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Whitsunday Anglican School

A View of our Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019

Our School Whitsunday Anglican School offers a wide variety of quality curricular and co-curricular activities, designed to develop the ‘whole person’, with a caring Christian ethos. Set on ten hectares, the School is located less than ten minutes’ drive from the heart of the city. Whitsunday Anglican School, established in 1988, is a co-educational day and boarding school for local and overseas students. The modern classrooms, well maintained grounds and outdoor sporting facilities are features of the School. Vision Statement Learning through Love, Living by Faith, Leading with Service School Mission Within a framework of Christian values provide an engaging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for the individual.

The Vision for the School in 2015 - 2019 will enable boys and girls to achieve their success through a broad-based education. •

Emphasise the development of Character and Leaderhip Learning

Achieve outstanding academic results

Pursue excellence and require involvement in a wide-ranging and adaptive curricula program, rich in technology, utilising current technological practices

Provide students with the diversity of experiences needed to develop as well-rounded individuals

Encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Foster creativity and participation in the Arts and sport

Employ high quality, committed and innovative educational staff

Provide excellent boarding facilities and programs with caring and professional staff to serve the needs of regional Australia and the international context

Increase student enrolments from Kindergarten to Year 12 to full capacity of 850 students

Maintain an open-entry enrolment policy which reflects the traditions of the School, with scholarship and bursary entry opportunities

Provide the class sizes, facilities and an environment required to support an outstanding education

Maintain fee structures which are competitive and sustainable

Explore and implement, where practicable, environmental sustainability principles and practices in the development, maintenance and management of Whitsunday Anglican School facilities

Value and foster Whitsunday Anglican School Old Scholar’s Association and its boarding and community connections

Culture and Heritage •

Our Anglican heritage and traditions

Our atmosphere which is committed to: Christianity, Tolerance, Excellence, Dignity, and Trust

Excellence in boys’ and girls‘ education

Challenging and enriching academic programs that achieve outstanding success for the development of the students in the middle range, as well as catering for the needs of the most able academically and those in need of personalised learning support

Achievement measured by a student’s desire to pursue excellence through sustained application and the ensuing breadth of his/her character and accomplishments

An education including cultural diversity with passage beyond the academic life of each student into sport, art, music, drama, debating and House activities

A commitment to social justice and service to others

Training and experiences in character and leadership, including Outdoor Education, House and School activities

Boarding from Years 5 to 12

Enduring connections between our School and its Old Scholars

The Six Key Strategic Drivers •

Student: Learning and Teaching

Global Citizenship and Pastoral Care

Character and Leadership Learning (CaLL)

Boarding Life


Community Engagement

Buildings, infrastructure and grounds will be in a consolidation phase during the next five years.

Student Learning and Teaching At Whitsunday Anglican School we: •

Excel at educating young men and women of diverse academic backgrounds in a modern, progressive and vibrant educational environment

Develop an atmosphere in which academic excellence is an expectation

Develop research-based learning where innovative pedagogy is maintained

Our Teaching and Learnng Strategies are: •

Focused on practical educational applications arising from research into boys’ and girls‘ education

Instilling the attitude in all that excellence is about achieving one’s personal best

Building the development of academic excellence (including rigor) and having many enriching challenges within the curriculum of the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools

Collaborative and progressive so that our School culture becomes inspiring and attractive to educators

Intended to develop a culture of ongoing reflection and evaluation of our curriculum and teaching styles

Students of Whitsunday Anglican School Whitsunday Anglican School students are confident and energetic participants who demonstrate our core values of Christianity, Tolerance, Excellence, Dignity, and Trust. Whitsunday Anglican School students are successful young boys and girls who take advantage of the many opportunities available to them. They understand the meaning and value of service to others and are optimistic about the future. In educating Whitsunday Anglican School students, the School seeks to: •

Develop character

Value commitment, success and the capacity to stand fast in the face of adversity

Recognise and reward success, in terms of demonstrated excellence and sustained application

Encourage innovation and breadth

Foster the traditions of the community and the School

Students of Whitsunday Anglican School Achievement for every student is interpreted in many ways including: •

