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In the stillness, in the silence, I rest.

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Style & Beauty


22 Ask Ruby Girl Lindsey Herzog’s faith, fashion and favourite colors!

8 No Show or Go Slow? Bombarded with suitors’ offers, is it sensible to wait for God’s will or not?

46 How To Keep Your Hands Looking Beautiful! Great tips for beautiful hands!

18 Steps to Hope Hope to counter depression, guilt and shame.


34 The Beauty in This Moment Great thoughts for the here and now!

Healthy Eating

8 42 How do You Count Your Worth? A challenge to focus on the One who really matters.

12 Almond Joy Bites Delicious balls of rolled almonds in coconut. Healthy too!


48 Atheist No More A personal journey from atheism and alcoholism to freedom in Christ.





14 Start Small Practical tips for starting a business.

30 Flowers For Mama Encouragement, helpful resources and information for single mothers.



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36 Falling For Autumn Great ideas for creating an inviting home this Autumn!

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No Show or Go Slow? Bombarded with suitors’ offers and advice from well meaning counsellors, is it sensible to wait for God’s will or not? By Nadia Wellington



Okay, so I’m beginning to think that there’s some hidden message, imprinted somewhere beneath the epithelium of my forehead. And it seems everyone but me has the superhuman ability to read it. That has to be the reason why, of late, I’ve been bombarded with the “girl like you need a man”, “can we get to know each other deeper”, “I’d have a baby with you” and other not so PG (parental guidance) one-liners. I must be inadvertently advertising my single status. In addition to offers from would-be “suitors”, I’ve received the occasional unsolicited counsel from those who believe my time is very surely running out. And with all the different angles and approaches, the advice essentially goes back to this: get married before it’s too late. Thank God He alone orders my steps. For me it boils down to this: maintaining a single status for the rest of my life or meeting and marrying the man of my dreams (clichéd? Who cares! It’s true ). The former is not preferable (like, really not); but if the man is in fact a “no show”, then (deep breath) there’s probably a good reason why. Easy to accept? Um … no; but what I’ve learned to accept and appreciate is that God knows more about what I need than I do. Experience taught me that. What I’ve also come to realize is that true fulfillment can only be found in Christ.

I can almost see the rolled eyes. There was a time when my reaction was the same. I mean, who knows best exactly what I want or need? Um … me. Hello? But recently I discovered a term; God-sized void. At the time I didn’t know that that was the reason why I still felt empty. There’s a space in my heart (and yours for that matter) that no one else but God can fill.

In addition to offers from would-be “suitors”, I’ve received the occasional unsolicited counsel from those who believe my time is very surely running out. And with all the different angles and approaches, the advice essentially goes back to this: get married before it’s too late.



My first love should be Christ. Every other relationship is secondary. If my relationship with Him is rocky, then all others will be challenged at best. So I have to sort out ours first. I’m not at the level of intimacy I desire; but it’s getting there. And the closer I get to God the more content and at peace I feel in my singleness. There’s no desperation. No depression. No anxiety over trying to find a man before (as I’ve been often warned) things “dry up”. If God does not allow it, then His purpose for my life will still be a fulfilling and enriching experience. Now, if Mr. Right-For-Nadia is actually on a divinely-orchestrated “go-slow”, I patiently (and happily) wait . God’s timing is perfect. I can’t stress how much so. Didn’t always acknowledge that fact, of course, but I believe that with my whole heart. He knows best who will enhance my life and vice versa. His desire is that my earthly relationship glorifies Him and reflects the commitment and selfless love He and I should share. For that kind of relationship I am willing to wait. Don’t think I’ve reached this level of contentment overnight. Introspection, words of counsel (heard and read), prayer, and more prayer did that. That prayer aspect it is a balm for the soul.

My first love should be Christ. Every other relationship is secondary. If my relationship with Him is rocky, then all others will be challenged at best.

So I have to sort out ours first. I’m not at the level of intimacy I desire; but it’s getting there. And the closer I get to God the more content and at peace I feel in my singleness. There’s no desperation. No depression. No anxiety over trying to find a man before (as I’ve been often warned) things “dry up”.

