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why we have guidelines – To understand the function of idenity design – Explain the components – Define the graphic design standards – To illustrate how the standards are applied benefits of using guidelines – Ensure continuity – Ensure clear and consistent application of idenity design






















AARON EASH + FOUNDER Millersburg, Indiana 574 849 6509

3 contact information

The official modern holz Identity Mark (“MH” logomark) is the most visible aspect of the identity system. It is used to endorse all communication materials that officially represent the company. The logomark MH concept creates for an abstract vision of the machines and tools used at modern holz. The CNC Machine can be seen through the “m”. All modern holz marks referenced here are registered trademarks and must be used with permission. Contact the Aaron Eash for permission. Do not re-create these marks. Permission to use the Official Modern Holz Marks for commercial uses such as novelty items must be acquired from Modern Holz headquarters at 574-849-6509.

4 identity summary

modern holz was searching for an industrial and minimalistic design to appropriately convey their company message. The three concepts drafted, thought through, and explained to the modern holz company before deciding upon the final concept design.

5 identity concepts




The logomark displayed above solidifies the entire identity system. Its success relies on consistent presentation. 1. MH LOGOMARK This Modern Holz is the visual identifier of the company and all of its social media, offices, departments, programs, and other units. Only in special instances should the Block MH be used by itself. 2. THE WORDMARK The wordmark is an adjusted letterform version of the name “Modern Holz�. It cannot be replicated through typesetting. 3. THE LOGO Together the Block MH and wordmark create the logo. Always use official electronic artwork. The spacing and positioning of the logo elements should not be recreated or altered for any reason.

7 logo basics + logo elements

clear space is the protected area around the logo that helps maintain the quality of the mark. This space must be kept free of all other graphics and text, including other logos. It is also the minimum distance the logo can be from the edges of an electronic document or printed piece. The minimum required amount of clear space is defined by the width of 0.8237 inches as displayed by the MH logomark. Horizontal logo (preferred)

Approved secondary identity elements may be used as supporting art, but they should always be clearly separated from the logo + clear space. The vertical configuration (second choice) may be used in circumstances where it is impractical to use the preferred horizontal logomark. Stacked logo (limited use) is for use in restricted spaces where neither the horizontal nor the vertical logomarks are not practical.

Vertical logo (second choice) Stacked logo (limited choice)

8 logo basics + clear space / configurations

To maintain the integrity of the monogram, a certain amount of space around the monogram must be kept clear of competing visual elements. The area around the monogram should always provide ample space so that the balance and wholeness of the monogram is not violated by the competing elements. The diagram on the left shows the correct amount of space that should surround the monogram. preferred monogram secondary monogram logomark in monogram form Special circumstances such as favicons and app icons require alternate logos that can be created by a designer following these guidelines. If additional circumstances arise, email Preferred monogram

Secondary monogram

9 logo basics + monogram

Logomark in monogram form

.375 inches print minimum

27 pixels digital minimum

50 pixels digital preferred

The MH logomark should not appear smaller than 0.375 inches in height when dealing in print. The minimum size of the digital MH logomark should be no smaller than 27 pixels, but 50 pixels tall is preferred if possible on screen. None of the proportions should be altered in any way. Special circumstances such as favicons and app icons require alternate logos that can be created by a designer following these guidelines. If additional circumstances arise, email

10 logo basics + minimum size

In cases where the logo (MH logomark + wordmark) isn't suitable ‑ the wordmark may be used without the MH logomark. It can be used in a horizontal or stacked configuration as shown. horizontal wordmark (preferred) stacked wordmark (second choice) Horizontal wordmark/signature (preferred)

Like our logo, the wordmark deserves a protected clear space, indicated here. This space is defined as twice the height of the “O” in “Modern Holz.” .153 inches print minimum

11 pixels digital minimum Stacked wordmark/signature (second choice) 18 pixels digital preferred

11 typography / color + wordmark / signature

FUTURA - medium - 25pt Futura - medium - 11pt Bembo STD - regular - 11pt

HEADER Mixtape chicharrones cray messenger bag. Forage woke neutra, biodiesel health goth kickstarter next level bushwick taxidermy before they sold out fixie fingerstache. Helvetica four dollar toast plaid,YOLO hell of put a bird on it squid salvia. Williamsburg helvetica meggings, pop-up master cleanse sustainable quinoa banh mi messenger bag actually intelligentsia pinterest.YOLO bicycle rights 90’s roof party bitters, humblebrag 3 wolf moon freegan brooklyn actually neutra.

Dear Customer, Thank you so much for your continuing support and best regards on your future endeavors. May the odds be ever in your favor. Best,

Human Being

12 typography / color + type

hex 53343F rgb 83 52 63 cmyk 0 37 24 67 pms 5185 C

hex 58485B rgb 88 72 91 cmyk 3 21 0 64 pms 7666 C

hex F2A7DD rgb 242 167 221 cmyk 0 31 9 5 pms 236 C

hex 8A3D47 texture rgb 138 61 71 cmyk 0 56 49 46 pms 697 C

13 typography / color + palette

hex 8A95A8 rgb 138 149 168 cmyk 18 11 0 34 pms 5185 C

hex F3F3F3 rgb 243 243 243 cmyk 0 0 0 5 pms 663 C

hex C7D0D9 rgb 199 208 217 cmyk 8 4 0 15 pms 538 C

hex 000000 rgb 0 0 0 cmyk 0 0 0 100 pms BLACK

hex FFFFFF rgb 255 255 255 cmyk 0 0 0 0 pms WHITE

The Modern Holz identity is the official mark of the organization and should be rendered with utmost consistency and dignity. It should never be tweaked, stretched, or otherwise manipulated. This page shows typical mistakes to be avoided.

Do not switch signature with monograms

Do not ignore clearspace

Do not use accent colors on the logo design

Do not stretch design

Do not outline any design elements

These are accent colors, only to be used to make a piece stand out Never to be used overlay with each other


1 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 2

MH Preferred Lock-up MH Alternate Lock-up #1 MH Alternate Lock-up #2 MH Logomark MH Preferred Monogram MH Signature

All the files are provided in the following formats: PDF, EPS, PNG and JPG with a black + white and textured options. Any other options should be clarified with a professional designer or Aaron Eash, founder of Modern Holz.



notes for file format usage: - PDF and EPS files are intended for use with print. They are a scalable vector format, which doesn’t lose quality when printed in large or small sizes. - PNG is intended for your website. It is a transparent graphic, which means that it’s not attached to any background color.

- JPG is also intended mostly for online use, but they have been saved at the highest quality, providing you flexibility in its use. JPG is a flattened graphic and contains a white background. Depending on your use, you may need to scale the JPG or PNG formats down to the size you need and optimize them for your specific use.

Purchase fonts/licensing: 6

FUTURA medium Bembo STD

**Logo type was created specifically for Modern Holz


JASMINE SHIREE + DESIGNER 574 596 2208 Muncie, Indiana

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