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Brief This project was about collage; we brought in magazine and made collages about conflict, celebration and curiosity. Methodology Instead of the images portraying this I have decided the way the collage is composted to reflect curiosity for example the piece below, with the girl and the bird. You are curios to what both pictures look like. Also the two oddly people are celebration because they are both happy and entertaining. I got the pictures from a magazine called “frieze�.

Evaluation This is my favourite piece of work I feel that the composition is beautiful; I was also very fortunate with the pictures I found. But I love how you can just about see the girl and what she is doing. I also find the two people very entertaining for example the laughing old man with super skinny legs.

Brief We had to make a pinhole camera and design instructions on how to make a pinhole camera. Methodology I found making the camera very simple and easy to do. I took photos in the dark and tried to get some light exposure pictures unfortunately these did not work as suspending judgment of the outcome is unexpected. Evaluation I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson, as I am still boggled by how easy it is to make a camera. I feel my pictures did not turn out as great as I hoped but some of them do have a lovely edge to them for example my house looks out of proportion and looks as if I was moving. Also the refraction on the streetlights gives a different affect than a normal camera would. I decided to make my ‘how to make a pinhole’ project into a small book because it was more interactive and you couldn’t get carried away with the next instruction. Using illustrator to do this gave it that sharp affect if I had to do it differently I would add more colour and detail as I feel it is too basic.














Pinhole Camera MATCH BOX


Brief We had to use the ‘Rule’ we got given to create a piece of physical imagery to show that rule. Methodology My typographic rule was about not having widows in texts. My first reaction was that I had seen this a lot in newspapers, therefore I wanted to use this in my piece. I highlighted where they were for people who did know what a widow was. Also I wanted some sort of a 3D affect so it wasn’t just a flat object. Evaluation The only I’m not happy with this piece is that it did not scan in the high standard so some of it is blurry. But I feel the idea behind it is strong.

Typographic Rules

Brief We were set brief to get the most reactions from the public from an A1 card. Methodology Our group decided to get a shocking/ pleasing reaction where all they had to do was smile or says something back. In result we did get kicked out of the Ashley Centre and the police told us we had to take down the “f***”. But on the other side the majority of the public smiled or laughed.

I worked with Andy, Keon, Poppy, Barney and Angharad for this brief. Evaluation I feel this worked well as it was easy and simple to get a reaction, the only thing I would do differently would be not to write “f***” instead write something like “fish” to not offend people. We also had a good spot to show the work to get a lot of responses, as at first we were just wondering around and I was hard to get pictures.


Information Graphics Brief For this project we had to create an Information Graphics poster. This poster needed to have a set of ‘hard data’ as our starting point to visualise. Methodology My theme was ‘how many sweets can my sister fit into her mouth’ I documented it when my sister did it. I also thought of a lot

of different ideas of how to portray this. So example I could of drawn a mouth with the percentage of the amount sweets she could of fitted into her mouth. I decided to approach it through a fun party sort of way as sweets can be considered as celebration. Therefore I bought some helium balloons and the highest one is the most amounts she fitted in her mouth.

Evaluation I feel that my final piece did not convey what the information was as at first it did not have a title or how many sweets she fitted in her mouth so I did a quick one with pictures of my sister, later I got told that it looked like a Facebook picture so I decided to put a title and a graph on the balloons project. In conclusion it gets the information across.

Brief We were asked for a pair of us to produce a finished rough of an A3 poster to communicate a typographic message of our choice about two typefaces. Methodology My partner and I decided to describe the too fonts for example Perpetua – Italic is clarity because it is the quality of being clear, in particular. We also liked the ampersand sign and wanted to focus on this. To enlarge the Ampersand we used a projector. We were also going to cut out the letters but this took to long and didn’t look as appealing therefore we just hand wrote the letters. After the lesson I went further and did it on illustrator I feel this looks a lot smooth and it was quicker to use the grid. Evaluation My end piece is strong but I feel there could be more done with the ampersand as it is very simple.

