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I am always amazed by the things my fans do for me, but this is on another level. I love hearing about you all, so I look forward to seeing issue number 2 with more of your stories!’’ —Jasmine Thompson


jasmag / issue no.2





... And: You have the chance to win one of four autographed albums from Jasmine!’’

Five month ago, Anis came to me with the great idea of creating a fan magazine about Jasmine Thompson. I am very proud that today we are releasing the second issue of our ‘‘JASMAG’’. But this isn’t just another JasMag—this is the anniversary editon! Anniversary of what, you may ask. The anniversary of the official Jasmine Thompson fan site! It was almost one year ago I contacted Will Gresford—Jasmine’s manager—and told him about my idea of an official fan site for Jasmine Thompson.


jasmag / issue no.2

I am very happy and thankful that Jasmine and Will allowed me to create this wonderful place where her fans can connect to each other, get the latest information about Jasmine, sharing awesome fan arts, cool photos, fan videos and many many more beautiful things—like this fan magazine! So to celebrate, we have the following in this special edition: • Martine Singer as our featured artist. • Ain’t Nobody—song of the issue. • Previously unreleased photos from Jasmine.

• Jasmine answers your questions in a little Q&A exclusive for the JasMag. • A review from Augustus. • Ecaterina tells us her story about how she became a fan. • An article from Angelo, about his meet & greet with Jasmine in London. And: You have the chance to win one of four autographed albums from Jasmine! Time for me to say a big ‘‘Thank You’’ to everyone who was involved in this special edition: Jasmine’s managers for their support. Anis—for making everything possible.

Jasmine—for answering your questions. Martine and her Mum for all the nice conversations. Ecaterina, Angelo and Augustus for their articles and of course a big ‘‘Thank You’’ to all the fans who shared the first magazine and helped making it a success! We were really overwhelmed by all the positive feedback that we received for the 1st issue. Also a ‘‘Thank You’’ and a virtual hug to one person, who doesn’t want to be named here! Wish all of you a lot of fun with this anniversary edition and good luck for the raffle! Anis and I will be back after the summer with the third issue of ‘‘JasMag’’—the first fan magazine dedicated to Jasmine Thompson.

Stefan Simon Associate Editor

june 2015 / jasmag


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Ask me anything


Jasmine at the Echo Awards




Exclusively! Jasmine Thompson answers your questions.

At Germany’s biggest award show.

Who know? Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners!

Ain’t Nobody

Song of the issue, lyrics and music video review.

jasmag / issue no.2

A dream cam true

Angelo tells us how he met Jasmine Thompson.

Ecaterina’s story

When an advertising can be enjoyable?

Let’s play cards with Jasmine Thompson

Printing for you! A full deck of 54 cards.


Martine Singer

A talented young singer from Norway...




08 40



36 32

june 2015 / jasmag





jasmag / issue no.2


Exclusively in this issue, our girl—Jasmine Thompson answers your questions!’’

Q: @Augustus9901: If you were a time traveler, would you rather travel to the past or to the future? A: Future see what happens in my life. Q: @Augustus9901: If there was one song you wish you could’ve written & performed yourself, what would it be? A: Breath me by Sia. Q: @Augustus9901: Would you rather bungee jump or skydive out of a plane (with a professional skydiver)? A: Skydive because I’ve always wanted to give it a go.

Q: @tantrumjass: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A: Still singing for all of my fans. Q: @ARD_92: Can you come to Malaysia? A: Yep, hopefully one day soon. Q: @keshaismyqueen: Whats your favorite song you covered? A: That’s a hard one, I like ‘‘Let her go’’ and ‘‘Thinking Out Loud a lot’’. Q: @Dynamo_keller: Are you planning to make singing as your future job? A: Yep!

famous singer, who would it be? A: Ed Sheeran—I really like his songs and I’ve heard he’s really nice. Q: @Jas_Edits: If music wasn’t your career what other career would you choose? A: I would like to do something where I would travel a lot. Q: @Jas_Edits: What do you look for in a friend? A: They should be funny, smart and sensitive. ►

Q: @Dynamo_keller: Are you planning to do a Asia tour? A: One day! Q: @AnAccountFTW: What countries would you like to visit? A: I would really like to go to Cyprus and India. Q: @gstam1: If you could be anyone for a month, both past and present, who would you choose? A: Taylor Swift for sure. Q: @Lyssnikki16: If you were to sing a duet with a