Working to the best of his/her ability to reach his/her highest standard of academic performance

Demonstrating a strong character evident in his/her development of faith, commitment to compassion for others and service to the community

Reflecting on personal growth and formulating strategies for future development

Developing enduring friendships

The individual academic performance of students is evaluated according to their capacity to: •

Demonstrate sustained excellence and effort

Improve their levels of achievement of the learning outcomes of their courses

Add value to their previous performances

Achieve realistic academic goals and realise the potential suggested by educational testing

Overall academic performance at Whitsunday Anglican School is measured by: •

The standard of the median results achieved across all the School’s students across all year levels

The number of students who graduate with personal outstanding results

The number of students who progressively improve their academic performance

The number of individual students who achieve their personal academic goals

Global Citizenship and Pastoral Care Whitsunday Anglican School embraces Christian ministry based on scripture, tradition and reason. Our vision and commitment to practical action is defined in ‘Being Anglican’ for Anglican schools in the Diocese of North Queensland. We integrate the academic, social and religious dimension of the School’s curriculum so that an atmosphere of learning through love, living by faith and leading with service pervades the culture of the School and has real meaning in the lives of the boys and girls. At Whitsunday Anglican School we: •

Embed all aspects of the Anglican Vision Statement for school into the life of Whitsunday Anglican School and its wider community

Affirm the Christian foundation of the School in an intelligent manner through a wide variety of curricula, liturgical and pastoral approaches which demonstrate sensitivity, respect and tolerance for the diverse nature of the Whitsunday Anglican School community

Support and nurture all aspects of a student’s life - spiritual, physical, social, emotional and academic, through positive relationships and effective programs

Maintain synergies with the local community, churches, businesses, community agencies and educational institutions to enable a support network based on reciprocity

Our Global Citizenship and Pastoral Care Strategies are: •

Providing Service Learning activities and overseas trips, fundraising for various communities

Offering Study of Languages, and cultural activities

Offering International Student Exchange program

Able to create and maintain programs to ensure students develop a sense of identity and growth as they develop independence and interdependence

Community Relations and Development Goals Our Community Relations and Development Strategies are: •

Building a vibrant whole school Community Relations program to encourage voluntary and service activity

Creating a development program that is resourced to support and achieve the goals in community relations and development

Growing the Old Scholar Association (OSA) as an important part of the School’s organisational fabric

Exploring and developing Indigenous links


Whitsunday Anglican School is an evolving learning community which values tradition, regular cycles of critical evaluation and a commitment to educational innovation. •

Providing a Christian environment, in the Anglican tradition, that guides the daily operations of the School and influences its tone and culture

Providing a challenging and enriching curriculum through which students are called on to pursue critical thinking and problem solving in a variety of contexts developing academic independence

Developing accomplished, well-resourced and inspirational staff, committed to the students and imbued with a strong ethos of service, professional learning and responsibility

Creating a breadth of opportunity for individuals and groups so that all students may gain from a well-rounded education

Boarding Boarding is integral to the culture of Whitsunday Anglican School and remains significant to its future. We enjoy serving the needs of Mackay and the regional community and we know that our School is enriched by the boys and girls from these communities becoming part of our School. Boarding provides the School with students from many backgrounds and this adds to its character and allows it to provide an interesting living and educational environment. The School serves the needs of rural, expatriate and international students. At Whitsunday Anglican School we: •

Integrate our boarding students into all school programs

Are committed to our boarding school becoming a first choice for boys and girls from rural areas of our region

Market the School and its boarding opportunities and facilities in the national and international arenas

Expect our boarding experience to nurture lifelong friendships

Boarding Our Boarding Strategies are: •

Actively developing programs that are academic, social and recreational to ensure our boarding is educationally satisfying and exciting for students

Creating a happy boarding environment where celebration and relaxation are part of the rhythm of boarding life

Providing emotional support for the boys and girls while they are away from home

Marketing boarding in a personal manner to regional and international communities

Profile for Whitsunday ANGLICAN SCHOOL

A View of our Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019  

A View of our Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019