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Contact Details/ Crew List Production Title: Duracell Advert Client: Duracell Date: 13/2/14

Thomas Tallis School What will this location be used for? Thomas Tallis School will be used for two locations in my shoot. I will be using for the photography section as it has a darkroom and an outside area. This is suitable because it is somewhere local where there are usually seagulls flying about which will help with my outside scene. It may not be the best location for bird spotting but it’s the most local and has regular sighting of birds. I will use mainly medium to long shots for this scene as I can get a good view of the actor and the action he is doing, also getting a view of the background as it doesn’t give much evidence that it is a school when looking at

a certain angle. For shooting in the dark room I will use mainly medium to close up shots so I can Possible problems with the location When looking at the location, we can already tell that it is a school as there are railings surrounding the school. When filming, I will need to make sure they are not that visible in the shot. Also the fact it being a school means the sound of other students may be heard so I will need to be filming during a period when the actor and I don’t have any lessons. Main Points: 1. Railings in to background making the shot seem less believable. 2. Other students being out during filming being noisy and disruptive. 3. Road surrounding the school, which could get relatively loud.

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