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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

Illinois-Eastern Iowa Summer 2013


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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Greetings from the I-I District Governor Update From District Officers Welcome Our New Key Club International President Farewell Address From Our Intermediate-Past President


Welcome Our District’s International Trustee ICON Through My Eyes Maria P for Trustee ICON Workshops Fall Leadership Rally Initiations (FLR) News From The Eliminate Committee Mark Your Calendars For District Convention 2014 Apply For Awards Today All About Spastic Paralysis How To Become A Lieutenant Governor Key Leader is Coming To You Check Out Our New District Website Summer Social Recap Camp Independence Recap Project Of The Month Service Projects That Bring The Community Together Eyes On The I-I Circle K District Editor Apply For The Youth Opportunities Fund A Word From The I-I District Editor



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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 GREETINGS




Ahoy mighty I-I District Key Clubbers! Thank you for your continued support of the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District of Key Club International, one of which being continued readership of our District’s finest publication; The Iolian. This past Summer has surely been an eventful one, with extraordinary service-learning opportunities such as the 2013 Circle K Summer Social, 2nd annual Camp Independence Visitors Day (both June 11 th and th July 11 ) as well as many other fun-filled events. Most importantly, what has your club been up to? During the week of July 14th, the 2013-2014 Illinois-Eastern Iowa Key Club District Board has had the distinct pleasure of appointing Maine South High School Key Clubber Nicole Hassman to the position of Division 8 Lieutenant Governor for the remainder of our Key Club year. Without a doubt, we’re happy to have Nicole serving as a member of the District Board. Welcome Nicole! Quickly approaching is our largest event of the year, District Convention (DCON) 2014. Held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Illinois’ capitol, Springfield, IL, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Unlike years past, our District’s theme this year will be “Service, Inc. Care Like A Monster”, truly resembling the loved movie franchise Monsters, Inc. I’ll be attending District Convention 2014 to share the fun, service and leadership opportunities to be had February 28- March 2 in Springfield, IL. Hope to see you there! Without a doubt, the service we together provide as Key Clubbers throughout Illinois and Eastern Iowa is monumental. Thank you for your service to Key Club, but more importantly, thank you for your service to your home, school and community. I know we have a fantastic year ahead of us.

Yours in Service,

Illinois–Eastern Iowa District Key Club Governor Kewanee, Illinois

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The Face of the I-I District Photos:

Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013


Hello Illinois-Eastern Iowa Key Clubs! I hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer! Believe it or not, the 2013-2014 school year is just around the corner. Ahead of us awaits a year of service to our homes, schools, and communities. To be fully prepared for the school year, every club should submit a Club Officer Roster. A club officer roster is a sheet of the contact information for the Board Members at a Key Club. It helps us keep in contact with you throughout the year to give you helpful information about events and projects. Filling out a Club Officer Roster is very easy! All you have to do is fill out the excel spread sheet titled “Club_Officer_Roster” that is being distributed via email from Lieutenant Governors. It is also now available on the District website! When you’re done, just send it to me at It allows us to relay important events, projects, and ideas going on in the District. Don’t know if your school has turned it in already for the 2013-2014 school year? No problem! On the next page, there is a list of the schools that have already turned it in. Our District is aiming to have all of the Rosters in by the deadline, 9/9/13. Typically school Secretaries, Presidents, or Faculty Advisors fill these out. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me any time. Thank you all for giving back you your communities! Yours in Service,

Graham Novak

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

Schools with submitted 2013-2014 Rosters as of 7/19/13 Division 1: Lane Technical, Lincoln Park, Northside College Prep, Whitney Young Magnet Division 3: Amos Alonzo Stagg Division 4: Alan B. Shepard, Dwight D. Eisenhower Division5/6: Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale South Division 7: Deerfield Division 8: Bartlett, Maine South, Streamwood Division 9: Addison Trail, Downers Grove South, Glenbard South , York Community, Wheaton North Division 10: Batavia, St. Charles East, St. Charles North Division 11: Crystal Lake South, Marian Central Catholic, Richmond-Burton Division 12: Rockford Auburn, Harlem, Hononegah, Pecatonica, Winnebago Division 13: Dixon, Morrison, Newman Central, Oregon, Rochelle, Sterling Division 14: Dekalb, Sycamore Division 15: Dubuque Senior, Hempstead Division 16: Davenport Central, Muscatine, Camanche Division 17: Geneseo, Kewanee, Mercer, County, Wethersfield

