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My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

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By Jason C. Maxwell

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

Intro Would you like to have ten thousand visitors that read what you have to say? Would you like to have loyal followers that are anxiously awaiting the next thing you post on your blog? Do you want people actually making comments and interacting on your site? Do you want all this to turn into a profit machine for you? Well of course the answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes. Anyone who has thought of having a business online would understand that all the things I just mentioned are positives for your business.

Less Than 3 Months! In less than three months I have had 10,000 people read my writing. Not only did I have all these people reading my writings, but if I do nothing else I will have about that many every three months from now on reading what I have already written. I did not start off with a list, a name that was well known in my industry or with a site that already had traffic. I did all of this from scratch. The truth of the matter is that I employed one additional technique that most likely boosted that number from 10k to at least 100k. I am sure you are interested now in what it is that I did?

Article Marketing I used article marketing. I made a goal for myself to write two articles a day for 100 days. This seemed like a ridiculous goal at the time, but I completed it. Today marks my 100th day, and I actually have just over 200 articles published now online. Here are my hints that will help you be successful in article marketing. Write articles that are 400-450 words in length. Write articles that are easy to read, most people online scan documents they don’t read them fully. Write articles that have an intro, three main points and a closing. Each paragraph can be 2-4 sentences long. Once you have the article post it on your blog, then post it to Ezine Articles.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

It Happens Fast…so get ready It won’t take you long before you will start to see your numbers snowballing. I remember being so excited when one thousand people had read my stuff. Now I am past 10,000 and the number goes up every single day. If I stopped now it would just continue to drive targeted traffic to me. This is a no brainer, get started today.

More About Your OWN Site So you have a website and you keep hearing people talk about things like keywords, search engine optimization and html. It all sounds like a lot of computer nerd talk to you. What you know how to do well is provide a product or service for your customers. At the same time you know that the most effective use of your advertising dollar is online. So how do you take your knowledge of your business and translate it over into sales on your website or customers generated that will walk in your doors?

$1 Million dollar site…no traffic You can spend a million dollars on a website, but if you don’t have any one visit the site it will do you no good! No matter how pretty and flashy your site is unless it brings you customers and sales it is pointless. When given the choice between a pretty website and a site that generates revenue, the savvy business person will always choose the latter. If you want traffic you need to make your site friendly with all the search engines. The first step to doing this is by figuring our which keywords work best for your business. Step one: go to Google and type in “Google Keyword External” click on the first link and sign in. This is a free service provided by Google that will tell you the number of people who are searching for certain keywords and keywords phrases.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

It’s All About The Keywords… Type in words and phrases associated with your business. You will see a list appear that shows you your phrases and similar phrases. You will also see how many people are searching for those phrases each month. Try to pick out five to ten phrases that all fall within the 10-200k searches per month range. Now you will take these keywords and put them throughout your site. The first place you should start is your URL. Instead of “” a much better URL would be “” because the keyword phrase “Atlanta GA Dentist” is likely to be very popular. Put your keywords in your URL, add a “the” to the front of the URL if you have to or a “pro” or some other suffix to the end of the URL if your keyword phrase is taken. Having a keyword rich URL is a key to great SEO. Make the text on your site keyword rich as well. When it comes to the web your site is ranked by the search engines totally on words. So make sure the words you use are ones that will bring the right people to your site.

I have a super free resource that you are going to need if you want to move forward in building your online business. You can download this resource for free here This guide gives you all the resources that you need to make a lot of money online. I use these tools each and every day to make my living online. Without this list I would be lost.

My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketing

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