Have you ever felt that God just



wouldn’t get it right if you allowed Him to choose your partner? I did. Big time. I mean, He just wouldn’t know how to “package” a man the way I wanted.

decides, for me, by His grace, my life will be rich and satisfying and complete. Copyright © Nadia Wellington

What a lie I fed myself. My Creator - the One who knew me before He even formed me in my mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5), all my quirks, insecurities, skills, abilities, preferences, habits, etc. well before I developed them - delights in giving me good things (Matthew 7:11) and wants to give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4). But He wants me first to trust Him; to let Him guide me down the path of His choosing because His plans can only result in peace and prosperity (Jeremiah 29:11). Therefore (if this is part of His plan) He knows who will compliment me and complete the triangle. Now, if you’re a sister struggling in singlehood or perhaps with the idea of being at that place (if you need to walk away but are afraid to), give it over to God. Don’t be afraid to let Him take control. You can do it your way but His way is soooo much better and less painful. So is Mr. Right-For-Nadia a no show or simply on go slow? Hmm … it’s a little early to call it. But whichever God

Nadia has a passion for the creative arts visual, performing, literary, film. It was no surprise then when she chose to major in Mass Communication and minor in Fine Arts at Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica. She spent two and a half years in radio as a producer/announcer. During that period, and beyond, she developed a keen interest in writing - poetry, blogs, audio & video features and even a play. She loves her beautiful island home and relishes time spent in nature. One of the many Scriptures she lives by is Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Visit her at: http://writelyspoken.blogspot.co.uk/ Article also posted at : http://www.messageboardcreations.com/?p= 2107


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Hi, I’m Janelle, a Christian, a Wife, a Stay at Home Mom of 3 young children and a proud-to-claim- it “Foodie”. I absolutely love to cook. I typically have an audience of 3 children, pulled up on chairs, taking turns pouring ingredients into bowls. My spiritual gifts are a mix of “hospitality and evangelism”. So, here I am at the center of God’s will, hoping to help you get a little more comfy in your kitchen! Wohoo!

By the taste of them, one would never guess these almond joy bites are allergy friendly and healthy! The pitted dates add a richness that makes you think there’s a ton of butter in these little guys! But, there’s not … hot dog!!!! Enjoy! Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Serves: 12

Almond Joy Bites

Ingredients •¾ cup pitted dates (you may want to cut in half for easier processing) •1 tsp vanilla •pinch salt •2 Tbsp cocoa powder •½ cup almonds (and 12 more to insert into center) •¾ cup coconut (use ½ cup inside of mixture and ¼ cup to roll) •2 Tbsp warm water Instructions 1.Add dates, vanilla, salt, cocoa powder, almonds, ½ cup coconut and water in a food processer. Process well until ball forms. 2.Roll into small balls and insert and almond inside . 3.Roll in remaining coconut. 4.Refrigerate.



In a food processor, add your dates (you may slice them in half if your processor doesn’t have enough umph), vanilla, salt, cocoa power, 1/2 of your coconut, nuts and warm water. Process well until a soft ball forms.

Take a small amount, about 2 tsps full and insert an almond. Make a ball around the almond.

Shape into balls like so.

Then, roll in extra coconut.

Now, you have the taste and texture of a true Almond Joy without the guilt. These are awesome!!!!! Yuuuuuuuum Visit Janelle at: http://comfyinthekitchen.com




Start Small

Practical tips for starting a business

By Julianah Omage Olutimayin



Making business simple by starting small is the trendiest method of owning your own business. You don’t have to be a millionaire or have a huge bank balance; all you need is a wonderful idea and the passions to nurture the idea to a level where it becomes a success story. As the business grows, you should start to gain the knowledge and skills you need to move the business to another level of growth. At this stage the drive to want to know more and acquire information about your business would have been born. You might want to gain ideas from various perspectives; it’s up to you as every knowledge gained is not wasted. Have you got some idle money in your account ? That might be all you need to start with. Business ideas are not hard to generate If you don’t already have one. You could consider generating a business idea that will serve as a solution to unemployment and other employment issues the government is facing. Some local councils have limited funding to help finance businesses (business ideas) that address issues they are struggling with. Problems give members of the community a platform to generate a business idea on a business plan that will also give

them access to funding or finance. A business plan is an important tool in business development. • It enables you to focus on the way in which you see your business developing. • It is a power tool that makes your company a better place to work at and your business a more successful operation. • It forces you to stop and think about what you’re doing. • It prompts you to figure out what you want your company to become in the future and how you intend to make the future happen. Overwhelming evidence affirms that a business plan can help lead to a successful business. You may need support to reach your goal. Where possible try to gain knowledge from consultants who understand what it means to develop a business idea.

It is also important to build up your own capacity, as it is you alone who will develop and run your business. Try to use consultants for activities requiring specialist expertise and not for core development activities. Wishing you success! Julianah is an I T and Business Consultant and co-runs Impact Concept Services Ltd, 24 Brook Court, Harrow Road, London. E11 3PP United Kingdom. Email: j.omage@ic-sl.com.




16 16

Inspiring, motivating, I rest.


17 17


Steps to Hope

By Sheryl Griffin

Using the backdrop of her own life’s experiences, Sheryl outlines how to move from depression, guilt and shame, to hope.



