized Indonesian experience, long-lasting battery, BlackBerry Hub and lots more. With a perfectly sleeked design, the phone is loaded with greater conveniences. The Blackberry hub is a one-stop place to check everything – work and personal emails, text messages, social media updates etc. You can additionally set filters to bring priority notifications up in the list. The social networking messaging app, BBM, allows voice and video chatting with screenshare. The keyboard is customized to understand what you type more frequently, and come up with those suggestions so that you type quickly and accurately. A built-in FM radio, easy sharing features and a seamless Internet browser are some other features that make Blackberry Z3 a perfect choice for Indonesians. Let’s get to the unlocking part. Hope you understand it? Well, unlocking means that you get your phone compatible for use with any network connection. When you’d initially purchase the Blackberry Z3 it will be locked for use with a specific network. To make it usable with any SIM worldwide, you’d need a uniquely identified 16-digit unlock code.

Let’s first understand why should you unlock your Blackberry Z3? Unlocking is important primarily because when you are flying abroad, you will be able to use a local SIM that’ll save your hefty roaming charges. The process is also 100% legal because if it weren’t, then so many third party agencies (selling unlock codes) would not have been operating online. Unlocking is beneficial for several other reasons. It increases your Blackberry Z3’s resale value, lets you use all data and voice features even after unlocking and is a quick onetime process. It is thus a great idea to unlock your phone because there is no reason to be compelled to stay with just one

network service forever. As you have multiple network providers up in the market, you’d sure want to take services from one of them for reasons like lower bills, better schemes etc. The process to unlock your Blackberry Z3! Take a look at the steps below.    

Dial *#06# from your keypad and obtain your Blackberry Z3’s IMEI number Visit: to get unlock code for Blackberry Z3 Place your order, where you’d mention the IMEI number, current network connection and email ID Make the payment and confirm the order

Once you complete these steps, the agency will send you back the 16-digit unlock code that you need to enter when you change the SIM of your device. While unlocking the Blackberry Z3 is simple and quick, however a few points still need to be kept in mind for unlocking to be successful. First and foremost is that you recheck your phone’s IMEI number carefully before placing the order. Secondly, it is critical that you check the number of remaining attempts to enter the unlock code. If the attempts left are ‘zero’, do not place the order. Last but not the least, mention the current network connection in your order and not the one you wish to use. If you follow the above ways, unlocking will be a cake-walk for you! Happy unlocking 

Unlock blackberry z3  

Here in this tutorial we will guide you how to unlock Blackberry Z3