Division 18/19: Abington, Burlington, Galesburg Division 20 E: Canton Division 20 W: Peoria Central, Peoria Christian, Peoria Notre Dame, Richwoods Division 21: Bolingbrook, Metea Valley, Naperville North, Plainfield North, Plainfield Central, Waubonsie Valley, Wheaton Warrenville South Division 22 E: Fieldcrest, Heyworth, Lexington, Tri-Valley Division 22 W: Normal West Division 23: Lincoln Way Central, Lincoln Way West, Wateska Division 24: Marquette, Streator, Woodland Division 25/27: Tuscola Division 26: Mattoon, Paris, Shelbyville Division 28/29: ChathamGlenwood, Beardstown, New Berlin, Porta, Quincy Notre Dame, Springfield Southeast, Sacred Heart Griffin Division 30: Hillsboro, Morrisonville Division 31/34: Bellville West Division 36: Harrisburg, Murphysboro

The Face of the II District Pictures Continued:

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The Face of the I-I District Photos

Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013



Hey Mighty I-I District! I hope you are all doing well and having an amazing summer! I’d also like to congratulate you on an excellent start to an amazing year of service. I’ve seen a ton of great service going on this summer! Just a quick reminder, the next club monthly report is due September 10th, covering the months of June, July, and August. Your monthly reports are a great asset to the district board as well as your home clubs. Submitting reports online is the easiest and quickest way. You can complete them as E-Forms on the I-I District website: Our goal for the year as a district is 80% reporting and we need your help to achieve that. If you are unsure whether you have any reports missing or have any questions regarding reporting, please contact your Lieutenant Governor or me! Be sure to go back and submit any missed reports. Let me know if you need anything at all and keep up the amazing work! Yours in Service,

Natalie Walgren

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

GREETINGS FROM I-I DISTRICT TREASURER ALEX PAUERS, LANE TECH HIGHSCHOOL Greetings Mighty I-I District Key Clubbers! The days are long, the heat is on, and a wonderful summer full of Key Club fun lies before us! With so much time on our hands now that school is out, summer is the perfect time for us to discover or rediscover our love of Key Club and service. That being said, with all of our duties in mind, I hope you are all enjoying your time to relax and take a break. Among all the fun-filled things I’ve done this summer, I attended International Convention, along with the I-I District tour, in Washington D.C. from July 1st-7th. Not only did I absolutely love touring D.C. , but I really enjoyed attending workshops that provided me with great information to help serve the I-I District. I attended workshops to help clubs have effective fundraisers, pay dues on time, and recruit/retain members. I brought back much knowledge, ideas, and resources from these workshops which I can’t wait to share with all of you! Another shameless advertisement; START THINKING ABOUT DUES! This year, the Early Bird deadline is November 1st and the regular dues deadline is December 1st. These dates may seem a lifetime away, but they’ll sneak up on you very quickly. Be sure you know when/ how to submit dues! Currently, I’m planning different training resources to distribute to Club Treasurers and also help train the Lieutenant Governors. These resources will include information all about dues, the Membership Update Center, and a step-by-step guideline on how to submit dues. I’m looking forward to finalize these resources and get into action once the school year starts, but for now, I will be enjoying and taking advantage of the abundance of time Summer Break has given me. Enjoy your time Key Clubbers!

Yours in Service,

Alex Pauers

The Face of the I-I District Photos

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

WELCOME OUR NEW KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT RAEFORD PENNY, THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL Hello mighty Illinois Eastern-Iowa District! I hope that I find you all in good spirits and enjoying your summer!! At the 70th Annual Key Club International Convention I was elected to be the 57th International President of our wonderful organization. As a member of the crabtastic Capital District, I am looking forward to working alongside the amazing I-I Sailors this year! I joined Key Club at first to help my local community and its issues, but I found an organization that was much more than just that. I found an organization full of passionate members who came together for the common cause of helping our global community, while molding us into future leaders of the world. We stand united ready to face head on the challenges of our world. Key Clubbers have something the problems of our world will never have, the resolve, the passion, and the strength to keep fighting for what we hold to be true, what we hold to be the meaning of serving our homes, schools, and communities. Even though we are facing these challenges the spirit of Key Club International is greater and more powerful than any of them. There is not a single doubt in my mind that we, together, will eliminate MNT, we will put an end to suffering, and we will strive to change the lives of those we serve one step at a time. Together we are powerful, together we can change lives, and together we will affect the world through service. Thank you for being the amazing, inspiring servant leaders who have agreed to join me in the quest to bring Key Club International to an even greater height. Yours in Service Raeford Penny, Key Club International President

