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How to Get Google Authorship?

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What is Google Authorship? At first you should know what do you mean by Google Authorship? Google Authorship is an identity from Google. It display’s a photo on left side of the search result. It is the most helpful technique to increase search engine traffic. Recently a survey proved that 60% of people are paying attention to click the search result with an image on its side. So the question arrives that from what place Google shows those photos? Google collects it from your Google+ Profile. So you need to create a Google Plus profile with good quality picture. Let us see how the professional SEO company in India is using Google authorship technique to increase their click through rate ?

Why you should be a Google Verified Author?

It helps to increase the personal brand of the author by enhancing the visibility of the author’s photo.

It helps to increase your conversion rate. And another point is people are 5 times more likely to click on a link with a Google verified author photo. So you can get huge visitors if you are a Google verified author.

Procedure of Google Authorship?

Create a Google Plus account and setup profile. Add your web page link to Google Plus profile. Add your Google plus profile link in your website Fill in the “Contributor To” section of your Google Plus profile.

Add the Google+ profile button to your site.

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How to Get Google Verified Authorship?  

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