Chances are at some point in your life you have experienced the feelings of guilt, shame, or depression. These feelings are real and if not dealt with, can lead to potential problems in your life. Guilt implies you have done something wrong. Your choice or action has made you guilty.

Depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors

We feel guilty when we know we have willingly or unintentionally done something that we feel is morally, ethically, or biblically, wrong. Shame gives a little more intense feeling that says, “You are wrong” or “You are bad”.

Carrying the burden of guilt or shame throughout your life can result in a root issue of depression.

Guilt and shame tend to go hand in hand with depression. Although everyone occasionally feels sad at some point in their life, sadness is usually short-lived and the feeling passes within a couple of days The main difference in feeling sad and depressed is that depression tends to stay and interferes with daily life. Depression does not mean you are guilty nor have anything to be ashamed of. There are many contributing factors for depression. Depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. Carrying the burden of guilt or shame throughout your life can result in a root issue of depression. It’s important if you struggle with guilt or

It’s important if you struggle with guilt or shame, to recognize these feelings and face them. They are real emotions. Also it’s necessary to understand that you are not alone. JASMINE'S PLACE


and shame, to recognize these feelings and face them. They are real emotions. It’s also necessary to understand that you are not alone. In 2007, I suffered a series of severe panic attacks which led to the diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder, along with panic and anxiety. This diagnosis led me on a step by step quest to find answers to the many questions I had regarding my past, choices I made, and things that had happened to me. I slowly began to recognize patterns in my life: 1. Always taking responsibility for others choices, behaviors, and feelings. 2. Putting things under the rug; never confronting. 3. Ignoring red flags in relationships. It took time for me to sort through the puzzle pieces of my life and begin to see the patterns I was in and why. This process wasn’t about blaming anyone or becoming a victim. In order to move forward in a positive way I had to accept and acknowledge certain things in my life, whether they were about me or someone else. There were several areas in my past that I had to confront and one of the hardest was my past choice of abortion. I have had three abortions.

My first abortion happened when I was fifteen years old. At the time I had recently moved in with my mother and step father after living with my father and step mother since my parents divorce when I was five years old. My mother insisted I have an abortion, if I chose not to, I would have to go back to my father’s house and tell him. I felt trapped as neither option was something I wanted. The second abortion happened when I was eighteen years old. I was married and within six months of our wedding, I made the decision to get pregnant. I was battling guilt and shame over my earlier abortion and I thought having a baby would soften my husband and end the emotional, physical, and verbal abuse that plagued my marriage. I was wrong. I was faced once again with doing what others wanted me to do, in spite of what I wanted. My third abortion came several years later after my husband left and wanted a divorce. I was a single mom raising our five year old daughter. I found myself falling back into codependent behaviors. The moment I realized I was pregnant, I was gripped with fear of the consequences of being labelled as an unfit mother and set the appointment. But as I sat in the doctor’s office awaiting my turn I felt the immense weight of guilt and shame, wondering, “how did I get here?”



I look back and see now that it started in my childhood. Although I was unaware I was doing this at the time, as a child I was a master at taking responsibility for other people’s choices, behaviors, and feelings. I was uncomfortable and afraid to speak up or confront individuals or situations; it was easier to put my feelings and thoughts under the rug. These patterns continued into my adulthood. I was comfortable being uncomfortable.

Although I was unaware I was doing this at the time, as a child, I was a master at taking responsibility for other people’s choices, behaviors, and feelings.

forgiveness, through the Lord Jesus Christ, forgiving others and forgiving myself as well. It’s a process and it isn’t easy however, for me it was taking the first step in recognizing patterns in my choices, behaviors, and feelings. Then I became aware and I was able to make changes or consider “why” and begin to prayerfully work on one pattern at a time. It takes time to undo years and years of habitual patterns and behavior, however, it’s not impossible once you allow yourself to acknowledge, become aware, and make steps towards hope! But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 Copyright © Sheryl Griffin

Since my diagnosis and therapy I have been able to see things in a balanced perspective and while I still struggle at times with taking responsibility for other people’s choices, putting things under the rug, and ignoring red flags, I am much more aware and strive daily to not allow myself to fall into those traps. I have also learned the importance of asking for and receiving God’s

Sheryl Griffin is an Author, Encourager, Wife, and Mom. She and her husband, Doug have been married since 1996. They have two children. Originally from California, Tennessee has been home since 1998. After a diagnosis of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and panic/anxiety in 2007, her passion is to let others know they are not alone and there is always hope. Website: www.SherylGriffin.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/SherylGriffinHope Twitter: www.twitter.com/SherylGriffin Email: Sheryl@SherylGriffin.com