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

FAREWELL ADDRESS FROM IMMEDIATE-PAST KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT REBECCA RILEY, HOMEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Greetings, Illinois-Eastern Iowa Key Clubbers! Today I address you for the final time as a now immediate-past Key Club International officer. This past July in Washington, D.C., my term as International President ended. I passed the torch on to your new president, Raeford Penny, and began to bask in the has-been life, happy to finally get a bit of rest! Seeing as this is a “farewell” of sorts, you may be expecting a bunch of advice from a wise old has-been, but I won’t do that to you. Instead, I make of you just one small request: Don’t ever lose hope. We in Key Club are a group of amazing student leaders; never doubt that you can change the world. You can and, in fact, already do. Key Club is only as powerful as we make it, and I trust you to make it all that it should be. Thanks for all the great times as president, and thank you for entertaining my address one last time. So long and keep up the service! Yours in Service, Rebecca Riley Immediate-Past Key Club International President

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 WELCOME OUR DISTRICT’S INTERNATIONAL TRUSTEE CASEY O’NEILL ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT Joining Key Club was never really not an option for me. I remember the moment I realized that this thing where everyone helped each other, and you made friends easily was called a ‘club’. I was seven, and hanging out with the cool kids. What more could a girl want? My mom became the Key Club Advisor for my future high school, and from that point a fire was ignited within me. Really, the only reason why I wanted to start high school was to join Key Club.

Key Club was a place where I was just simply in my element. I yearned for Monday mornings, when 100 people would cram into a tiny room to hear announcements, probably for some people just to get out of class for a bit. As my first year in Key Club went on, I learned a whole new meaning of what it meant to be a servant leader. Then I attended International Convention the summer of my freshmen year after being elected my club’s Bulletin Editor. At that time, my dad had become the new Key Club Advisor (it runs in the family, my sister Eiley is an officer at her high school too!) and what he said to me at lunch during convention shifted the course of my future. My dad told me that I should run for International President, and that it looked like it would be easy (that’s very much an understatement). After International Convention, I unexpectedly moved to Littleton, Colorado. I had to resign from my position of my home club, and I was pretty crushed that there was already this road block in my Key Club future. Alas, my mom knew that I would not attend a school without a Key Club, so therefore I was a member at Heritage High School. It was an entirely new way of how a club worked, and I liked every moment of it. The next year I was appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 of the Rocky Mountain District, one of the best years of my life. I truly knew what it meant to have a family; the people who were on the 2012-2013 District Board are my closest and dearest friends to this day. They are the people who got me back on ‘my course’ and helped me run for International office at this past year’s DCON. Now that I have been an International Trustee for a whole month, I can say that this experience has been unlike any other event in my decade with Key Club. I realized that my goals are to make sure that my new family’s goals are achieved first and foremost. I hope to publicize anywhere and everywhere the stealth and promise that the Illinois Eastern Iowa has, because I have been knocked off my feet, and purely impressed with the immense progress I have seen in only a month. I am extremely excited to be working closely with the I-I Board, and hope to get my words across to the hard working members. Get ready for the best Key Club year yet! Yours in Service,

Casey O’Neill International Trustee

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013


ICON was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Back when I started in key club freshman year, I thought the club was just another way to get community service hours, but ICON helped me realize it’s way more than that. It was very eye opening. I never realized how big of an organization key club was until going to DC. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go and learn all about the organization and make some amazing new friends as well. It’s amazing how teens from all over the country and world can come together and bond so well just because of key club. After ICON, I was so excited to get home and start working and thinking of new ways to make my key club better. ICON inspired me to be the best president I could be, and make my school’s key club the best it can be! ICON PHOTO MONTAGE

Most clubs wonder how they can really contribute to the District and find new service projects, I have a solution for you! This year our goal, as a District, is to make Spastic Paralysis stand out! We need YOUR help! On Saturday September 7th, 2013 we want you to do a service project/fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis. However, we want you to make it an interclub with your local Builders Club and K-Kids! Children

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013


MARIA P FOR TRUSTEE PALAZZOLO, SACRED-HEART GRIFFIN HIGH SCHOOL Hello, Key Clubbers! My name is Maria Palazzolo, and I have just been elected as one of the eleven international trustees for our organization. I am so thankful that the members at the international convention gave me this opportunity, and I am excited for this upcoming year. The three districts that I will be the International Trustee of will be the Alabama, Carolinas, and New England Districts. Although the three districts do not include the Illinois – Eastern Iowa District, I will still be working with you guys because you are my home district, and I love you all!

