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How to Create Attractive Leaflets


What is a Leaflet ? • It is the most effective marketing techniques. • Leaflets must be eye catching to the recipient.

• Leaflets must force the reader to take action.

Ideas for Leaflet Design • • • • •

Professional in Appearance. Attractive Headline. Use of Short Sentences. Inclusion of Power Words. Inclusion of Images.

Professional in Appearance • Leaflet design is an impression grabber. • It better markets your products and services. • A Differentiator from others.

Attractive Headline • Headlines motivate readers. • Must be unique. • Makes no use of business name or product category as the headline.

Use of Short Sentences • Long sentences are time consuming for the readers. • Neglecting appearance comes to the readers.

• Makes use of short sentences, bullet points.

Inclusion of Power words • Use words good at attracting readers attention. • Words must make the readers excited.

• Words may be like exciting, exclusive, bonus etc.

Inclusion of Images • Focus your message with pictures. • Pictures speaks lot. • Careful of using relevant images.

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Leaflet Design Ideas  
Leaflet Design Ideas  

This pdf is made by generating the ideas for leaflet design.