Lindsey Herzog is a Mental Health Practioner and Fashion Blogger. Her mom called her Ruby Girl when she was little and the name as she puts it “still finds it’s way into birthday cards.” We caught up with her to talk about faith, fashion and her latest favourite colour combinations …


24 24

When did you become a Christian and what attracted you to Jesus? I grow up in a home and church that led me towards Jesus. So I welcomed Jesus to lead my life and be my #1 Hero at the tender age of 7 or so. Through the course of my life, I've learned more about what that means and how that looks. What continues to attract me to Jesus daily is his overwhelming unconditional love for me and our hurting world, the safeness of his arms, and the constance of His character. I also get an absolute kick out of His sheer awesomeness. I love seeing the work of His hands in a sweet exchange between an elderly couple, or the beauty of a huge ocean with waves crashing against rocks, and His incomprehensible intelligence through the complicated perfection of an odd species of a bird or a human cell.

Basically, any time I spend any length of time meditating on Him and His greatness, I lose track of the things in my life, and nothing else seems important. He's that amazing.


25 25

What are your hopes and prayers for your blog? Ruby Girl is a way for a passion that God has given me for fashion to take root and bloom. I am meeting so many fabulous people all over the world through it. People who share my faith in God and many who do not. In life, I try to do everything as if unto the Lord and for His glory. My overall prayer for the blog is reflected in Psalm 4:6 "Let the light of your face shine upon me, O God."


26 26

Can you give us some styling tips for Autumn?

Visit Lindsey at www.rubygirlblog.com Need more tips? Send your questions for Ruby Girl to the editor at jmagazine33@gmail.com!

-Mix prints & patterns. This is the perfect example of how sometimes fashion do-not's turn into fashion do's! Try pairing a broad, horizontal-striped sweater with a polka dotted skirt. You could even throw in a plaid button-down collared shirt underneath. Just make sure the colors and prints all compliment one another! -Pair new and unexpected colors together. My new favorite combinations? • Pink & red! • Turquoise & yellow! -Speaking of colors, navy is making a huge comeback. Invest in a navy shirtdress or pant-suit. See you soon!


27 27



Connecting, growing, I rest. JASMINE'S PLACE



Flowers For Mama

By Julie Arduini

As a single parent for a season, Julie knows all too well, the daily life of a single mother. Here, she suggests some ways we can be a source of encouragement for single mothers.


30 30

In 2004, my husband received a job offer in another state that started immediately. He took the job and moved to Ohio, while I stayed in upstate NY with our two children and tried to sell our home. Our baby was very ill and my dad had just passed away.

day - give baths, read at bedtime, help with homework, do the laundry, sort clothes, make dinner, take care of dishes, pack daycare or school bags, attend medical appointments, communicate with teachers, shop for clothes and groceries, clean the house, and much more.

During the week I was it. Everyone depended on me.

Employing a babysitter is a luxury most single moms can’t afford, so they don't have any opportunity to attend a Bible study, book club, or a rare night out with peers. They aren’t well rested because it is on their shoulders to be alert in case anyone wakes up during the night. Their job is 24/7, 365 days a year. These moms often do it without encouragement from the outside world.

I was taking care of feedings, diaper changes, homeschooling my kindergartner, laundry, bill paying, and preparing the house to sell. If the baby woke up, I had to be the one to tend to her. Because she had breathing difficulty and nearly died, I barely slept. That summer it rained nearly every day, requiring me to frequently mow our 2 acres. There were days I threw the riding lawnmower in 5th gear so I could cut grass while the baby slept, leaving my 6 year old as baby monitor lookout. It was the hardest season I’ve ever known. For me, it was just that, a season. But many moms take care of their family without the support I have in my husband. They are single moms who work full time, sometimes with more than one job. Some also attend classes to further their education or finish a degree they started before having children. Yet the same mommy duties exist for them each

My takeaway after my experience as a solo parent for a season was to be an encouragement to single moms. I confess, I’m not always sure how, and sometimes moms decline my offers, perhaps not wanting to appear to need help. It’s not about that. I want to help. I hope you do, too.

Their job is 24/7, 365 days a year. These moms often do it without encouragement from the outside world. JASMINE'S PLACE


How can we encourage them? Buy gift cards, especially for oil changes or gas. Bring a meal. Mow their lawns. Offer to clean. The ideas are limitless. If nothing else, send them a card and tell them you are praying and believe in them. My prayer is that this first "Flowers for Mama" provides encouragement, ideas and support for single moms.

© Julie Arduini - www.juliearduini.com Julie Arduini is a writer and speaker who encourages audiences to find freedom through surrender. She knows it has to start with her, so she’s surrendering the good, the bad, and … maybe one day … the chocolate. She blogs for Christians Read, the Bella Women Network, and is working on her Adirondack based contemporary romance. Julie lives in Ohio with her husband and children.