The three goals that I hope to implement as an international trustee are to increase DCON attendance, to create a program for orphaned Key Clubs, and increase the awareness level of Key Club both locally and internationally. These three goals are based on the actions that my club took to become more active in the district and our community. The ideas helped us, and I am hoping that by helping governors and lieutenant governors implement these ideas, the clubs will grow in membership and service. Like I said, I am so excited for this upcoming year! If you have any questions or just want to talk, my email is Have a great year, Key Clubbers!

Yours in Service,

Maria Palazzolo

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

ICON INTERNATIONAL BOARD Q & A WORKSHOP DANNI ONDRASKOVA, WHITNEY YOUNG HIGH SCHOOL Hey, I-I District! During International Convention, I attended the Key Club International Board Q&A workshop. We were able to ask Rebecca Riley, Colten Meisner, Yein Ha, and Caitlin Stroup questions about everything from their most awkward Key Club moment, how International Committees worked, and how many days off they had from school because of their duties. The presenters were both professional and poignant, and this workshop allowed a few lucky Key Clubbers to see the more personal side of the retiring 2012-2013 International Board. Overall, the workshop went extremely well, and if something similar is offered next year, I highly recommend you attend the session. One crucial aspect of Key Club International is its International Board. Throughout the year, these busy people find the time to attend District Conventions, Board Meetings, vote on policy, and of course plan ICON. This group contains some of the most passionate and caring individuals in the world. Unfortunately, a lofty title may deter some from getting to know these amazing people. The International Board has responded to this by being even more kind, open, and helpful than would usually be the case. In sum, if you have any questions about Key Club International or its affiliates, contacting your International Trustee or International Board would be the way to go. Key Club International’s website also has a lot of resources relating to Key Club related topics. Yours in Service,

Danni Ondraskova

Most clubs wonder how they can really contribute to the District and find new service projects, I have a solution for you! This year our goal, as a District, is to make Spastic Paralysis stand out! We need YOUR help! On Saturday September 7th, 2013 we want you to do a service project/fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis. However, we want you to make it an interclub with your local Builders Club and K-Kids! Children

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

ICON TEN FREE COMMUNICATION TOOLS WORKSHOPP JENNIFER KUO, SYCAMORE HIGH SCHOOL With the technology we have today, communication- the key to a successful organization- can thankfully be made a lot more convenient. In the forum “Ten free communication tools everyone should use”, Mrs. Marybeth Townsend presented the functions and advantages of DropBox, GroupMe, Poll Everywhere, GoogleDrive, Twitter, Survey Monkey, ooVoo, Prezi, When is Good, and in effective communication. File sharing tools like DropBox and GoogleDrive can be used to share files such as event sign-ups that can be accessed anywhere, and can also be used as file backups. Group texting/chat services such as GroupMe and ooVoo are useful in coordinating events or meetings, in which members can hold discussions on their phones and computers. Survey Monkey and Poll Everywhere, online poll services, makes it easy to see members’ opinions about projects or changes. and When is Good are very useful in planning meeting times and reminding members about upcoming events. Social media website Twitter is extremely convenient in making quick updates. Mrs. Townsend also discussed some of the pros and cons of the 10 tools. For instance, Survey Monkey and Poll Everywhere have a similar function, but while the latter requires users to text their responses through their phones, polls on Survey Monkey can be conducted using a URL. GoogleDrive and DropBox can both be used to share files, but documents shared on GoogleDrive can only be shared through Gmail. However, GoogleDrive offers more storage space. The forum itself used one of the tools-Prezi- as a presentation tool. Prezi is very similar to PowerPoint, but it uses more of a “video” format. The slides and text are animated, making the presentation more lively and fun. Technology is so prevalent in our everyday life, and knowing how to use it for effective communication is crucial. Mrs. Townsend’s forum on the 10 tools was very interesting and useful.

Yours in Service,

Jennifer Kou

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Activities Include: 

Forums led by your district board members

Short Divisional Council meeting with your Lieutenant Governor

SNACKS! (Are provided)

Throwing water balloons at district board members

NOTE: Some Activities (water Balloons ) require money. If possible, please RSVP by emailing your Lieutenant Governor by Sept. 20th!

Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

Key Club International Illinois-Eastern Iowa District Region 1, 2, and 3 Fall Leadership Rally

YOU’RE INVITED! Do you love learning about Key Club? Do you love pelting people with water balloons? If you answered yes to the questions above, then this is an event you want to attend! The Key Club International I-I district board is hosting a Fall Leadership Rally near you! You’ll be able to learn new ways to make Key Club an even bigger and better club to join! Plus, you even get to pelt you fellow district board members with water balloons! How fun is that! BE BE HE SQ RE UA OR RE !


Region 1,2,3 Fall Leadership Rally Date: Sunday, October 6th Time: 1PM-5PM Registration begins at 12:30 PM! Place: Matea Valley High School 1801 N Eola Rd, Aurora, IL 60502 Cost: 3 cans of non-perishable items per person Apparel: Key Club Attire or Casual

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

Illinois-Eastern Iowa District Invites you to the

Region 4 Fall Leadership Rally 2013

Come to the Fall Leadership Rally! Learn more about your position, get to personally meet the executive board, and attend fun and exciting forums! Make sure to attend, you'll be glad you did! Dixon High School, Dixon IL., October 5th For registration, please contact your lieutenant governor: Daniel Li, Division Kari Wolfe, Division Sonal Patel, Division Jamila Johnson, Division Erin Dewitt, New Club Building

Save the Date Region 5: Division 16, 17, and 18/19

Fall Leadership Rally Saturday October 12, 2013 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Galesburg High School 1135 WEST FREMONT STREET GALESBURG, IL 61401

RSVP to your LTG by September 29, 2013 B R I N G MONEY FOR FUNDRAISERS AND A BAKE SALE Hello Key Clubbers! This fall, you all have the great opportunity to expand your knowledge of the organization to which you have dedicated so much of your time and energy. Learn about your position, how to run for district offices, service projects, Key Leader, Circle-K, and much more. We invite and encourage all of you to attend. Yours in Service, Olivia Carrasco, LTG Division 16 Nathan Addis, LTG Division 17 Catharine Leahy, LTG Division 18/19

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Calling all I-I Key Clubbers!

Region 6/7 Fall Leadership Rally Who? Key Club officers, members, and advisors in Regions 6 & 7 What? Attend forums, receive training, and socialize with other Key Clubbers from the area Where? Chatham-Glenwood High School, 1501 E. Plummer Blvd. Chatham, IL 62629 When? Sunday October


As Lieutenant Governors in Regions 6 & 7, we would like to invite you to our annual Fall Leadership Rally! There, you will gain knowledge in forums about Key Leader, the Eliminate Project, and even Key Club 101! In addition to all of the learning opportunities, you will also be able to mingle with the Executive Board and other local Key Clubbers. Get a chance to discuss successful service projects, and much more! Bake sale items will be available for purchase, too. All proceeds will benefit Spastics Paralysis research.

Contact Us!

1:30 P.M. – 4:45 P.M.

Club officers – it is imperative you are in attendance in order to receive the training you will need to better serve your club. Learn about your position and what more you can do for your school Key Club. Furthermore, each Lieutenant Governor will be holding their own DCM for their Division, so don’t miss out! Please RSVP by October 4th to your Lieutenant Governor with how many people from your school will be attending.

Margie Toniny, Region 6 Advisor Email: Matt Giordano, Region 7 Advisor Email: Jacob Godwin, LTG Div 20 E Email: Madison Roberts, LTG Div 20 W Email: Emily Griffith, LTG Div 22 E Email: Mylinh Tran, LTG Div 22 W Email: Shannon Harback, LTG Div 24 Email: Claire Park, LTG Div 25/27 Email: Abby Kauerauf, LTG Div 28/29 Email:

We Hope To See You There!

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R egions 8 & 9 Key Club Fall Leade r ship R ally

September 29th at Belleville West High School from 12:30PM –

What is Fall Leadership Rally? Fall Leadership Rally is a Key Club event that occurs during September and October. It helps educate Key Club members and officers about Key Club and how to carry out their

What should I bring? All you need to bring is yourself, a pencil, paper, your Key Club friends/ advisor, and some money for food and a raffle!

What’s in it for me? By attending this event you will meet passionate Key Clubbers from our district, learn more about Key Club, bring useful information back to your home club, learn about your positions duties, eat food, win prizes, and have a Divisional Council Meeting with your Lieutenant Gover-

Contact Kara Brockamp for more questions! (

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

ELIMINATE/MEP Committee Committee Chair Contact Info: Sonal Patel (217) 553-4717 This year, as a district, we plan to raise $50,000! Look on for fundraising ideas, so we can reach this goal!