Chalk & Cheese

I worked on this piece above with Angel Lugo-Hernandez


Here are only a couple of my workshops; lino print and letterpress. I thoroughly enjoyed lino printing. The techniques are edgy yet persistent. Tried to include this in some of my work for example the green fairy, for my project New York vs. Magic. But it did not work out and I carried on with my original idea with the owls carrying bagels and hot dogs.

Brief We had to think about the magical 13th month of the year – only evident to those with the vision – a time, which spans the gap between the end of December and the beginning of January. Methodology I found this brief really hard. I went straight into it without thinking of a theme so I just messed around with the number

13 and put a texture behind it. I feel this is ascetically pleasing but there is no reason for it. I then decided that my month would be about running away from your problem for 3 days. On these 3 days you could do whatever you want then go back to normality in January. It also goes backwards so you know how many days you have got left. I have used images from a magazine called ‘Frieze’.

13th Month

Evaluation I feel this works well but I could have gone further with it and took my own images and made it a bit simpler to the reader understands what’s it about straight away.

Brief We had to create a typography GIFF that had to be used in Photoshop. Evaluation My aim for this piece was to shock people to what was happening at the end. It was not aim to all the public only those who get it. My first edition didn’t have the red “DIDN’T” and it confused a lot of people when they saw it. They didn’t know if I was telling them to take k or not to because it was being snorted then I was telling them not to take it. The original idea was that the average teenager does something that there told directly not to do. But this did not convey as I hope so I changed it o it seemed like I was telling not to do it but really I want them to.

Moving Type Animated GIFF

Four Black Square Challenge Congested




Carls . (2011). Typographic Portrait . Available: typographic-portrait.html. Last accessed 11 Dec 2012.

I did not want my self-portrait to look like me; just how I think I look without looking at myself. I also wanted a minimalist feel to it. I also did not want to use the words as parts of the face I used the letters to form my face like structure.

Typography Self Portraits

Title sequences (Narratives)

Brief We were asked to create a large series of ideas for your ‘person’ to introduce the documentary. Methodology Our story was about a guy called Falcon who wants to be the first to go to the South Pole but on the way back he dies. We had a lot of ideas for the title sequence for example his past life being a hero or he writing his diary, with the words

appearing on the page. In the end we settled with them loading the ship ready for the journey. It starts with him loading the ship them zooms out show where he is and their entire boat journey. Evaluation I feel it show the audience a clear understanding in what is happening and sets a good vibe for starting the film.

Brief This project we had to mix the two themes New York and magic. Methodology I had done a lot of ideas for this for example, the city that never sleeps vs. sleeping beauty or broomsticks replacing transport such as yellow cabs. I decided to finalize on owls delivering New York bagels and hot dogs. Evaluation I feel I could of gone further with this for example scan it in and do something with it on Photoshop or illustrator but I like the fact some of it is missing and it’s a bit scruffy.

New York vs. Magic

Evaluation I thoroughly enjoyed this term, have learnt a number of things for example typography. I will never look at a piece of typography he same ever again. I also enjoyed going out and into the public for some of my work, this gave me a lot more confidence in my work as I used to be really shy about showing any of my work. My favourite brief was the pinhole camera, even though the making the camera was extremely slow and painful. I just still find it boggling that something so simple can take a photo. I feel my skills on Illustrator and InDesign have progressed dramatically. The only thing I struggled with is when we had to work in a big group and not everyone got alone and wanted to go in a different direction and couldn’t agree on one theme. I have also loved the workshops I feel lino printing, screen printing and my strong points and I can not wait to use these areas more often. Throughout the whole term I feel my collage piece stands out the most. I feel I should use this more often in the future. I also have learnt different ways f getting ideas for example the New York vs. magic, doing the mind maps then joining them together. In conclusion I hope you have enjoyed my work and I am very much looking forward to learning more and working in a professional manner.

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