Resources and Helpful Information For Single Mothers A large section of this information has been reproduced with permission by Jasmine’s Place from “Help for Single Moms” - a resource at The Life of Single Mom Ministries. New computers: Computers for families at $100.00 for basic computers and $200.00 for laptops for qualifying families and WILL SHIP THEM ANYWHERE IN UNITED STATES! For more info, call 225-379-3577 or visit http://www.computersforfamilies.org/. If in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, stop by 800 St. Phillip Street for more info.

Cell phones: Call 1-800-SAFELINK for a free, government-issued cell phones or go to http://www.safelink.com/ Job Search Information: Be sure you post your resume on EVERY job site possible. Do not settle for just a few. Go to EVERY job placement agency in your city, including temporary agencies, which often lead to permanent positions. Job search daily. http://www.monster.com/ http://www.theladders.com/ http://www.careerbuilders.com/ http://www.betterbatonrougejobs.com/ (For local Louisiana residents) http://www.linkedin.com/, http://www.indeed.com. Car Information: http://www.freecharitycars.org/ is an organization that provides cars to someone in need. For info on all qualifications, visit their site. Home Purchase or Refinance If you currently own a home and want to lower your payments or need information on how to qualify for homeownership, call Jeff at Ginger Mae Financial Services, NATIONWIDE at 1-888-883-5774 ext 5083, mention you are a single mom, too!



Help with child-care costs and more (UK): Visit https://www.gov.uk/ Assistance with your child's sports fees or extracurricular activities: Visit http://www.expectamiraclefoundation.org/

Medical or Eye Care Coverage, Medical Insurance: Visit http://www.samaritanministries.org/ for all the details. Free Items such as TVs, furniture, clothes, etc: Visit http://www.freecycle.org/. This website is available nationwide and is similar to Craig's list, only FREE. Link up with other people in your area who are willing to give away items, like a free garage sale! Job Placement Assistance and Attire: Dress for Success - Business attire for women who are changing careers and need to dress for interviews, click http://www.dressforsuccess.org/home.aspx. Additional financial assistance of all kinds: Visit http://www.singlemomfinancialguide.com/ Help for disabled people, housing assistance and a number of other things: Volunteers of America. Call 225-346-8182.

Free baby items, such as diapers, car seat, etc C.A.R.E: Pregnancy Clinic on Flannery Road offers. Call 225-272-3680. Assistance with finding childcare, including price, ages served, special services, hours of operation, and more: Call Partnerships in Child Care at 225-926-8005 Insurance, medical or dental care: Call Capitol City Family Health Center at 225-650-2000 or visit them at 3140 Florida St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

Free eye exams, glasses, or surgery: 504-525-7235 or http://www.lioneyes.org/ Pregnancy and Newborn Supplies: 225-6261123http://www.womenshope.net/ Visit:http://thelifeofasinglemom.com/ for more resources and information.




The Beauty in this Moment

By Anna Queseda

Is your diary over booked? Are you running to catch up with everything? Then, this this is for you!



Have you ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in a day? From the minute we wake up in the morning to the second our minds transition into sleep mode, the world screams for our attention from every angle. No matter how hard we try to catch up, there is always something new to add to the list and no matter how hard we try to manage our time, it still seems to slip away.

The minutes turn to hours. Hours turn to days. And days turn to years. Then, all we have left are the I-wish-Iwould haves and the someday-I-wills. I wish I would have made more time for God, friends, family, myself. I wish I would have worried less and lived more. Someday, I’ll forgive her. Someday, I’ll try something new. Someday, I’ll take time to enjoy the beauty of today … but today, I just don’t have the time. Today I have to pay the bills, work just a few more hours, take the kids to practice, go to a meeting, wash the clothes, clean the house, and watch my shows. Today I have to make dinner, finish that report, workout, get the car fixed, take out the garbage, chat with

the neighbor & plan for tomorrow, but then tomorrow becomes today and we are back at square one …

Pay the bills, work just a few more hours, take the kids to practice, go to a meeting, wash the clothes, clean the house, watch my shows, make dinner, finish that report, workout, get the car fixed, take out the garbage, chat with the neighbour & plan for tomorrow. So today, as you knock stuff off of your list again, let me encourage you to slow down. Make time for God, friends, family, yourself. Worry less and live more. Forgive the people around you, try something new, and most importantly take time to enjoy the beauty of this moment. Anna Quesada is the founder of the Christian Women’s Small Business Association, created to Ignite a movement of women trailblazers from around the globe to fearlessly live out their Godcalling. Founded in 2006, the organization now encourages over 85,000 entrepreneurs daily online. She offers daily inspiration at www.twitter.com/empowered. Before starting cwSBA, Anna spent a decade in the marketing industry working closely with inspirational speakers, life coaches, ministry leaders, and small business owners. She has a degree in Organizational Development and is about to complete her MA in Communications. Anna also blogs for the San Antonio Express News web site and runs a full service digital agency helping multi-million dollar clients dominate the online business world via search engine optimization, social media, and web site branding. You can find out more about her work at www.salessolved.com or join the cwSBA movement at www.cwsba.com.


