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My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

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By Jason C. Maxwell

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

Intro How will you market to your customers for Christmas? Well if you are waiting until now to read this it is a little bit too late. Today is Christmas day and your customers are enjoying time with their family. Did you miss some opportunities to market your services to them this year? What can you do to avoid this problem for next year? Market your business to your current customers. When you speak to your customers do you gather information from them? How many of your customers do you have email addresses for? You need to have every customer’s email address so that you can send them updates about your business. You can very inexpensively get an autoresponder service that will allow you to pre-load in email messages to your customers. I know people who have loaded several messages a month for the next two to three years.

Old Customers Market your business to your old customers. There are people that you have done business with in the past that you haven’t heard from in a long time. In some cases it may have been years. If you had a good relationship with these customers in the past contact them again and try to reestablish the relationship. Find out why they haven’t done business with you lately. Sometimes by asking the right questions you can repair a relationship that has been severed by a mistake you made in the past.

New Customers Market your business to new customers. When you go to Google and type in your subject where do you appear on the list of search results. Most companies would say that they don’t appear at all, or if they do appear it is several pages down where no one will see them. One way to get your information to the top of a search engine is to start a blog and post there regularly. When you make posts use keywords that help your customers find you.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

Make This Year Different If you want to be successful in business you need to market yourself over the next 12 months to all the customers in these three categories. To effectively do this, sit down over the next few days and draw up a strategic plan. When you start back to work in January hit the ground running. Make the next year the best year of your business so far.

Try Video Do you want to use video to promote your business? Video is a great way to promote your business online. Sites like YouTube and other social media sites have made it easy for business owners to get their media out there and get it seen by people who might be interested in their products and services. If you have a product or service that you would like to promote online then you need to read on. For just over a hundred bucks you can buy a Flip camera. Go on Ebay and you can find them. They are handy little cameras that get a great resolution. They make taking video easy and fun. They also come with an easy to learn editing software. If you want something a little more advanced you can always buy Camtasia. Camtasia is a piece of software that captures screen images from your computer and video images from a camera. You can mix these together, zoom in on things, add music and title slides all very easily. Camtasia has great tutorial videos on their site.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert Another great service you can use is a site called Animoto. Animoto is a website that allows you to upload pics and short video clips. It will take the images and allow you to add music. Then you select a theme and it will render out the video for you and make it all look very professional. You can add titles and subtitles to the images to really get your message across. The best thing about Animoto is that it’s free to make 30 second videos. If you want longer videos it’s about five dollars per month.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

Once you have gotten the images and edited them down you need to upload them to YouTube. Getting a YouTube account is free. All you need is a Google account and you can sign right in. When you get signed in it is very easy to upload your videos. When you upload your video make sure to write descriptions of what your video is about and put the proper keywords in so that people can find your videos online. Remember the internet runs on words, so put in the words that are most relevant to what your video is promoting.

Finish it‌ You have taken the video, edited it, and now it is live online. Now you just need to promote it via your site, social media, and through email. People will also find it on their own based on the keywords you have put in. Before you know it you will have interested customers calling you from the videos you have made. I have a super free resource that you are going to need if you want to move forward in building your online business. You can download this resource for free here This guide gives you all the resources that you need to make a lot of money online. I use these tools each and every day to make my living online. Without this list I would be lost.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

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