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Traffic X-Ray Review plus BONUS Value $5,000 The WP Plugin will allow you to create unlimited redirect campaigns based on the visitor location. This allows you to redirect a customer to a specific offer whether it is CPA, Click bank, Amazon products or any other offer you are promoting.

Also, you can split test your campaigns, meaning you can test different offers with countries for maximum conversions. This is especially powerful for CPA campaigns.

Traffic X-Ray Download Link Traffic X-Ray is the FIRST Word press Plugin ever created that is not only a simple "Redirect" Plugin. But it is also a plugin that allows you to know WHERE your traffic is coming from and that allows you to funnel the incoming traffic to any offers that you want.

For example, for ONE Traffic X-Ray link, you can redirect the traffic coming from Canada and USA to the main offer that you want to promote and the traffic coming from Spain & Chile to another offer (for example a Spanish one).

This is especially useful when you are working with CPA offers. Many CPA offers restrict their offers to certain countries. And this is where the ingenious Traffic X-Ray plugin does a fantastic job of redirecting the traffic where you want.

Oh... also, Traffic X-Ray allows you to SPLIT TEST all of your campaigns. So that way, you can even determine which country performs the most for a particular offer.

For example, after split testing a home business offer by allowing only the traffic from Canada and USA to see your offer, maybe that people from USA converts the best. Maybe people from Canada convert the best!

WP Traffic X-Ray can be useful for so much more stuff if you permit your imagination to take place.

This is simply the best Word press redirector that I've ever seen! I think that you must already realize how much Traffic X-Ray is awesome buy now!

Traffic X-Ray Download Link For those of you interested in Traffic X-ray I have a bonus for you. This is a never seen before bonus valued at over $5,000. To get instant access to the bonus email me at

Below you will see exactly what’s inside. See you on the other side thanks.

Traffic X-Ray Download Link

Traffic X Ray-Don't Buy Traffic X-Ray SEE WHY?  

Traffic X-Ray Review : The WP Plugin will allow you to create unlimited redirect campaigns based on the visitor location. This allows you to...

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