35 35


Falling For Autumn

Great ideas for creating an inviting home this Autumn from Rebecca Reed!

Every season comes with a changing landscape, bringing with it a vast of array of wonderful colors, floral blooms and familiar smells that remind us of a time gone by; and Autumn is no exception. As a child, one of my favorite things was to go apple picking. When we arrived at the orchard the air was sweet with the smell of apples. The trees were specked with red juicy fruit and there was always hot apple cider waiting to warm us up after a hayride. These are the memories that help to influence my decorating style and reflect in my home every year. With the return of cooler temps, warm sweaters and the changing color of the leaves, inspiration isn’t hard to find when creating an inviting home for the Fall.

This mirror and buffet is a perfect back drop for a pepper berry wreath. Add a burlap runner, grapevine garland and pumpkins and you have an easy fall themed buffet.



Let Nature Be Your Guide: I love taking impromptu trips to the mountains during Autumn. I am never disappointed by the glory of the color of the leaves. Rich amber and ruby tones blanket the mountains and put me in the mood to decorate. Let the colors on the trees and other seasonal foliage be your guide to creating a beautiful palette for your home. Pepper berries branches, grapevines and Autumn leaves make for great wreath ideas. Variety is the Spice of Life: One of my favorite places to go, particularly in the Fall, is the Farmer's Market. It is my go-to place for purchasing fall decorations. I am always guaranteed to find a wide array of mums in rich purples, warm oranges and soft yellows. There you will also find pumpkins, gourds and apples of every variety that you can imagine. Buy several varieties in different colors and sizes to add interest to your front porch or tablescape.

These everyday topiaries flank a metal cornucopia filled with the bounty that can be found at your local farmer’s market.

Use What You Have: Taking a quick shopping trip around the house can turn up some a few unexpected treasures that will help add to your Fall decorations. Baskets are great for decorating and help lend to the seasonal feel. Warm woolen blankets and tartans can serve as tablecloths or fill a basket by the fireplace. Adding knit pillows with wooden buttons also helps make the transition from Summer décor to Fall décor. Knit wool pillows are great accents for your sofa or chairs. You can also sew pillow covers from an old sweater to achieve this look.



A small collection of pottery vases filled with buds from dried Mums and a sweet handwritten note makes for a little vignette on a hall table or in a guest bathroom.

Invite guests into your home with colorful pumpkins and mums on your front porch and a fun wreath on the front door.

Rebecca Reed is the owner and principle designer at Grace Interiors and Design CO. a full service residential interior design company that works with individual clientele, architects and builders. Her mission is to provide her clients with an exceptional design that unites beauty, proportion, style and quality. Contact: 9194180998 Photography by Elizabeth Marx Hasenmyer of Almond Leaf Studios.



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At the shops, in the din, I rest.


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By Carey Scott

Abuse as a child made Carey begin count her worth in numbers, but she’s found a better way.

I experienced sexual abuse in my childhood and it marked me as a target for other predators. But it did so much more than that. • • •

It set me up with a life-long fear of rejection. It left me with deep feelings of worthlessness. It caused me to question the motives of others, never fully trusting their intentions. It made me hyper-vigilant to protect myself by trying to control the world around me.

And until recently, I wouldn’t have pinpointed these struggles to be related to that abuse.

I knew I had issues, but who doesn’t, right? I’m learning that these beliefs and behaviors were birthed as a result of my abusive encounter when I was 4 years old. It’s my ground zero. It makes sense, though. I’ve been a mess most of my life. Easily triggered and offended. Slow to forgive and unwilling to forget. And I’m learning why. But God is healing those


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wounds and untangling my selfesteem from the wrong places. Interestingly, the physical part of my abuse has been much easier to work through than the deep emotional effects it left behind. Because of those hateful words spoken over me by my abuser … “This is your fault. If you tell anybody, you will be in trouble. You are bad and dirty and will never be worth anything.” I walked away from that apartment with a new belief system. And then the enemy went to work, anchoring the message of worthlessness to my self-esteem. One of the tools he used was NUMBERS. And news flash - numbers are everywhere! Numbers themselves are not evil. They help us make sense of our world because they define, differentiate, and describe the things around us. Think about it. We have social security numbers, employee ID numbers, and license plates numbers. When we fly, we’re a row and seat number.