Want to participate in a fun activity for the ELIMINATE Project? In October, have your club participate in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF! It’s a great way to get your club and even KFamily counterparts (Builder’s Club and KKids) involved in fundraising for the ELIMINATE Project! Contact the committee for more information!

Hello I-I District Key Club Members! Have you heard of our International Project, The ELIMINATE Project? The Eliminate Project is supported by the whole Kiwanis family and is to raise funds and awareness for Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT). By 2015, the Kiwanis Family hopes to raise $110 Million to Eliminate MNT.

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  

Where: The Crowne Plaza in Springfield, IL When: February 28-March 2, 2014 Theme: Service, Inc.

District Convention (DCON) is an annual, district-wide event open to Key Club members, officers, and advisors alike! At DCON, Key Clubbers will have an great opportunity to meet other, avid Key Club members from around the district while expanding Key Club knowledge and learning about our district projects and service endeavors. Our theme for DCON this year is “Service, Inc.”, just like the movie, Monsters Inc.! We want everyone to “care like a monster” about selflessly serving others before, during, and after this rewarding convention! Come to DCON and enjoy the hospitality of the luxurious Crowne Plaza in Springfield, IL while learning about the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District of Key Club and how you can incorporate service in your home, school, and community!

Crowne Plaza Hotel

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013


Contact For Committee Chair Mylinh Tran Email: mylinh.tran1997@gm Home: 309-226-1802


Hey I-I Key Clubbers! I hope you had a great summer and are excited to get back into the swing of things with the new school year. The awards committee has been hard at work over the summer to bring you the best they can, as you can see below. As everyone knows, awards are a great way to earn recognition for your club and get your name out there. Once again this year, the I-I District is offering many awards, including distinguished officers/members, Connect the K’s award, and the Spastics Paralysis award. The applications (you can fill out as many as you want!) are pretty simple to fill out, and then all you have to do is mail the applications to either Mr. Hall or Mylinh Tran by the dates listed in the box below. They will be ready sometime around the middle of September, so check the Awards tab on around then to start applying!

Another awards-related application is the Annual Achievement Report. The difference between this and the other awards is that the Annual Achievement Report is a required report, even though less than 10% of clubs turned it in last year. It is important because it gives both our district and Key Club International information about the demographics of your club what your club does to help your community. And, the best part is, your school could earn awards and recognition on both the district and international levels! If this sounds like a good deal to you, be on the lookout for the form on our district website, under the awards tab! On a final note, some important dates to remember are: December 20, 2013-postmark date for district level awards to be mailed to committee chair, Mylinh Tran, 1216 Cadwell Drive Bloomington, IL 61704 and February 5, 2014-postmark date (received date of Feb. 10) for international level awards applications and Annual Achievement Report to be mailed to Bob Hall, 28 Candy Lane Murphysboro, IL 62966.

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 ALL ABOUT SPASTIC PARALYSIS KARI WOLFE , DIXON HIGH SCHOOL Hey Mighty I-I District! I would first off like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to raise money for Spastic Paralysis this past year. Together, we raised a little over $35,000, which is outstanding! Be on the lookout for your personalized club goals! I am very confident that you will all reach those goals, and even go above and beyond them. Keep up the great work and together we will reach our 2013-2014 goal of $40,000! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Spastic Paralysis Chair Kari Wolfe

I-I District Project: What is Spastic Paralysis What is Spastic Paralysis? It’s not a lone disease, but a series of them (Alzheimer’s Spina Bifida, brain tumors, etc.), and they cause the central nervous system to function incorrectly. Our District has raised money for Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation every year since 1977. The foundation was founded by Kiwanis, an organization that we work with a ton! Our District alone has I-I District raised $35,000 for the foundation. This year I-I District has a goal of raising $40,000 for Spastics! We need YOUR help to reach this goal. I will be giving each division a personalized goal for the year (which your Lieutenant Governor will be relaying to you). Remember, that is a goal; we want you to go ABOVE and BEYOND those goals! If we all work together, we can reach our goal for Spastic Paralysis, which actively seeks cures to Spastic Paralysis.

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 HOW


Lieutenant Governor Training Committee Chair Joel Varageese

Being a Lieutenant Governor is a great experience. The job of Lieutenant Governor requires you to serve as a liaison between the district and the clubs. You are to lead and represent each of the clubs in the division to the district. The duties of a Lieutenant Governor include a publication of a monthly divisional newsletter, provide club officer training and support, holding a divisional Council Meeting, contacting and visiting clubs and Kiwanis’s. Being a Lieutenant Governor is a great experience and helps sharpen many skills like leadership, responsibility and organization.