We’re also convinced that if Taylor Swift could be anyone, she’d be Jasmine Thompson

june 2015 / jasmag


If she were to sing a duet with a famous singer, it’d be Ed Sheeran

Q: @SintyaMlndwt_: Do you have a boyfriend? A: Nope. Q: @SintyaMlndwt_: You prefer a style that complicated or simple? A: Simple. Q: @SintyaMlndwt_: You’re talented in singing. Do you want to have other talents? A: I want to be able to cook good omelets. Q: @SintyaMlndwt_: What disire you that has not been achieved at this point?


jasmag / issue no.2

wait to show you all the original songs I have been working on later this year. Q: in/madison.truscan: If you could give one piece of advice to your past self, what would it be and why? A: Try harder in school! Q: in/igna_sebas: Which football team do you like? And if you don’t like any, which football team like your family? A: My family likes Arsenal. Q: in/djescutin: Why is your username named tantrumjas. I mean, A: I would love to travel what is the relationship and see the world with between the word my friends. tantrum and you? Q: @SintyaMlndwt_: What do you know about A: I used to have tantrums all the time about toys, my country (Indonesia, and arguments with my West Java)? brother. A: I’m going there end of Q: in/budimanaa: If you May. Would love to find could gather all your fans out more. from around the world, Q: fb/Zahid Iqbal: Why where it supposed to be? don’t jasmine starts Why there? writing her own songs A: I would gather eveinstead of doing covers? A: There are a few already ryone on the beach in Barcelona, because it’s on my YouTube channel and on iTunes. But I can’t warm and beautiful. ►


jasmag / issue no.2

Q: @DweloveyouD: IDo fans recognize you, if you go outside? A: Sometimes! Q: @aldabssss: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life - what would it be? A: Spaghetti bolognese. Q: @demsxqueen: Where do you want to live if you had to leave UK? What country would it be? A: America. Q: @KiahSpurle: What is your favourite animal? A: Dogs, I like huskies! Q: @Molly_Port: Did you ever think you would become this successful? A: No way, but I am so grateful for all of the support from fans that has gotten me here.

Jasmine Thompson and Robin Schulz at the NRJ Music Tour Lyon

Q: @joe_ahm4: If you only had one day left to live, what would you do? A: Have a group hug with all my friends and family and also make one last YouTube video. Q: @leesehee0817: What is your favourite song these days? A: Lean On by Major Lazer. Q: @tinylittle_bird: What do you love most about having your own fandom/ fans? A: They give me the motivation to sing every day. Q: fb/Harry Parker: How did Jasmine Thompson collaborate with Robin Schulz for the track called ‘‘Sun Goes Down’’? A: I was sent the instrumental and I really liked it, so I decided to give it a go and record the vocal part. My version was sent over to Robin, who liked it and decided to use it. Q: @SintyaMlndwt_: Whether at the time of the recording you sometimes find it difficult? A: Certain songs are more challenging. Q: @musicofmusix: What do you want to say to your fans all around the world? A: I love you and thank you for all of the love. □ june 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine Thompson at The ECHO Awards As I’ve written on the official fan site before: The Echo Awards is Germany’s biggest award for a musician. You can see it as the German version of the Grammys or something like a music Oscar. The awards show is presented since 1992 every year—of course in Germany. Jasmine was not nominated herself, but Robin Schulz. And he won an ‘‘ECHO’’ for his album ‘‘Prayer’’ in the category ‘‘Dance National’’.


jasmag / issue no.2

Jasmine Thompson made her very first red carpet appearance

The Echo Awards’ Stage. March 26, 2015 Berlin, Germany

And because ‘‘Sun Goes Down’’ was the summer hit in Germany in 2014 (with a #1 in the german iTunes charts and #2 at the official single charts) Jasmine performed the song live on stage! Jasmine’s performance was watched from 3,4 million viewers on the television at home and countless at the live stream—which is a good number for Germany. But the ‘‘Echo’’ is not only for german singer and songwriter. There are a lot of really big names on the winner-list since 1992. AC/DC, Robbie Williams, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga and Pink Floyd are just some of them. There is no jury who pick the winners for an ECHO.

The only thing that matters are the charts and how often a song or album got sold.

