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How to Find Drivers for an HP Scanjet C7670A Scanner The HP Scanjet C7670A, also known as the HP Scanjet 6300c scanner, requires small files known as drivers to properly communicate with your computer. Finding the correct drivers for a computer accessory can be difficult if a product is older or rare. Most companies that produce computer peripherals provide the hp drivers for download from their website. Drivers should be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, if possible, to ensure that they are written correctly and do not contain malicious software

Instructions 1. Navigate to the HP website. The HP Scanjet C7670A scanner is produced by Hewlett-Packard, which offers official files for their products through their website. 2. Click on the "Support & Drivers" link in the middle of the page, near the top. 3. Click the option button next to the phrase "Download drivers and software (and firmware)." This will allow you to access the search box located lower on the page. 4. Enter the common name of the scanner, HP Scanjet 6300C, or the serial number, C7670A, into the search box and click the "Go" button to the right of the box. A list of scanners sharing the name or serial number you have entered will appear. Select the most applicable choice. The next page will list all of the drivers available for your product.

How to find drivers for an hp scanjet c7670a scanner