Some of the requirements to be Lieutenant Governor is to have basic working knowledge of word and excel and is comfortable of using electronic communications such as email. Other skills that are essential in becoming Lieutenant Governor include leadership, working in groups and social skills, communications skills, time management skills, organization, planning ahead, and overall must have a proactive and positive attitude. To become a Lieutenant Governor, please contact your key club advisor, your current Lieutenant Governor for your division, and Kiwanis Club. This is a great experience and will help provide a great service all the key clubs in your division. JOE


Key Leader is a leadership convention where the participant not only learns about how to be a better leader, but also, what kind of leader they are. This presents an amazing opportunity to become a better leader and to make new friends who have similar interests as yourself. You will learn about the five different areas of leadership and how to effectively implement in any different leadership position that you may encounter. Another important part of the weekend is the relationships that you build with other people and it will be a great weekends where you make new friends and learn a lot about being a better leader. To interactively show Key Leader you about leadership, you will be taken on a low ropes course where Committee Chair your skills as a leader will be put to the test as you try to pass very tricky Joe Whang obstacles. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to become a better leader but don't know where to start. This could be the start of a new leadership position or just to make you feel more comfortable leading a group of people. It is a great place to make new friends and be more confident about your ability to effectively lead a group of people. To learn more information about key leader you can go to the website at or you can email us with any questions at

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Technology Update

Akhil Sarikonda Technology Chair


Hello II Key Clubbers, My name is Akhil Sarikonda, the 20132014 Illinois-Eastern Iowa District Technology Chair. I look forward to serving you all this coming year by assisting with any type of help your Club needs related to technology and renewing the current technology that is used in our District. This year you may have already noticed some drastic changes with the II District website. The new website at is completely redesigned to provide more compelling information in a visually appealing manner. Look forward to finding many new resources on this website throughout the year. Additionally, if you would like to request certain documents or information to be added to the website, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 630-2706211. I would also love to get any feedback on the website, so that I can make the necessary changes!

Also, as the Technology Committee Chair, I would like to encourage clubs and divisions to further make use of the various free Google resources that exist. Organizing your club online is one way you can further enhance your club because in today’s day and age everything is going digital and access to internet is much easier. If you are interested in making this work for your club, feel free to contact me so that I can assist you in this process. Are you trying to make a website for your club? Then, make good use of the many free resources that will help you do so such as,, and (some of the highest rated free website builders). Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! Yours in Service,

Akhil Sarikonda


Google Forms

Throughout the month, Statistical Secretary Natalie Walgren and I will be working together to produce new Google Forms that are simplified and innovative. We hope to reduce the forms to make clubs submit information that is relevant for us to have.

Google Groups Along with Secretary Graham Novak, I will be creating new Google Groups for Club Presidents, Secretaries, Statistical Secretaries, Treasurers, and Advisors so that it is easier to communicate information to the intended group of people. Be on the lookout for invites to the Google Group that are going to be sent out in the near future.

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Circle K organizes many events for the whole K Family to participate in; this includes their Summer Social, which took place on July 13th. The Summer Social event was held at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois and was enjoyed by all the K Family. Along with the beautiful scenery around us, we were able to learn some new member recruitment ideas, such as rewards for being involved, changing meeting times for more people to come, and using social media as a reliable resource. We also participated in a joint service project, cleaning up trash around the park. While cleaning up the park and exploring its beauty, we had a photo taking contest between the teams to make it more interesting. To end the event, a Spastic Paralysis fundraiser was held, where people were able to throw water balloons at any Circle K board member, including our very own District Governor, Will Kelley. Circle K puts on several events for Key Club members to attend, so mark your calendars now and don’t forget about Holiday Embrace, January 4th in Naperville Illinois, and remember it is Harry Potter themed!

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 MADISON


As you may know, the District Project for the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District is to raise money for the Spastic Paralysis Foundation. The money raised goes to help find a cure for Spastics as well as funding great programs to help individuals who have Spastic Paralysis. One such program that benefits these individuals is Camp Independence. This past week I had the wonderful experience of visiting the camp! Shortly after arriving to the camp, we were served lunch and had the opportunity to talk with a few of the campers and counselors that live at the camp. We also heard several presentations discussing the great things that occur at Camp Independence. I learned that each camper is paired with a counselor who assists the camper in participating in various fun activities throughout the campgrounds such as: archery, swimming, kayaking, and playing sports. Several kids who attend the camp also spoke and said that they loved the camp and look forward to coming back each summer. Camp Independence has lovely camp grounds that reside next to a large lake and a cheerful staff that are willing to help in any way that they can. It was a great experience to visit Camp Independence. I loved being able to see where some of the money that we raise for the Spastic Paralysis Foundation goes and how the I-I District has been able to help others.