Backstage Robin Schulz, Jasmine Thompson, and Felix Jaehn

Jasmine’s performance on the TV, watched from 3,4 million viewers

june 2015 / jasmag



For the anniversary from the official Jasmine Thompson fan site, we’ll give away four albums from Jasmine!’’


jasmag / issue no.2

As I promised in the editor’s note, for the anniversary from the official Jasmine Thompson fan site, we’ll give away four albums from Jasmine! Two albums ‘‘Under The Willow Tree’’ and two albums ‘‘Another Bundle of Tantrum’’ (including ‘‘Bundle of Tantrums’’). All albums are handsigned from Jasmine herself!

4 autographed albums to win!

How can you get one of them? It’s pretty simple: Tweet your favorite video from Jasmine with the YouTube link and use the hashtag #WeLoveJasmine An example: Chandelier - Sia (Cover by Jasmine Thompson) https://youtu. be/8wBuEpZZKa0 via @YouTube #WeLoveJasmine

You only need one tweet to get into the raffle! Please don’t spam on Twitter, or you’ll get ignored for this raffle. The deadline for all tweets is May the 29th. The winners will be named in a little video on Youtube. I wish you all of you good luck!

june 2015 / jasmag


Song of the issue 18

jasmag / issue no.2

Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) june 2015 / jasmag


Ain’t Nobody Cover by Jasmine Thompson Released on Sep 15, 2013

Captured effortlessly / That’s the way it was / Happened so naturally / I did not know it was love / The next thing I felt was / You holding me close / What was I gonna do? / I let myself go // And now we’re flyin’ through the stars / I hope this night will last forever / Oh oh oh oh // [CHORUS:] Ain’t nobody / Loves me better / Makes me happy / Makes me feel this way / Ain’t nobody / Loves me better than you // I’ve been waitin’ for you / It’s been so long / I knew just what I would do / When I heard your song / You filled my heart with a kiss / You gave me freedom / You knew I could not resist / I needed someone // And now we’re flyin’ through the stars / I hope this night will last forever / Oh oh oh oh // [CHORUS] // I make my wish upon a star / And hope this night will last forever // I make my wish upon a star / And hope this night will last forever / Oh oh oh oh // [CHORUS] // At first you put your arms around me / Then you put your charms around me / We stare into each other’s eyes / And what we see is no surprise / Got a feeling most with treasure / And a love so deep we cannot measure // [CHORUS] x2 //

‘‘Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)’’ is a single by Rufus and Chaka Khan (p. 18), written by Hawk Wolinski. It was released on Nov 4, 1983, from the album ‘‘Stompin’ at the Savoy’’. There’s no doubt that Jasmine’s cover of this song has played an important role in her career! It made number 32 on the UK Singles Chart after being featured in an advert for supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.


jasmag / issue no.2

In 2014, Felix Jaehn—a young talented music producer and DJ—released a remixed version featuring Jasmine, and a few months later, they made a music video (Review, p. 11) shooting in Barcelona.

The remixed version by Felix Jaehn Released on Apr 24, 2015

About their collaboration, Felix said: ‘‘I didn’t remix Chaka Khan’s original song, but Jasmine Thompson’s cover version. At her age, she’s just incredibly talented and you should check her out if you haven’t already’’.

Music Video Review by lAugustus9901

Ain’t nothing better than the music video for D.J. Felix Jaehn’s hit track, Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) featuring Jasmine Thompson. The video features Felix’s remix of Jasmine’s cover of the Chaka Khan classic. Felix took Jasmine’s infectious vocals, added some great effects, and created a perfect, feel-good summertime dance track. Shot entirely on location

in Barcelona, Spain, the video grabs the viewer’s attention from the get-go. As the music begins, with the city of Barcelona in the backdrop, Jasmine walks straight towards the camera as the camera moves towards her, creating the illusion that she’s about to walk straight through the screen and come right into your living room! The video then quickly

moves into telling its story. It’s about a day in the lives of a skater boy and a dancer girl. The boy and girl are in love, yet during the day, the couple remain apart, criss-crossing the city yet never connecting. Felix and Jasmine play the part of best friends to the boy and girl respectively, and help bring the couple together at the end. ►

june 2015 / jasmag


Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson shooting ‘‘Ain’t Nobody’’ video in Barcelona Hard work & a lot of fun!

