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Jasmine Ting

Graphic Designer & Illustrator portfolio 2014

CONTENTS Traditional Illustration 04 The Woodland Animals An Alphabet Book

Digital Illustration 11 Tuition Website Web Content Design & Illustration

14 Kids in the Kitchen Educational Brochure Design

Branding & Packaging 18 Lemon Deli Branding & Packaging

26 Betty Crocker Cake Mix Packaging Redesign

Advertising Campaign 30 Sanitarium Marmite 36 NZOPERA “Lady of the Camellias� Page 3


Woodland Animals Alphabet Book I am particularly interested in children’s illustration, from traditional medias such as watercolour, gouache, oil pastel, colour pencil to digital medias such as illustrator.

Traditional Illustration

“The Woodland Animals Alphabet Book” is a student project. The brief was to produce a fourteen-page or more book on any desired subject with any medium we prefer, whether it be photography, illustration or other. The content can be selfwritten or sourced. I have always wanted to be a children’s book illustrator so I chose to illustrate and write my own children’s book. The book introduces a letter of the alphabet by introducing a woodland creature and it’s favourite activity in autumn, and the book follows the lives of these woodland creatures until it reaches winter.

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Digital Illustration

Tuition Website Icon Illustration I was commissioned to design and illustrate icons for the website of a local newly established, Auckland based tuition company. The company aims to be seen as friendly, bright, young and professional, and most importantly, stand out from other local tuition companies, whose image remain quite traditional.

Icons drawn in illustrator. Each representing a small description Top three: Friendly Tutors, Better Grades, Affordable Pricing Bottom three: One on One lessons, Pair Lessons, Group Lessons.

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Monochromatic School Subject Icons drawn in illustrator. Left has no drop shadow, right is with drop shadow.

Kids in the Kitchen Brochure This is a student project. “Kids in the Kitchen� is an education brochure distributed by the Ministry of Health to promote healthy eating among young children. The brochure provides three simple recipes for children and their parents to cook together.

We were given the text content and variable data for the brochure, and we had to design the layout & graphics in order to represent the information clearly and appeal to the target audience which is children aged 5-8. All graphics were designed by me and drawn in Adobe Illustrator. (Logo was given to us, and grassfield background was sourced from Internet). Page 17

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Lemon Deli For this student project, we were to choose a range of products and design it’s logo, packaging and any other relevant materials.

Branding &Packaging

Lemon Deli is a fictitious deli & cafe located in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. The brand aims to appeal to young, working professionals who are health & environmentally conscious and are often on-the-go. The personality of the brand is inspired by the down-to-earth nature of the everyday kiwi. The name “Lemon Deli� was chosen because lemons are zesty with a lively, eye-catching colour, and is a relatable everyday kitchen companion. With the target audience in mind, the brand uses recycled paper for its packaging and labeling which is not only economic and environmentally sustainable, it also gives the brand a vintage, down-to-earth feel.

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Betty Crocker Cake Mix For this student project, we were to redesign the packaging for an existing fast-moving-consumer-good product. I chose to redesign the cake mix from “Betty Crocker”.

Betty Crocker is a fictional character established in the 1910’s - 20’s by the Washburn-Crosby Company as a marketing strategy. Women would call in or write to “Betty” for baking tips and advices. And in 1936, the company illustrated the famous “Betty” and this face has since evolved with time. However the Betty figure is not apparent on the current packaging. The idea is to bring back the Betty Figure, making the product more personal and interesting, while honoring the Betty Crocker tradition. To match the 50’s theme, I illustrated the “new Betty” with pencil and coloured it in with Adobe Photoshop, and added an aged effect. The lettering for “Sunny Lemon” was also illustrated in pencil then scanned and traced in Adobe Illustrator.

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Sanitarium Marmite For this student project, we were to design the campaign materials for a brand or organisation of our choosing, this includes: adshel poster, billboard and promotional card. I have chosen to design the promotional campaign for “Marmite” by Sanitarium. Due to the earthquake damage in 2012, a substantial amount of profit was lost due to the discontinuation of the product. To remedy this, Sanitarium has decided to launch a campaign which aims to boost sales and re-establish it’s “Kiwi favourite” image.

Advertising Campaign

The tag line “Fuel for our Nation”­—paired with the image of a child dressed as a recognisable “Kiwi hero” serves to engage local audiences and promote “Marmite” as the energy food behind New Zealand’s success. The target audience would be “everyday Kiwis” age raging from 12 - 45, this include children who may look up to these kiwi heroes, to adults who perhaps grew up with the brand. The income bracket for this product is low to mid-high working class, who will most likely have a family and shop for breakfast items on a weekly basis.

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Adshel Poster “Peter Jackson Baby” Page 35

Billboard “Ever-Swindell Twin Babies”






Contact Number





Who is this Kiwi Hero?

* Competition Terms & Conditions Only the person who originally entered the Promotion can be awarded the prize (‘the Winner’). The Winner will be determined in the manner set out in the Promotion Terms and Conditions – if not specified then as determined by the Promoter who shall for this purpose be deemed the Judge. The Judge’s determination of the Winner will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Winner will be notified by email, phone (voice or text) or mail and must be available for the preparation of all publicity that may be required by MediaWorks.


When I was little, I wanted to be



Fold over promotional card. Top: Cover Bottom: Inside

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NZOPERA Campaign This was a group project between me and three others (Rhys Evans, Yuan Zhang and Cindy Chan). I was responsible for the overall concept, image editing and pop-up display. For this brief, we were given a pitch scenario where groups compete for NZOPERA’s upcoming campaign in an attempt to attract younger clientele. We were to decide ourselves our target audience, our marketing strategy and promotional materials. Our group came first place for this pitch.

Through research, we concluded that our target audience is mainly female, and by extension we are targeting the younger group of students and young working professionals. These young, modern females are typically interested in movies, night outs, events and festivals, so they are always on the look out for new events to attend. With our target audience in mind, we decided to present our campaign as a feminine and fashionable event. Our main attraction would be a pop up display of a “Paper flower wall” in public areas such as downtown Britomart or in front of the Auckland Art Gallery, along with posters, flyers, and ticket/voucher. Our chosen Opera to base our campaign on was “Lady of the Camellias”, a story the modern “Moulin Rouge” was loosely based on.

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This poster was done by me in Photoshop. I took photographs the paper flowers I had made and collaged it with the woman’s face. The woman’s face was Photoshopped from NZOPERA’s original promotional images.

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A mock-up of the paper flower installation I made.

Contact ph. 021 1496 080 email.

Portfolio 2014 by Jasmine Ting  
Portfolio 2014 by Jasmine Ting  

Graphic Design & Illustration Portfolio 2014