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AdSense Firestorm Review plus NeverSeen-Before BONUS! Any marketer that is interested in increasing the CTR on their AdSense website should be taking a look at AdSense Firestorm. This is an all-in-one plugin that allows you to skyrocket your AdSense earnings fast on any Word Press theme. If you're tired of making a dollar a day from AdSense and are ready to move on to the next level, this is the one tool that should be added to your arsenal to finally make it happen.

AdSense Firestorm Features

 Make more money  Fast results

    

Protect your site Easy to use Use any theme Works with Google, not against it Long term business

Make More Money

If you're already using AdSense on your site, or are planning on developing some websites using the AdSense business model, you'll want to see maximum revenues streaming in on a regular basis. This plugin has the potential to raise the earnings on a site from $30 up to $170 without any extra traffic or effort on your part.

The plugin allows you to finely tune your ads using a special technique called CTR Crusher, which rotates and randomizes the ad positions. Using the Search Siphon feature you can transform your default word Press

Search into a search engine with Google AdSense ads shown in the results.

Also, a search box is loaded at the bottom of every content page allowing visitors to look for more results. If the viewer didn't find exactly what he was looking for in the content, he is given the option of using the search box instead of hitting the back button. Every visitor that uses this search box will find themselves on a new page showing loads of targeted AdSense ads. This is a powerful feature that can increase revenues up to 300% or more.

Fast Results

The AdSense Firestorm plug-in works quickly so that you can end up seeing results usually within a week's time. For most people the waiting time involved in building up a Google AdSense empire has been the most frustrating part of the business. This plugin eliminates the waiting

time and gives you back control over your websites and the way you manage your own AdSense business.

Protect your site

The Firestorm plugin turns the AdSense model back into the long-term business model that it was once supposed to be. Many webmasters have lost their AdSense accounts due to click bombing of their ads and have lost their entire source of income in the process. When you use this plugin you'll be protected from click bombing, keeping your AdSense account in good standing.

Easy to use

This is an all-in-one AdSense solution that can be set up in less than five minutes. Simply install the plugin on your existing site and watch the conversions increase within a few days’ time.

Use any theme

Never has an AdSense plugin been developed that can be used on any type of theme. This gives more flexibility to users that prefer one theme over another, but still require additional features to get the most out of their AdSense conversions.

Works With Google - Not Against It

The problem that most webmasters face when dealing with AdSense is that they are working against Google instead of with it. The AdSense Firestorm plugin provides a time-delayed campaign start so that any potential issues with Google over new site checks are eliminated. You can also decide how much content will show on your pages or posts before any Google ads are displayed. This shows Google that you respect their new Google Panda update and are committed to only showing ads when there is enough content available to merit it.

The AdSense Firestorm plugin allows you to build up a profitable long-term business using AdSense without worry. With higher CTR, protection for your website and quick results, this is a plugin that finally gives you the chance to establish profitable AdSense websites the way Google wants to see them.

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Adsense Firestorm-Must See Adsense Firestorm Review  

Adsense Firestorm Must See Adsense Firestorm Review Plus Bonus.

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