The video tells a simple tale, and that’s why it’s successful. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a good


I watch the video and all I can think of is booking the next flight to Barcelona so I can traverse all of the neighborhoods and beaches that Jasmine and Felix explore...’’ music video should have a ton of special effects or hundreds of dancers prancing around. That’s not true. The goal of a music video is to bring a song to vibrant life through the medium of the visual. The key to a music video’s success is in matching the spirit or essence of the song. The Ain’t Nobody music video is perfectly in

synch with the feel of the music. The song is a joyful celebration of love and life, and the video is as well. We see scene after scene of the characters enjoying themselves as they explore the neighborhoods, markets, and beaches of Barcelona from daybreak to evening. In particular, a simple scene of Felix taking a huge bite out of a big, juicy hamburger is one of my favorites. That scene to me embodies the spirit of the song and the video—taking joy in life’s simple pleasures. The cinematography in the video is stunning. It really brings out the beauty of Barcelona and the playfulness of Jasmine’s vocals. My favorite shots are those of Jasmine singing while the panoramic vista of Barcelona serves as her backdrop. Breathtaking. I watch the video and all I can think of is booking the next flight to Barcelona so I can traverse all of the neighborhoods and beaches that Jasmine and Felix explore; doing all that, of course, while listening to Ain’t Nobody on my phone. ►

june 2015 / jasmag


The editing also enhances the music. Many of the cuts are timed with precision to the beat or the melody, giving the video a rhythm and beat of its own. It’s impossible for me to separate the video from the song, as they’ve become so intertwined with each other. Try watching the video with the sound down low, and you’ll still “hear” the


jasmag / issue no.2

music in your head. The Ain’t Nobody video reminds me of the music video for Jasmine and Robin Schulz’s mega-hit Sun Goes Down. Both videos show the lives of their characters from the break of dawn to sunset. I highly recommend watching both videos back to back to soak in their infectious feel-good joy.

Jasmine Thompson, Hair & Make-Up by Alicia Rodriguez

Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson The official Music Video is available on YouTube Directed & Produced: CC Steinmetz Cinematography & Edit: Björn Baasner

Cast: Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson, Gavrilo Markovic, Fania Folaji, Cameron Tonman, Eduardo Souza, Debora Urgesi, Nikoline Heimburger, Louise Schwartz, Enrico Pillay, and Cecilia Fresco Aguzzi

The Ain’t Nobody video is even more amazing when you consider the speed at which it was conceived and produced. On March 8th, 2015, while chatting with fans on Twitter, Jasmine and Felix spontaneously decided to do a video and to shoot it in Barcelona. Less than a month later on April 2nd, we’re watching the video on Youtube! The ultimate measure of a great music video is its repeat watch-ability. As soon as it ended, I immediately pressed the replay button and watched it again. And again. For fans of Felix and Jasmine, the Ain’t Nobody music video is a mustwatch. □

june 2015 / jasmag


A Dream came

My meetin ‘‘

There she was. Beautiful as always, so cute and friendly, but still natural a little bit shy.

The meeting place was at Oxford Circus in London


jasmag / issue no.2


e true

ng with Jasmine (by Angelo) Recently I was assigned by my boss to do some business in London. London! Isn’t it the place where Jasmine is living? So I was thinking for some days ‘‘Shall I ask her if she is willing to meet me and autograph all my CD’s from her’’. After I while I thought ‘‘Try it’’. Most probably you will get no answer at all or she will not have any time. So I contact Jasmine and guess what? She answered more or less immediately and we started investigating our schedules to find some time where we are both available. After some more messages, Tuesday afternoon was found and we agreed on a short meeting at Oxford Circus downtown London. A week later, I started my travel from Cologne (Germany) to London on Monday, always thinking ‘‘Will she really meet you?’’ ►

june 2015 / jasmag


The autographed albums with a personal dedication from Jasmine to Angelo

Tuesday around noon I contacted Jasmine again to confirm that her schedule has not changed and yes—she is still available! Now I started to get really nervous. Even as a 49 year old businessman, travelling all around the world to do some business and meet many foreign people, I was not very often that nervous. Back from work in the hotel I grabbed my CD’s and went to Oxford circus to wait for the best vocalist in the world. Jasmine was in the tube (underground) at that time. I arrived early, so I had to wait 20 minutes for her. I don’t have good words to tell you what my heart was doing, but ‘‘crazy things’’ comes close.


jasmag / issue no.2

And then—there she was. Beautiful as always, so cute and friendly, but still natural a little bit shy. As an additional surprise, the best recording mum of the world was also there. What to do next? A huge hug with Jasmine and handshaking with Mrs. Thompson. We started altogether a small chat and in the meanwhile I asked Jasmine to auto-

graph my CD’s, which she did with a personal dedication. I took some photos and a Selfie with Jasmine then some few more words and she and her mum had to leave to catch the next meeting. So again a huge hug with Jasmine and a handshake with Mrs. Thompson and they disappeared. I went back to my hotel, still not believing that this meeting has really happened. But then I looked at my CD’s and yes—there was still the autograph from Jasmine. So it must be true! □