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Every year Sycamore High School Key Club, along with Sycamore High School Interact throw a prom at Oak Crest Retirement Center. This year’s theme was Jukebox memories. A timeline of events from the 1940s to the 1960s filled the walls on May 4th, 2013. A giant jukebox highlighted the dance floor, where the residents mixed their dance moves with the moves of the students. Both the students and the residents had an unforgettable time learning, visiting, and dancing the night away together. During the prom a King and Queen were crowned, they will reign over the Oak Crest activities throughout the year. Family and community members were in attendance to celebrate with residents and enjoy an evening of dancing and reminiscing. Yours in Service,

Ashley Yunek

SERVICE PROJECTS THAT BRINGS THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER JASMINE BAINS, ST. CHARLES EAST HIGH SCHOOL During the first week of May, St. Charles East Key Club organized two service projects that helped our community. The first service project was a blood drive. The Key Club members helped organize this event where students and teachers would go and donate blood that can be stocked up in hospitals for patients that need it during surgery. The second service project took place during our Key Club meeting. We made over 10 baby fleece blankets to donate to the Fox Valley Pregnancy Center in honor of Mothers Day. These service projects definitely brought our community together.

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 EYES



Hi I-I Key Clubs! My name is Adrienne Chung, and I’m the District Bulletin Editor for Circle K International. I study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and I’m a sophomore. I am studying Molecular/Cell Biology, and I want to be a microbiologist later in life. I started in the Kiwanis family as a freshman in Key Club at Whitney Young High School. I love serving because it makes me feel like a part of the community, and because the Kiwanis family is somewhere for me to belong. In addition to the being the District Bulletin Editor, I am also the president of the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign chapter of Circle K. We always would like to do K-family events, so if you have an event, and are in the nearby area, please, let me know! We are always looking for articles for the Eyes on the I-I, the district publication, and I encourage you all to send in articles, letting us know what you have been doing. Your service inspires us, so please share it! You can contact me at, or send an email to Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you! Yours in Service,

Adrienne Chung District Bulletin Editor Illinois-Eastern Iowa District Circle K International




The Youth Opportunities Fund is a fund endowed by the Kiwanis Family Foundation. This fund is for Key Clubs that want to do a large scale service project, but are having financial problems. The Youth Opportunities Fund grants Key Clubs anywhere from $100 to $2000 dollars! All your club has to do is fill out a form which can be found on The form asks questions about what your service project is, who it’s benefiting, and what financial issues you are facing. The form’s postmark date is October 15th and it must be mailed to the Kiwanis International Headquarters in Indiana.

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013 A WORD FROM THE I-I DISTRIC EDITOR JASMINE BAINS, ST. CHARLES EAST HIGH SCHOOL Hello everyone, my name is Jasmine Bains. I am honored to serve you as the new Iolian Editor for our district. As the Iolian Editor, my job is to collect articles about service project ideas from Key Club members all over Illinois-Eastern Iowa and publish them in the Iolian. The Iolian serves as a mini-newspaper that gives club members and officers service project and fundraising ideas they can carry out at their school. In the Iolian, you can find information about upcoming district events such as Key Leader, Fall Leadership Rally, and District Convention. In the next issue of the Iolian, there will be articles from our District Executive

Board (Governor, Statistical Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary), and update article from our International Trustee, articles about the Major Emphasis Program, our Service Partners, Spastic Paralysis, and much more! The next issue of the Iolian will be published by November 16th. If you would like to have your own copy of the Iolian, check out the District Publications tab at Also, if you would like to submit and article to be featured in the next issue of the Iolian, please email it to me ( and then fill out an Iolian Submission Form on our district website ( All articles need to be emailed to be my November 10th. Also, articles need to be at least 180 words long, include 2-3 pictures of the project, and one picture of the person who is submitting the article. Feel free to email or text me any questions you may have ( / 1630-345-0833). Yours in Service,

Jasmine Bains Iolian Editor

The iolian newsletter 1 sept 1  
The iolian newsletter 1 sept 1