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My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

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By Jason C. Maxwell

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

Intro A few of you have contacted me and told me that you are interested in the methods that I use to promote businesses, but you don’t have your own business yet. What you want is a home based business. So I wrote this post to help you in that area. There are things you need to consider before you jump into the world of home business.

Business In Your PJ’s If you want to make a decent income and do it from the comfort of your living room then you have probably thought about having a business on the internet. With all the layoffs and companies that are closing I can imagine that a lot of people out there are thinking about having their own business and working from home. Before you jump into the world of owning your own business I think there are some questions that you should honestly ask yourself. Being in business for yourself is not always easy and there are often things that happen that you never expected. Working from home is great, but the point of working is to get a paycheck. To earn money so that you can pay your bills and do the things that you want to do in your free time. If you were to start a traditional business you might have to wait up to five years to actually start turning a profit. While doing business online can sometimes be faster than that you need to know how you are going to pay your bills until you start making a profit. Also with a home business you need to realize that there will be expenses. You need to have enough money saved to cover these costs and pay your bills for an extended period of time.

Learn As You Earn Learn as you earn, the other day I heard a webinar that talked about Amish businesses. In Lancaster county alone over a billion dollars of business is done every year. 95% of the Amish businesses that are started are successful. All this without the use of a car or the internet. One of the principles they talked about was “learn as you earn”. It is so easy to buy program after program and never make a dime. In

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

order to make money online you must put these ideas into practice and actually use the information you are given. Working from home can greatly interfere with your family life. In order to be successful at working from home you should let your family know that you have set hours in which you cannot be bothered. Depsite telling them this they will interrupt your workday. If you want to make this work thought you must learn how to politely decline their requests until you are “off work”. If you don’t learn how to say no then you will find that all the time you had planned to use to promote and grow your business will be eaten up by a million things that they need.

Don’t Forget Your Customers If you want to know the key to business success then I will give it to you right now…it’s all about customer service. Now if you look at all the rest of the articles I have written I talk mainly about promoting your business. That is what I am an expert in. There is no doubt without promotion you would not have a viable business. That being said when I go out and do consulting to try to help business owners I find that more times than not they are lacking in customer service. In fact I met one of my most recent customers because of his business and their lack of customer service. I needed my car to be serviced and so I pulled up and the mechanic told me to wait a minute and he would get to me. Forty five minutes later I was still sitting in my car and I was about to drive off. I had been to this shop before and knew the mechanic, if I hadn’t I would have driven off way before that.

This Was Funny When I had first pulled up this guy with long hair I had never seen before asked me if I needed anything. Since I didn’t know him I blew him off as a lackey and told him the mechanic was taking care of me. When this guy came back to my car 45 minutes later I was pissed and he recognized it. As it turns out this guy was the new owner of the business. They ended up taking real good care of me and now I recommend them to everybody, but they almost lost me.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

Quick And Easy Tips 1) Make sure they know who you are. This doesn’t mean you need to go around telling everyone you are the big cheese. But let it be known that no matter what their problem is you are there to take care of them. Often as bosses we forget that nothing should be beneath us. Especially when it comes to our customers. 2) Make sure you prod them with questions. Don’t expect them to even know fully what they need from you. Get in the habit of asking them the questions that get them to the point of understanding the products and services you have are really a great value. 3) Develop a friendship with your customers. Let them know that you are there for them and you are willing to give them special attention. Everyone loves to feel like they have a special connection with a company, be that connection.

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My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

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