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Contact Details/ Crew List Production Title: Duracell Advert Client: Duracell Date: 13/2/14

Dover Patrol What will this location be used for? Dover Patrol will be used for two scenes; the first scene will be of the gaming scene where the subject will be sat on the sofa. The second scene will be the computer scene where the subject will be using the computer. This is a good location because it is a house, which has suitable lighting and a homely environment. I will be mainly using medium close up shots for both scenes because most shots will be facing the front of the actor. I will use a few close ups to show facial expressions of the subjects. Possible problems with the location

Looking at this location from knowledge of the location, I have to beware when filming that neighbors can be loud so filming would have to be during times when neighbors aren’t being loud or are not in. The home may have family photos so I would want to make sure that those photos are hidden for confidentiality. The owner of the house also owns a dog so we will have to make sure the dog does not disrupt filming. Main Points: 1. Noisy neighbors interrupting filming. 2. Owners pet making sounds and being in the film. 3. Privacy for family owners.

Duracell location recce house  
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