When an ad can be


I am going to get straight to the point and tell you about when and how I discovered Jasmine. It happened on May 18th 2014, I know the exact date because it happened while I was about to watch an episode of one of my favourites TV shows. Lucky me, that one episode turned out to be quite an unforgettable one and I was able to remember the exact date by checking when the said episode aired. So, I was about to click on the streaming link, when suddenly an advertisement from Vube popped up, now, I always found those ads so annoying and I would always close them right away, but as soon as the music of ‘‘Let her go’’ started playing

and she started singing, I just could no longer click that little ‘‘x’’. 40 seconds into the song and her mesmerizing voice was already giving me goosebumps, chills, the whole package. I fell in love with her vocals right away, but she literally had me at the next cover I listened to, ‘‘Everybody hurts’’, which I recall watching on her YouTube channel, to which I subscribed right away. That one cover literally blew me away! I kept

Ecaterina invites you to visit the top tourist attraction in her country— Romania! Bran Castle


I really hope one day I will get the chance to get an autograph and hear her majestic voice Live.’’

Eca’s Story 30

jasmag / issue no.2

thinking: Good God, she sings like an angel, with so much emotion and has such a warm and calming voice, but at the same time it’s so powerful and although she is so young, she is able to move you.

Jasmine’s live Performance of ‘‘Mad World’’ at the NRJ fashion night

‘‘Majestic’’ is the only word that comes to mind when it comes to describing her voice. I have been a fan for almost one year now, and I honestly can’t recall one day when I haven’t listened to at

least one of her songs, as a matter of fact, while I am writing these exact words, her Live Performance at the NRJ Fashion Event 2015 is playing. It was such a beautiful surprise for us fans and her performance was pure magic. As I said on Twitter, she looked and sang like an angel and I know that I should be used to it by now, but the fact that she is only 14 still blows my mind. That being said, I would like to thank Stefan and Anis for giving this opportunity, you guys are amazing! And last but not least, I would like to thank Jasmine for inspiring me every single day and for making my job even more pleasant and relaxing than it already is with her unique and beautiful vocals. You could say that she casts a spell on you, you listen to one cover and that’s it, you’re hooked, for good. I really hope one day I will get the chance to get an autograph and hear her ‘‘majestic’’ voice Live.

Eca june 2015 / jasmag



jasmag / issue no.2


Let’s Play Cards with Jasmine Thompson

june 2015 / jasmag


For centuries playing cards have been part of human life, considered as a source of entertainment for all age groups. ‘‘Let’s play cards with Jasmine Thompson’’ is a fun and simple way to know more about our girl while playing cards. Here, a full deck of 54 playing cards—bridgesized, each card includes something about the incredibly talented Jasmine: important dates in her career, photos, full lyrics of her original songs, and many more... Suitable for all type of


Let’s play cards with Jasmine Thompson is a fun and simple way to know more about our girl while playing cards.’’

Back design Bridge size (2,25x3,5in) 0,25in Bleeds Print Ready CMYK color 300 DPI


jasmag / issue no.2

Printed on 250gsm matte finish laminating (without rounded corners)

games, you can also be creative and invent different games together with your friends, quizzes or a simple question-andanswer sessions. The cards and packaging are ready to print, just ask us the files if ever you’re interested! Generally the playing cards are printed in large quantity (lithography or offset) with a special finish for the rounded corners. However, you can find printers—depending on your country—that offer personalized service. For us, we printed our playing cards on 250gsm matte finish laminating. We hope you like our idea, enjoy! And let’s play cards with Jasmine Thompson!

june 2015 / jasmag



Martine Singer 14 Years old Singer, Songwriter Norway


Martine can sing very gentle and calming, but also very powerful if it’s needed in the song. And she knows exactly how to switch between both!’’

