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ABOUT OUR STAFF AND CURRICULUM Our warm and caring staff at St. Patrick School is devoted to academic excellence, Catholic traditions, and faith, as well as instilling a lifelong love of learning in our students. The administrators, priest, faculty, instructional aides, learning specialists, and school counselor collaborate to ensure that students receive the attention needed to be successful. Academic excellence and a strong Catholic identity set us. Our day is steeped in the Gospel message of Christ. We are fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We align our curriculum with National and California State Standards. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and nurture promising minds. Student collaboration, active learning, and differentiated instruction foster optimal and varied learning experiences

CURRICULUM HIGHLIGHTS RELIGION Daily religion classes ~ Daily Community Morning Prayer ~ Community service projects ~ Junior High Service Program ~ Student-prepared Liturgies ~ Sacrament preparation (2 and 8) ~ Buddy Program ~School-wide Clan Program ~ Altar Server Program

DIFFERENTIATED MATH PROGRAM Standard and accelerated math groups in grades 3–8 ~ Critical thinking skills ~ California Core Standards ~ Accelerated algebra in 8th ~ Strong foundation in basic skills and problem solving ~ Mathletics Program

LANGUAGE ARTS PROGRAM Step Up to Writing is a program that teaches critical skills such as writing topic sentences, editing, proofreading, and peer editing ~ These tools help students write well-structured essays and research papers ~ Spelling/vocabulary program ~ Emphasis grammar ~ Annual Speech Contest for grades 2-8 ~ Annual Spelling Bee for grades 4-6 ~ Creative writing and poetry in all grades ~ Research papers

READING PROGRAM In K to 3, our comprehensive reading program includes the Scott Foresman Reading series, a phonics series, and a spelling series. In the upper grades, trade books become the foundation for the study of literature, literary devices, and comprehension/essay questions. A separate spelling book is used for students in grades 4 and 5, while in grades 6-8, students use separate vocabulary books for word mastery. Reading Renaissance, a supplemental reading program, requires students to read daily. This program promotes reading

and comprehension. It is a helpful diagnostic tool, as well as a tool that keeps us apprised of the types of books and literature our students read. We have successfully incorporated the Reading Renaissance Program into our curriculum for 20 years. SOCIAL STUDIES PROGRAM Textbooks with technology components ~ Emphasis on study skills ~ CA Social Studies Standards ~ Geography and map skills ~ Research papers ~ Individual and group projects. Curriculum Maps: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th.

FINE ARTS PROGRAM Music instruction in grades K-8 ~ Introduction to Classical musicians ~ rhythm and dance activities ~ 4th grade Choir ~ Choral Festival participation ~ Recorder instruction ~ Formal and experiential art curriculum in grades 1-8 ~ Variety of mediums ~ art appreciation -

SCIENCE PROGRAM Two specialist teachers for grades K-3 and grades 4-8 ~ Hands-on demonstrations and labs - Integrated field trips - Emphasis on journal keeping and note-taking - State-of-the-art Science Lab - CA Science Standards

SPANISH Spanish is offered to students in the 7th and 8th grades ~ The program focuses on language proficiency and fluency ~ Students build a strong foundation by learning the relationship between letters and their sounds, vocabulary, pronunciation, and correct sentence construction

PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM Two PE teachers for grades K–8 ~ Separate PE for boys and girls in grades 68 ~ Lunch intramural program for grades 1-8 ~ Sequential skill development ~ Individual goal setting ~ Presidential Physical Fitness Program

TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM Laptop program for students in grades 1-8 ~ Integration with all curriculum areas ~ Emphasis on computer competencies ~ Emphasis on use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, iBooks, and iMovie ~ Interactive Projectors in grades 1-8 ~ I-Pad Cart ~ Technology Coordinator

LEARNING SPECIALISTS Collaboration with classroom teachers helps ensure that each child is successful and working to potential ~ enrichment opportunities ~ offers assistance to students individually or in small groups ~ develops accommodations or modifications to meet individual student needs ~ supports teachers who have students with special learning needs

THINKING CENTER PROGRAM Designed for students in Kindergarten through Second grade ~ Supports and extends learning for primary students in both math and reading ~ Collaborative games and tasks help students master basic facts, addition and subtraction, and reading for details and understanding.

SCHOOL LIBRARY Students visit the library weekly ~ automated school library contains over 5000 titles ~ librarian works closely with teachers to assist with research projects, and classroom themes ~ Reading Renaissance/Accelerated Reader Supplemental Reading Program ~ book selection is continuously expanded through new purchases

AFTER-SCHOOL CARE Extended Care includes both outdoor and indoor play, snack time, and supervised homework time. The KinderCare Program is offered daily in the Kindergarten classroom from dismissal until 3:10. The Extended Care Program is offered for all grades in the mornings from 7:15am to 8:00am and in the afternoons from 3:10pm until 6:00pm.

AFTER-SCHOOL ACADEMY PROGRAMS After-school classes, offered through the After School Academy are: golf, basketball, cards and crafts, jewelry-making. Other activities include: After-school Parish Choir - CYO athletics (basketball and volleyball) ~ After-school piano lessons are available.

TEAM BUILDING & FIELD TRIPS Throughout the year, St. Patrick School facilitates a number of age-appropriate outdoor education experiences: Sixth Grade: Walker Creek Outdoor Education ~ Seventh Grade: Marin Headlands field trip ~ Eighth Grade: Yosemite field trip. ~ In addition, during the second semester, the Jr. High Students participate in a program called “Extreme Wednesdays�. It fosters student interaction in grades 6-8 and provides challenging cooperative team-building experiences.

About our staff & curriculum