At a restaurant, we are a table number. Our clothes have numbers. Our home address is a number. We can be reached by a phone number. Our health is determined by a series of numbers (height, weight, etc). We even celebrate numbers birthdays, anniversaries, years sober, and years cancer-free. Numbers are not bad. But the enemy used them against me.

I literally began to count my worth. And no matter how hard I crunched the numbers, they just never added up to me being “good enough.”



Trying to measure up will always deplete my selfesteem - our self-esteem - because this world can only offer performance-based love and acceptance

Here’s how that played out:

Yeah, I thought so.

- When the number on the scale was higher than the day before, I felt ugly. - When the size of my clothes didn’t match the world’s definition of attractive, it meant I wasn’t. - When my number of friends, followers or likes on social media dropped, it told me I wasn’t likable.

And I am sorry.

The number of party invites … the score of my tennis match … the number of offenses … the numbers on my paycheck … the amount of wrinkles … the number of times I messed up … I used numbers to measure my worth.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so done with the kind of math that leaves me feeling worthless. Because honestly, I will never add up to the world’s standard of acceptable. Trying to measure up will always deplete my self-esteem - our selfesteem - because this world can only offer performance-based love and acceptance. In this world, the size of your jeans, the amount of money you have, the address of your neighbourhood, the amount of Facebook friends or twitter followers you have … measures your value.

Pretty whack-a-doo, eh? But hold the phone. Chances are you have a number, too. What number says you’re not good enough? Or that you’ll never be lovable? What number has the power to destroy how you feel about yourself?



But to God, we aren’t measured, instead we are treasured. “You only are a people holy to God, your God; God chose you out of all the people on Earth as his cherished personal treasure.” (Deuteronomy 14:2) You are holy. You are chosen. You are cherished. YOU are God’s personal treasure. Girls, let’s stop calculating our worth using the world’s measuring stick. We will never be good enough. Not ever. Copyright © Carey Scott

What if we decided to focus on the only number that accurately determines our value.

The number … One. The One. Jesus.

Carey Scott is an inspirational speaker, author and life coach, honest about her walk with the Lord, stumbles, fumbles and all. She discusses life’s issues with transparency and humor, challenging women to be real … even when it’s messy. You can learn more by visiting her website and blog at www.CareyScottTalks.com, or by tracking her down at the closest Starbucks. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two young kids. For further background on this story visit: http://careyscotttalks.com/?p=12053 and http://careyscotttalks.com/?p=12157




How to Keep Your Hands Looking

Beautiful Matilda Morton provides some leading tips for great looking hands!

Make sure hands are washed regularly with soap and water. Soap or a soap alternative gets the dirt off. Water only won’t do. Clean hands provide no hiding place for germs and infections to grow.

Use hand cream/moisturiser after you have washed your hands. Apply cuticle oil/cream to maintain the cuticle and stop it from cracking. If we can use conditioner after washing our hair, our hard working hands deserve no less that a good moisturize after being dipped in water.


46 46

Wear gloves while doing any housework or washing up involving chemicals. Sometimes, we think, “I'm only using this chemical for a few minutes, so I won’t bother wearing gloves.” But the sum total of each of those short periods taken together could potentially create the type of skin that you don’t want. So, protect your hands all the time when you’re using chemicals. Your hands will thank you!

Suggested manicure every 3 to 4 weeks. Ladies, we shouldn’t have a manicure only when we have a big occasion to attend. A manicure should be part of our regular hand care routine. Keep them looking beautiful! Matilda is a retail manager and trained beautician. Her mobile beautician service covers Luton and Dunstable, in sunny England, but she won’t say no to overseas clients if the consult includes a limo pick-up and a 5-Star hotel board.  Contact: 07976924583 or amazing.beauty1@hotmail.com.


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INSPIRATIONAL Through a series of events that God had put together, this atheist of nine years found herself praying. I was praying to the God I wasn’t sure was really there. Life was a mess. I was hurting those I professed to love. Drinking too much and making terrible choices. We drank while rafting, we drank while dancing, we drank with meals, we drank while hiking, we drank and played games, we drank and barbequed. That was just our group. Jim was the one we worried about. Jim was an alcoholic. Jim passed out while playing the piano or in someone’s front yard and didn’t remember how he got there. The rest of us, well, WE didn’t pass out and we, of course, weren’t alcoholics. When we were broke, we bought gallons of Red Mountain wine and had wine coolers. When we were not broke, we drank Bacardi 151 and coke, made mai tais, daquiri’s and ice cream with kalua and brandy in the blender for desert. We drank when we smoked dope to cool our throats. We drank to celebrate, to relax, because the fruity stuff tasted good and to party. We drank when we didn’t even have an excuse.