Martine For our featured artist in this issue, we have to go up to the north, to a beautiful country with a lot of woods, mountains and fjords. I talk about Norway and Martine Singer—of course. Martine is a 14 year old singer and songwriter, who started her career very early by singing on different stages at the age of 9. When you look


jasmag / issue no.2

at these ‘‘old’’ videos on YouTube, you can see that she feels very comfortable there, even in that young age. My first contact with Martine was on Twitter, as she followed my fan account from Jasmine. I always try to follow everyone back, so I did the same with Martine’s account. And just a few hours later I got a really

nice tweet from her, in which she thanked me for my follow and asked me to take a look on her recent cover on YouTube. At this time it was ‘‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’’ and I was really impressed from it! Not only the video was very professional with the perfect angle and perfect light, also Martine’s voice impressed me very much! ►


june 2015 / jasmag


Martine can sing very gentle and calming, but also very powerful if it’s needed in the song. And she knows exactly how to switch between both! You can hear that in her cover from Kelly Clarkson’s ‘‘All Because Of You’’ A really hard song to sing—in my opinion. But Martine does it absolutely perfect! My personal favorite from Martine is ‘‘I Hope You Find It’’. You really need to see this video on YouTube! The background with that little lake and all the trees looks like a painting and if you listen very closely, you can also hear Martine’s father—who is a professional singer—in the background.


jasmag / issue no.2

You can literally feel that Martine belongs to bigger stages, if you take a look at her live videos on YouTube. Especially on her original song ‘‘Forever Be Mine’’. My personal estimation: Keep an eye on Martine! I am sure we all will hear much more from her in the future. Support her now by subscribing to her channel on YouTube and follow her on Twitter. □

You can find Martine Singer on: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

june 2015 / jasmag



Keep up the

GOOD WORK! We are happy that Jasmine Thompson has amazing fans all over the world! Artworks, comments, digital painting... Thank you for all what you are doing for her—thank you for enriching our magazine! You have surpassed yourselves!

Amazing drawing made by i b_yerkin



Jasmine, you are amazing, beautiful, outstanding, magnificent! I love your voice!’’

You have a beautiful voice that no one else, ever, will have. I hope everyone is inspired by your voice!’’ X Jarrodherrick

f yamen.zakaria1


jasmag / issue no.2


jasmag / issue no.2

An awesome digital painting made by l QingyangLiu (another work from her p. 41)

X alhetmooie: ‘‘Very beautiful, sensitive cover of this song, Jas. You have such a way of placing such sweet emotion into every syllable, making each worthy and complete. You sing with such delicate vulnerability yet such power and surgical precision. Your vocals and the feeling you portray is truly remarkable and exceptional. Congratulations on another amazing cover, sweet Jasmine! You are really special!’’


She has such a wonderful voice. I hope with all of my heart that someday I will be like her.’’ X Aurora Sings

l Augustus9901: ‘‘Three words to describe your Earned It- mesmerizing, haunting, hypnotic, dream-like, soul-searing, beautiful. Okay, those were six words. Rendition puts me in contemplative and emotion-laden mood. Very evocative. Gets deeper, more powerful with repeat listens. Listened to a few other covers, yours is definitive one. Others mimic more soul-ish sound of original; yours stands on its own. Brilliant work Jas.’’


I have been watching Miss Thompson’s progress for years now on YouTube and always loved her melodic voice knew she was bound to be a star!’’ f paul.cutting.37

f rachelwhitby: ‘‘Hey Jas! You’re my idol I love your music, voice and style. I hope to meet you one day no matter how famous you are. Wishing you all the best with your songs.’’ june 2015 / jasmag


Two incredible digital painting by l DauletkazyN a Jasmine’s fan from Kazakhstan (p. 46 another work)


So perfect! You’ve got the voice of an angel. It feels like heaven here!’’ l Delena631


jasmag / issue no.2

f wiktoria.czelej5: ‘‘Hey Jasmine I’m very positive surprise that you try to answer to lots of questions in comments. I love all your songs, it all have started from your cover Zara Larsson song ‘‘Uncover’’. And the ain’t nobody is my favourite. I just want to say that there are lots of people that belive in you, and to which you give positive energy like me.’’

A digital painting & two awesome works made by l tinylittle_bird


A nice drawing made by l lilli5513

There simply isn’t a voice in the world today that is as delectably sweet, dreamy and as haunting as yours, Jasmine! l robertgold52

june 2015 / jasmag



Profile for JasmineFanpage

JasMag #2  

• Jasmine Thompson at the Echo Awards in Berlin • Martine Singer as feat. artist • Exclusive Q&A with Jasmine in this magazine • A full deck...

JasMag #2  

• Jasmine Thompson at the Echo Awards in Berlin • Martine Singer as feat. artist • Exclusive Q&A with Jasmine in this magazine • A full deck...