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All About The Blackberry Bold 9000 - Unlock Blackberry Bold _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Sason Gono -

Originally released only to AT&T subscribers, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 took many users by storm. While the primary complaint was lack of network coverage, Unlock Blackberry Bold AT&T has been working to improve coverage since around the time the Bold 9000 was released. Some users have expressed noticeably greater signal strength in areas previously known to be "dead zones".

The Bold 9000 has many features working in its favor. For instance, the faux leather case created a nearly scratch-proof phone, helping it to keep that brand new look for users who took at least decent care of the device. On top of that, the chrome border around the edges helped it look sleek, but not

over-bearing. With a full-QWERTY keyboard, the phone provided a business-friendly and consumerfriendly option, making texting and emailing a breeze. The phone is not all perfect, however. With the release of more powerful phones that are actually smaller in size, the Bold 9000 looks like a giant next to some of them. Depending on the user, this is either a positive or a negative. Some users enjoy the large size due to the ease of use for texting and typing, while others would prefer to have a smaller phone to carry in their pocket during the day. Additionally, the mute button on the top of the device is extremely prone to breaking and with newer BlackBerry OS versions, this is a major pain as the mute button is also the unlock button.

On top of that, some of the design elements are plastic, making them crack or break more easily. With proper care, the phone will last a couple of years without much problem, but with how often devices are used, a single drop could cause the plastic to break and/or the cheap paint to start chipping and peeling. A major complaint most smartphone users had was the lack of WiFi on their device. The Bold 9000 came standard with WiFi, and was also one of the first 3G smartphones on the market. The availability of WiFi was a major selling point alone, and this alone caused some smartphone users to switch to AT&T simply to use the Bold 9000.

With the release of the iPhone, BlackBerry has almost taken a backseat in the smartphone market, but with the release of a flip, slider, and touchscreen phone, BlackBerry does not plan to walk away anytime soon. Regardless of your desired features, chances are you can find a BlackBerry device that fits your wants and needs - unless of course you want the Apple brand.

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