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Tips to make a great Photo Montage


What is Photo Montage ? Photo montage is an art. Colors are important in photo montage. It can be a gift in many occasions like birthday, anniversaries, etc. It allows you to express your creativity.

Tips to create Photo Collage Theme Colors Border Layout Size of the Photos

Theme Choose a theme that best matches your photo. For e.g. in making a birthday collage you could choose photos highlighting the past years of a person’s life.

Colors Arrange the collage properly in order to match the flow of colors properly. Don’t put colors next to each other that clashes down each other out. Use contrasting colors.

Border To add an extra accent to your collage add a border or frame the collage. It makes the collage professional and fancy.

Layout It is one of the most important parts. Photos can be laid down side by side organized in rows much like a photo album or could put them randomly in a collage. You can also do a combination of both of thee layouts.

Size of the Photos Choosing photo size is very important. Different sizes photos can be used Smaller photos can be arranged randomly.

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Tips in making photo montage  

This pdf is made by generating the ideas in making photo montage.

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