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Soini Soini is a small, beautiful country town in Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland. Soini’s nearest cities are Seinäjoki and Alajärvi. There are a few lakes and lots of fields, farms and forests in Soini. There are also a couple of small villages called Keisala, Hautakylä, Kukonkylä and Laasala. There are about 2,300 people living in Soini. Sadly, the amount is constantly decreasing because of urbanization. Our school is in the town centre. It’s the main school in Soini, but we also have one smaller town school in the village of Hautakylä. Our school is called Soini’s Comprehensive School. That means we have an elementary school and a junior high school in the same building. In Soini, there’s one pizzeria called Urfalim. Its’ owner is from Turkey. We also have a library and a few stores here, for example, a

bookstore/studio called Studio Ahti. They are both located in the center of the town . In addition, we have an old, beautiful wooden church on top of a hill. It’s the core of our town. Soini’s Comprehensive School Soini’s Comprehensive School is located in the center of Soini. The school consists of an uppersecondary school (classes 7-9) and an elementary school (classes 16), which function in the same building. There are 214 pupils and 20 teachers in the school. There are two buildings in the school area, a main building and a side building. In the side building, there is a home economics class, an art class and a handwork class. In the school yard, we have a big soccer field. In the main building, there is a big gym. In the main building, there are two floors and 14 classrooms. School brakes last 15 minutes. During the breaks, we have to go outside. It is the time to hang out with friends. Elementary school students eat at 10.30 a.m. and upper-secondary students eat at 11.40 a.m. We also have a chance for a snack later in the afternoon. At our school, we also have a few past time clubs. For example, an Italian club, sports club and music club. We have a staff team that works to prevent bullying in our school. The team handles all the bulling cases noticed at school.

Things to do in Soini Soini is a beautiful little town surrounded by forests and lakes. Therefore, there are a lot of outdoor opportunities. The nature here is pure and diverse. Many locals enjoy hunting, fishing and trekking. There are also good facilities for sports in Soini. There is a small slalom center called Vuorenmaa and also a small swimming pool and a gym. Moreover, we have an outdoor sports field, which is locates near the center of the town. We also have a good skiing terrain in the woods. You just have to be aware of the wild bears. Many of the young people like to hang out in a local youth center.

Soini, Finland  
Soini, Finland  

A short description of a Finnish town called Soini.