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A red beautiful kite up there in the sky....

Using this guide You have received the logo in three beautiful colours: red, yellow, cyan. Because you will use it in almost all the environments, we have made it in full colour, flat colour and greyscale and provided you the swatch colors in RGB and CMYK. We recommend using the flat colour and the greyscale on ultra-small sizes or when inverting the logo on a black background. Because we want you to remember the colours as easily as possible we`ve gave each colour a cute little name.

What does the guide contain? Besides this pdf you will receive the Adobe Illustrator files for each kite, the description of the font whit the address and the email of its owner. If you need something else we will do our best and provide the help needed.

What about the font rights? Picking the Lavanderia font as the winner for our logo was a tough call. We`ve found lots of beautiful fonts but this caught our eye. And also because it’s cheaper than many other fonts and comes in 3 different weights: Delicate, Regular and Sturdy. Check you inbox for the font links.

Now it`s time to have fun Now that the logo is done you can do whatever you want with it. You can put it on your future games starting screen, print it on t-shirts, business cards, pins, everything‌.

So let`s start!

Red kite

Cyan kite

Yellow kite

Well this is about it. We hope you liked our little guide. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck at creating the next big thing in tablet games, Jasmine&Jacques

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The guide  

Little guide for your logo

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