Atheist No More A personal journey from atheism and alcoholism to freedom in Christ.

By Marijo Phelps

Somewhere in there I began to get glimpses of who I was and how my tongue sliced up those I loved when I


48 48

was drinking. The next morning I would hate myself. After my PM shifts as a registered nurse, I would go home and down a bottle or two of strawberry wine to “unwind and relax”. My sister visited. She had changed tremendously. I had to ask questions. I scoffed and poked fun at her, but underneath that tough exterior I was thoughtful. As soon as I put her on the plane, I found myself at the Christian bookstore, getting the book on Bible prophesy she recommended. Three weeks after reading the book, my then husband and I went for a walk in a nearby park. I was crying but instead of release, the tears felt muddy as they dribbled down my face. Life was a tangled snarl and I was even more tangled.

what I expected, but nothing "weird” happened. I felt calm and peaceful, like a huge boulder in a backpack was lifted off my shoulders. “Hey, JO, are you ok in there, you’ve been in there an hour and a half now?” questioned my husband. It was then I realized I was sitting in a bathtub filled with stone cold water. But I felt free for the first time ever in my life. There was a born again nurse’s aide at work. I spoke with her a lot. I began to read the Bible. I still had so many questions: How did I know this was really the literal Word of God? How could I believe every word? What were just “good stories” and what was real?

It wasn’t just the drinking. I was also entangled in transcendental meditation and tarot cards; and even heavier so, in astrology. Later that day, as I was taking a bath and getting ready for work, I found myself talking out loud to God, IF he was there. I needed help. “I’ve made a wreck of my life. If you're there, I need you to forgive me and to have you take over...” This went on for some time. I’m not sure


49 49

Did God really inspire these writers? Is every word literal? Can I trust this book? I found myself reading in the Old Testament and came across Isaiah 40:22: “It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in;” (RSV) Then it “popped into my head” that when we studied history, “in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue”, they all thought if he went too far, he’d sail OFF the edge of the earth … this scripture was written way before Columbus. Yet, whoever inspired this writing knew the earth was a circle and it sounded like he was sitting above that circle. Next I found Psalms 103:11-12: “For as the heavens are high above the earth, so is his great steadfast love

towards those who fear him; as far as the east in from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.” (RSV)

I started thinking about this. If you go north, pretty soon you are going south because the earth spins on its axis which is from north to south. However, if you go east you keep going east forever and never go west. The lights were coming on just like the sun rises each and every morning. The person who inspired this knew that the earth was a circle and rotated on an axis. Who but God? Shortly after this I was reading in the New Testament and found two scriptures regarding end times: Matthew 24:40-41 - “Then two men will be in the field; one is taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left.” And Luke 17:34-35

Yet, whoever inspired this writing knew the earth was a circle and it sounded like he was sitting above that circle.



(speaking of the same end times event) - “I tell you, in that night there will be two in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. There will be two women grinding together; one will be taken and the other left.” (RSV)

How much more personable could my Lord and savior be? I came to find out that this was just the beginning, the very beginning. All these years later, I am still learning and growing and daily thanking my incredible raboni, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I mentally checked this out too - too early in time for electricity in the fields, so it had to be daytime for those grinding in the field. And it had to be nighttime for those asleep. To me, this affirmed the concept of an earth with part of it in day and the rest in night when this event happened.

And yes, He pulled me feet first out of the bottle and set me completely free from the other spiritual power sources that did me harm. HE is able. HE is faithful. Come visit my blog! http://myincrediblelord.blogspot.com

Again, who but the Lord God knew about this at the time in history, when these scriptures were written? I thank God for caring enough to help me with my “issues” about the Bible. I thank Him for looking upon my converted atheist’s heart and showing me, answering my questions and giving me much to think about in the years that followed. I no longer wondered which parts of the Bible were “just good stories” and which were literal. I knew from that day on I could rely on what was written within its incredible and wonderful pages. And I knew that I would have these examples to share with anyone else who was questioning like I was. How much more could I be loved?

© Marijo Phelps. All Rights Reserved. Saved by His grace in 1974, from 9 years of professing atheism into His loving arms. RN for 23 years, missionary with YWAM, then statistical analyst for Every Home for Christ over 9 years. Living with my husband in the middle of a mountain meadow. GRIN! Wanting to spread the good news.



My soul rests in the Lord. He alone is my salvation.





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Jasmine's Place - Issue No. 7  

Inspiration for today's woman ~ wrapped in extra-special love!

Jasmine's Place - Issue No. 7  

Inspiration for today's woman ~ wrapped in extra-special love!